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  1. Help Please....
  2. Please help I have done a bad thing.
  3. Question about omega 3 fatty acids
  4. I've lost it, please help me.
  5. My life right now. What can I do?
  6. Positive Talk
  7. help please?
  8. HELP! What's wrong with him?
  9. Are many Psychiatrists con-artists?
  10. Things that really bother me.
  11. ativan/buspar combo...
  12. Heavy Sedative Used in UK Mental Hospitals
  13. Geodone & Lamictal
  14. Cotard's Syndome?
  15. please help i dont know what to do
  16. Life story...sorry!
  17. What is wrong with me?
  18. Society's opinion on mental health today
  19. why am i so sad?
  20. Some just dont get it!
  21. What is wrong with this person?
  22. Dating advice for someone with mental illness
  23. Parasite Paranoia
  24. Buspirone side effects?
  25. Looking for a new medication, need feedback
  26. Really sensitive!
  27. Does anybody here know how Celexa affects the skin?
  28. Past and Present feels unreal PLEASE HELP
  29. Methods to keep your brain sharp
  30. why don't i feel normal emotions?
  31. concerned for dad
  32. Alcohol & Psych Meds
  33. Alcohol & Psych Meds
  34. Help needed. Internal Voices.
  35. I don't know what's wrong with me... or who to go to
  36. Insomnia, Sleep Meds, & Frustration!
  37. Avoidant Personality: Good jobs
  38. Help Please :(
  39. My dad has trouble sleeping.
  40. please help me
  41. Are you ashamed to admit you have 'mental' problems?
  42. Sick and tired of Borderline and losing friends
  43. imaginary friend
  44. My Niece Plans To Marry A Schizophrenic
  45. cravings.....
  46. Mumbled Angry Voices
  47. Can descent into madness be stopped?
  48. in the book "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover".....
  49. I'm losing it & don't know what to do :'(
  50. Mirror, Mirror - Whose the Craziest one of All
  51. Can anyone help?
  52. Children with abandonment issues
  53. I don't know what's wrong with me HELP!
  54. I need advice on finding a Psychologist
  55. Please help, I don't know what to do & Im sad :'(
  56. does anyone have any idea...
  57. Negative Voices Taking Over
  58. CBT or talk therapy?
  59. Hearing Voices
  60. abandonment issues
  61. lies/reality?
  62. Disturbing thoughts
  63. Psychotic Break?
  64. Concentration Span
  65. My friend lies and makes up stories all the time
  66. My moods are erratic.
  67. why do i even care?!!!!!!!!
  68. What's wrong with me???
  69. Can anyone help?
  70. Rebirthing
  71. Books on inner child and repressed emotions??
  72. Scared of People/Places Please help.
  73. Long story, but please help
  74. Dr versus Pharmacist
  75. I dont want to be crazy... I act out
  76. Doctors
  77. Medication websites and books
  78. Committed 5 yrs ago...does this follow me around forever?
  79. depression? anxiety? OCD? whats wrong with me?
  80. Inpatient care
  81. WHY do I think like this?
  82. Help I Dont Know Whats Happening To Me
  83. Feels Lost,detached from life and wondering "is this all there is?"
  84. Need help
  85. How do I deal with this anger?
  86. On the increase
  87. Opinions Anyone?
  88. Overly Possesive
  89. what might be wrong
  90. "watching the thinker" "enlightenment"
  91. love or lost my mind!!let me know
  92. know of any self-diagnosis test?
  93. Question about Zoloft for social anxiety
  94. Loosing my mind
  95. confused
  96. Theseus and the Labyrinth.
  97. Help for a Friend
  98. Horrible Thoughts
  99. Mental Health issues caused by antibiotic
  100. will I ever gain feeling and responses back on the left side of my head?
  101. Help, Please!!!
  102. Health anxiety has got me in depression.
  103. Deep rooted fears
  104. Have i got a problem? Please help!!!
  105. Stupid? Lazy? Can anyone relate?
  106. St. John's Wort Info??
  107. Is This A Mental Problem?
  108. everytime someone calls me "sir" i feel like exploding..
  109. Confused and afraid..
  110. What I am? . . .
  111. Marital problems
  112. its getting worse
  113. Involuntary Random Memories like Movie Clips!!!!(What is going on in my head?!)
  114. Whats my problem
  115. CognitiveTherapyFollowUp
  116. Has anyone tried Lucidal?
  117. Im a emotional wreck
  118. negative thinking (all the time!!)
  119. developed an obsession
  120. What's your lexapro dose-fear of upping mine
  121. Hard time connecting with people lately
  122. Friend with problems
  123. could i be skitzophrenic?
  124. EFFEXOR WITHDRAWALS were TERRIBLE...should I take Wellbutrin?
  125. Cognitive Therapy?
  126. please read i need help
  127. Voices
  128. Multiple personalities
  129. Psychiatrist or Psychologist?!! pls help
  130. Effexor Side Effects
  131. strong DP DR DEPRESSION..........
  132. Therapy
  133. do i need to see somebody ?
  134. lexapro withdrawal and my crappy psychatrist
  135. How to Help a Liar?
  136. scared and frightened
  137. Stress Induced Depression
  138. please.
  139. Depressed/Anxious/Panic
  140. zoloft and breast enlargement
  141. i lost weight and i was wondering if i could be depression
  142. lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds
  143. Is it just me?
  144. Trichotillomania and scab picking
  145. "Crazy" Hell this makes me crazy! Please Help!!!
  146. Help I Think I'm Cracking Up!!! Please Please Help!!1
  147. Afraid of Having a discease
  148. Multiple Personalities and Dissociative Behavior?
  149. are these symptoms of a mental problem?
  150. Very scary thoughts about dying PLEASE HELP
  151. Why do people lie..and is it a mental illness?
  152. Horrible Thoughts [But Not Dangerous]
  153. Anyone ever delt with a passive aggressive person ?
  154. Afraid of myself
  155. I can't seem to ignore anything...
  156. Buspar (Buspirone)
  157. Canada - How to get psychiatric help?
  158. What are examples of cognitive stimulants?
  159. Wellbutrin XL
  160. Catatonia
  161. Feeling separated...
  162. Stopped Taking Wellbutrin
  163. drug induced paranoia
  164. Me & Prozac - Update:
  165. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders
  166. Feel different than I did before nervous breakdown
  167. I think I am losing my mind!
  168. Please someone help, i dont know what to do or think
  169. I think i'm going mad!!!
  170. panicing and making nose bleed? PLEASE HELP
  171. Repeating Sentences
  172. Newbie needs a lifeline.
  173. Please Help!!
  174. dramatic weight gain with Risperdol
  175. Am I crazy? Help please
  176. Help and advice needed
  177. Consumed With Thoughts Of Death Of My Little Dacksies
  178. Discontinuing Wellbutrin
  179. y cant i remember??!!!
  180. alcohol and temazepam
  181. pretending day to day
  182. Creating a fake "reality"
  183. Paranoid and uncomfortable watching movies about mental problems
  184. having thoughts of hurting people....
  185. Sertraline vs. Citalopram
  186. Bipolar?
  187. Is it possible to overcome depression/anger problems in such a short time?
  188. Impulse Control
  189. citalopram
  190. Why am I seeing things??
  191. What helps with the emotionless feeling?
  192. What do I have?
  193. For those taking Prozac...
  194. I really need some help.
  195. How do you know???
  196. Always feel like people are watching me
  197. Need Some Help.
  198. I'm not sure if this is going to make any sense
  199. Advice on dealing with sexual abuse of nephew:
  201. Is Something Wrong ?
  202. anyone ever been in love and lost?
  203. Long term effects of concussions?
  204. Not sure what this is
  205. what the .... !!!!
  206. please does someone else get this
  207. Long term use of Flupenthixol [Fluanxol]
  208. Taking Lexapro PRN
  209. Trich- please help me!!
  210. Flat Effect
  211. Borderline Personality Disorder
  212. Voluntary Admission to the Hospital
  213. Will anything work for me?
  214. My boyfriend and his mother...and me.
  215. Regaining self-respect
  216. HELP Whats wrong with my Mom? (long)
  217. unsure what the problem is
  218. Anxiety,stress, and panic attacks
  219. how to convince parents to let me get psycological help
  220. Problem Speaking
  221. Support for those dealing with mentally ill relatives?
  222. Help! Elderly confused after colon surgery and not getting better
  223. Help!!
  224. "Big Eyes"
  225. Reality is an illusion?
  226. hello - new to boards
  227. please read and help if u can
  228. Random thoughts
  229. tingling sensation
  230. Heat Flashes, Dizzy... (man)
  231. help, anyone hear of this or can help me?
  232. Self Talk
  233. Dissociative Disorder NOS Questions
  234. brain has control of everything in my life
  235. Info on complusive skin picking?
  236. Psychiatrists code of practice
  237. still confused about men
  238. - - -
  239. How to treat my anxiety & depression?
  240. Little Social Desire Normal?
  241. Avoidant Personality Varients?
  242. Giving up
  243. "it's a "shifter" thing..."
  244. Possibly Bi-Polar or DID
  245. I talk impulsively and think I might be crazy.
  246. I need therapy--- where to go?
  247. need help
  248. in love w/ my therapist
  249. Whats my Diagnosis?
  250. scared out of my mind, but scared to tell