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  1. Any Canadians out there who tested positive on our testing?
  2. Allimax a Garlic Supplement?
  3. Ceftin Reaction or Just Anxiety?
  4. lyme disease specialists
  5. Muscle,joint,and bone pain
  6. Lyme making me anemic???
  7. what to do for palpitations?
  8. Gas and Chest Pains with Lyme?
  9. how do i know if i have lyme's
  10. Wishin' he could understand how sick I really feel...
  11. Documentary
  12. Prism effect in eyes
  13. Difficulty swallowing and ....
  14. Herx??
  15. Indigestion with lyme?
  16. Newbie Igenex Results
  17. Newbie Igenex Results help
  18. Lyme? here are my symptoms...
  19. Lyme test results
  20. Biaxin for Bartonella
  21. Cold Symptoms?
  22. One thing after another...
  23. Seeking Feedback on PA LLMD
  24. Positive IGM but negative IgG?
  25. Bolouke Lumbrokinase
  26. Lyme hyperthermic therapy
  27. Lymes herbal treatment..does anyone know if this product is safe?
  28. Understanding Lyme Tests
  29. untreated rmsf help
  30. ligament cramp
  31. Lyme Disease
  32. Is it Back or Chest Pain?
  33. Does this sound like Babesia or Lyme?
  34. Can I Stop Taking Cefprozil
  35. Can you really be cleared from all your symptoms after having lymes?
  36. Anyone have experience with colostrum
  37. Do you have thyroid dysfunction along with lyme?
  38. LLMD in Indianapolis
  39. Scared About New Med...Advice Please
  40. Do I have lymes
  41. Doc thinks lyme
  42. On meds. But no relief!
  43. Could this be lyme disease?
  44. Does anybody with lyme feel their balance is off?
  45. lyme doctor central pa
  46. Newbie with Quick Question - 6yo with knee pain
  47. Comments on my labs???
  48. lyme disease
  49. Cefzil Alone?
  50. My six year old had a tick on him and he is sick.
  51. Pregnant and Tick-bit!
  52. How long before your symptoms started to show after tick bite?
  53. Can natural substances cause a herx?
  54. Is this Lyme Disease?
  55. Transesophageal Echocardiogram
  56. Has anyone seen a bullseye immediately after removing tick?
  57. Depression
  58. Natural remedies for curing lyme disease
  59. How fast does lyme disease spread?
  60. skin sentivity and lyme disease
  61. Stages of lyme disease
  62. Herx symptoms please help
  63. Looking for LLMD
  64. Getting Sick (non-lyme) & Immune System
  65. So sick... does this sound like lyme??
  66. If I Had Known...
  67. New to lyme would appreciate the help please...
  68. Tingling, Pin-pricking, Stabbing Pains and Deep Body Aches
  69. positive bands
  70. Need LLMD in AZ, NH, CT, Boston or NYC
  71. Dr. said bloodwork is reactive to old exposure
  72. embedded deer tick
  73. Heart Density
  74. Lyme strain from Europe but have never been-
  75. Bulls Eye rash doc says its not LD
  76. Salt/C protocol
  77. 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?
  78. LLMD in Chicagoland area
  79. rash, not bulls eye
  80. rash
  81. need a LLMD in Baltimore
  82. lyme doc in los angeles?
  83. Need a Doctor in Northern, NJ
  84. I need your opinions
  85. lyme disease
  86. Is anyone else suffering from DJD caused by Lymes, and if so or not, does anyone have
  87. need a lyme doc that does cowden, anywhere
  88. LLMD near Boston, MA or nearby states...
  89. Does Boluoke Thin Blood?
  90. What type of neck pain do you get with lyme....
  91. At a loss
  92. MY story please let me know if it sounds like lyme.....
  93. lyme or co-infection 6-7 day cycles
  94. Arm/Face Tingling?
  95. What do my lab tests mean...
  96. Could this be lyme disease?
  97. Pain in my feet!!!
  98. 10 years of hell
  99. Help interpreting daughter's labs
  100. Jernigan detox Ok for sensitive stomach??
  101. Lyme without joint pain?
  102. Need help
  103. Lymes need help
  104. need llmd information near glastonbury/manchester area in ct
  105. Positive IgM / Negative IgG
  106. Tick bite question
  107. Taylors - Story (Lymes Disease)
  108. Lyme - Bartonella blood tests
  109. Lyme Disease
  110. LLMD's
  111. Please help
  112. Looking for support for lymes issue
  113. How do i get list of LLMD's
  114. Looking for LLMD in Central /North Jersey area
  115. western blot always positive even after treatment?
  116. Lymes and Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  117. Looking for LLMD Near Frederick, MD please!
  118. Nuero Lyme patient
  119. ill with lyme disease Read more at http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?
  120. New Member might have Lyme, need to find a doctor
  121. Has anyone gotten a rash from mepron?
  122. tests
  123. Is lyme possible?
  124. Why the controversy over chronic Lyme?
  125. Lyme in Colorado?
  126. getting runaround, need LLMD in or near orange county ny, northern nj,or NE pa please
  127. possible Lyme Diagnosis
  128. lyme doc in northern CA
  129. can mepron cause heart palpatations?
  130. Looking for LLMD in Traid area of North Carolina
  131. Any support groups in Florida?
  132. LLMD near Raleigh, NC
  133. Anyone have this symptom with lyme disease?
  134. thought it was lupus...maybe not?
  135. Need LL doctor in Hawaii
  136. Lymes Disease or Fibromyalgia?
  137. Undiagnosed
  138. Controlling Flares?
  139. helpppp
  140. BLOOD Work came back today (NEED SOME HELP READING IT? THANKS
  141. lyme disease doctor, kennet square, pa
  142. bad b12 reaction
  143. Newly diagnosed....help please.
  144. Does the lyme depression go away?
  145. Anyone have crawling sensations?
  146. scared
  147. scared.
  148. test shows Rocky mountain s.f.
  149. Anyone ever heard of Miracle Mineral Solution?
  150. Southern NJ LLMD Opinions
  151. need llmd, that does cowden or buhner protocal
  152. I was just diagnosed with lyme today.
  153. Both sides?
  154. Advice needed please
  155. tests?
  156. Please provide opinion (either way)
  157. LLMD in NJ area
  158. lyme disease
  159. test results
  160. Alternative protocols? Jernigan's? Hansa Center?
  161. Has anyone with later stage
  162. I was just diagnosed with a huge mycoplasm infection!
  163. Lyme questions please help ..
  164. Lyme story
  165. New - Looking for Support
  166. Need doctor specializing in Lymes
  167. Questions about Lyme's
  168. Itchy symptoms of lyme
  169. how long can a person have babesiosis before diagnoised
  170. Need a good doctor
  171. Has anyone tried this (late stage/chronic only)
  172. Daughter has lyme disease
  173. My daughter's blood test came back reading she has lyme disease.
  174. Lyme??
  175. Has anyone gone to this specialist?
  176. pain in shoulder and arm and shrinkage
  177. Lyme treatment
  178. So confused need help
  179. Hydrocortisone/depressed
  180. Does anyone truly get well?
  181. Please check these symptoms...
  182. Help, anyone with chronic condition/possible coinfection
  183. Finding Lyme RiBb test doctors Alabama
  184. Looking for LLMD near Buffalo, NY
  185. I need help please....
  186. how soon can you herx?
  187. vision problems with lyme
  188. can anyone offer me any advice
  189. LLMD Albany NY?
  190. Could This Be Lyme? Help!
  191. Lyme test results and questions
  192. Vitamin deficiency = Lyme disease?
  193. Really bad Lyme disease
  194. Anxious about Lyme blood test and have question
  195. Confusing Lymes testing information
  196. What test to take? (note: I had the vaccine)
  197. western blot results
  198. negative on the ELISA and Western Blot?
  199. LLMD in Kentucky?
  200. need LLMD in FL
  201. Lyme??
  202. Lyme & hypersensitive immune system
  203. Help Please cd57
  204. Livedo Reticularis and Lymes
  205. Can someone help me understand Lyme test results?
  206. What’s a “culture proven Lyme (culture or DNA positive)”?
  207. What should I do now?
  208. lyme disease
  209. LLMD in Baltimore, MD
  210. Lyme- anybody have strange rash...but not EM
  211. Late Stage Lyme Disease
  212. Mites, Mold, Misery
  213. help with lyme pain
  214. shock sensation
  215. Help! Diagnosis without obvious symptoms
  216. lyme disease
  217. Fry Laboratorys....
  218. Classic Bulls Eye Rash, Compiled W/ Several symptoms. But Test Is neg.???
  219. Need LL doc in Atlanta, please pm me w/any info
  220. IV antibiotic treatment: what to expect?
  221. Lyme disease doctors CA
  222. LLMD in Wisconsin or Northern IL
  223. Going bbananas
  224. Looking for llmd on LI
  225. Newly Diagnosed Lymes, former Ehrlichiosis
  226. Rash from Tick bite
  227. Sun Ridge Medical in Scottsdale AZ
  228. Lyme for 1 1/2 years and getting worse
  229. LLMD in North Carolina...Other than DR Jem
  230. Did you read the Lyme book by Dr. James Schaller?
  231. Rifampin anyone?
  232. positive igm, but a negative igg
  233. Pancreas problems?
  234. doxy rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, typhus fever
  235. Lyme (+)
  236. skin tingling with lyme
  237. Need HELP with test results please!
  238. Is Igenex the right lab for overseas travelers?
  239. Husband has Hep C and now diagnosed with Lyme
  240. Do I have Lyme?
  241. PICC line and ringworm
  242. LD and Night Terrors
  243. Do I have Lyme Desease???
  244. Do I have Lyme Desease???
  245. Desperate for a Diagnosis
  246. I have a Question abt. Lyme Screen
  247. Sorry but since I'm new to this I have a lot of questions...
  248. question about recurring rash
  249. Lyme Disease and Panic Attacks?
  250. lyme and lumbar punctures?