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  1. Traumatized girlfriend manipulates
  2. Correlation to Bulimia and Promiscuity?
  3. I'm losing it.
  4. My boyfriends mother is dying and his taking out his anger on me. What should I do?!
  5. My fear of germs/mysophobia is getting too extreme ... please help!
  6. Can parxil cause lost of memory?
  7. questions about language comprehension obsession
  8. My mom
  9. I donít know whatís wrong with me
  10. Understanding myself, and thinking.
  11. Is my ADD or Something Worse
  12. Connected digestive and mental health issues?
  13. My son talks to himself
  14. OCD and Avoidance
  15. asked for help - baffled by response
  16. Whatís wrong with me
  17. Cant stop thinking about my parents eventual deaths
  18. Sudden change in perception of reality - DP or something else?
  19. Moving on from your past
  20. Obsessed and needy
  21. Anxiety/Panic over showering
  22. Sadness
  23. Fear of relationships at 20?
  24. Brain fog and derealisation? what's going on with me...
  25. Drunkenly Rambling My Problems
  26. Last summer I was alone, so I imagined myself a friend...
  27. Help, I don't want to lose my brother...
  28. Feel I am going crazy
  29. Lost
  30. Mental Health therapist crossing the line?
  31. Drastic changes in emotion
  32. I can't sleep for I feel, hear, and see horrible things
  33. Numb/Emotionless [Urgent]
  34. My Brother
  35. Girlfriend pregnant and making me depressed
  36. How can people be so heartless?
  37. My 18yr Old son talks to himself plz help
  38. emdr but i don't have a specific trauma?
  39. Most Scared I've ever been
  40. Why do breakups destroy me, and what can I do about it?
  41. Eyes therapies: EMDR and IEMT
  42. Help Needed
  43. Help me please!! Need advice
  44. I
  45. Unsure and Uncertain
  46. Most likely OCD??
  47. Is it possible to ever get over PTSD/ panic attacks?
  48. fear of getting schizo & Pd
  49. Hallucinations (auditory and visual)
  50. How do I get my pills IMMEDIATELY?
  51. Death Anxiety/Thanatophobia
  52. Is there something wrong with me?
  53. desperate
  54. 50 year old male & totally alone?
  55. Help me with my thoughts
  56. Need Opinions Please-What vitamin better gaba producer?
  57. Is this a law for pain suffers?
  58. fear for my daughter and myself
  59. Low self esteem and can not shake it
  60. Lying, depression, anxiety, paranoia
  61. Dissociative Identity Disorder
  62. I think I might be emotionally broken
  63. venlafaxine withdrawal and supplement support
  64. Do I have a thought disorder ?
  65. Childless menopause
  66. My family is saying I am bipolar?
  67. Clonazepam and Beer
  68. Imaginary People and Self-Talking
  69. Scared to death!
  70. I have developed a real phobia and fear of dying.
  71. I have no idea. Can anyone shed light?
  72. Just help
  73. In the process of a possible diagnosis ...
  74. I have a hard time being an introvert
  75. So freaked out of having sporadic fatal insomnia
  76. Not sure if I should go to free behavior health clinic?
  77. Girlfriends past sexual abuse- how do I help and what do I do?
  78. Hypersexual Bipolar I
  79. Mood Disorder and Seroquel and Epilim Chrono
  80. How do I choose between Nicotine or Antidepressants
  81. Falling true to old habits and losing the only person I've ever loved
  82. Olanzapine
  83. Life alone
  84. I don't know what's wrong with me - fear of abandonment, difficult personality?
  85. disorganised thoughts
  86. seroquel wothdrawel
  87. Can't deal with wife
  88. [Urgent] What should I do?
  89. Not sure if I should be concerned ...
  90. Is there light at the end of the tunnel ?
  91. Depressed
  92. constant need for change
  93. worried about parents
  94. Need advice
  95. 19 and afraid of the dark (L4 Closed Eye Hallucinations)
  96. Lithium Toxicity?
  97. Holidays
  98. Anxiety, depression and the voices in my head
  99. Need help finding a reason to stick around
  100. Loneliness + Depression + Alcohol
  101. How Do I Get Past the Anger?
  102. Repetition problem with reading & voices.
  103. Issues with focus/memory
  104. How do I prevent de-realisation (depersonalisation)?
  105. I don't know what's wrong with me
  106. Strange noises when I try to sleep?
  107. Dream Detective
  108. My father puts me down
  109. Mind Feels Like It's Going 100 MPH.
  110. I'm obsessed with HIS ex-girlfriend
  111. Nothing Feels Real
  112. Heart/respiratory problem
  113. I don't want meds anymore
  114. Am I traumatized? Please help.
  115. CAn environmental toxins affect mental health
  116. Spacey feeling
  117. Feeling Like, I Am Psychic
  118. lack of independence
  119. My mental health disorder is affecting my college experience
  120. why is wrong with me
  121. strange feelings
  122. Sick and undiagbosed or anxiety
  123. Derealization 'attacks'?
  124. Is my medication making my mental state worse? (paxil/wellbutrin)
  125. Scared compulsive liar
  126. I feel stuck. All I want is for someone to listen.
  127. Hearing Voices
  128. paranoia, sleeplessness, and anxiety
  129. Is this my imagination or real- Help me please
  130. Can you get anti depressants without parental consent? I just really need help
  131. Klonopin and alcohol
  132. Is it racing thoughts?
  133. What is wrong with me?
  134. Am i a sociopath?
  135. Conversations - difficult to start or maintain?
  136. Self Doubt and Dealing with Tough Adult Parents
  137. Doubt with my medication.
  138. Ya'll should look into low dose lithium.
  139. How to let go?
  140. Struggling ...
  141. Sometimes at night, in bed, I get weird thoughts and scary sensations????
  142. I need help
  143. Sudden Depersonalization?
  144. Helping a friend in need, advice needed.
  145. Confusing Personality- What should I do?
  146. Dialogues inside my head, is it normal?
  147. mental health
  148. Nausea 3 days after first & only Zoloft dose
  149. Depersonalization?
  150. Hypnotherapy
  151. Why do I feel like this person is always watching me?
  152. Depression
  153. Change in diagnosis
  154. Panic attacks
  155. not Bipolar?
  156. I need help with my dad and therapist
  157. Effexor troubles
  158. Phone harassment - what does it mean
  159. Sisters or just siblings?
  160. no one ever listens
  161. Stimulus Tolerance
  162. Things I need to tell my therapist that I haven't yet
  163. Lack of emotion/fatigue/mother illness
  164. Psychiatrist deregistered for misconduct
  165. Why can't I control my emotions?!?!
  166. Depressed, In Long Term Relationship, Attracted to Heroin Addict
  167. Tips for choosing a therapist
  168. Life feels like a dream/life deosn't feel real
  169. Computer Games And Mind Health
  170. Identity crisis and sexual maturity
  171. Help!! Fear of losing my mind
  172. i need help
  173. Growing up, psychological difficulties
  174. Should I be concern?
  175. A journey from Xanax
  176. Not Feeling Real
  177. Constantly irritable, angry and stressed... for no reason.
  178. Feel very alone in this world.
  179. hi
  180. Need Attention
  181. Can't get to the root of my problem.
  182. Asperger? Depression? Schizophrenia?
  183. seeing things that aren't there
  184. wierd psychotic symptoms
  185. Finding my way, again after 50
  186. im seriously depressed
  187. I don't like myself
  188. Uncontrollable Evil Thoughts
  189. Sick NHS Questionnaire
  190. missed 2 doses of effexor
  191. 2 people in one body
  192. struggling
  193. Bipolar?
  194. Subtle hypomania?
  195. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain damage linked to solvent abuse?
  196. Counselors and therapists
  197. Help me understand/communicate w/ my ED, abused, scarred...perfect, loved girlfriend?
  198. I know I have anxiety/ocd issues, but could it be something more?
  199. Feeling distant
  200. Struggling with dangerous intrusive thoughts
  201. Feeling distant
  202. Buspar
  203. Does anyone have success with prozac
  204. Mental Health Care Near Lancaster UK
  205. Is anyone unable to lift out of severe depression anxiety and fears
  206. Viibryd
  207. Can anyone not find anything to work for anxiety depression fears and feels unable to
  208. I am extremely irritable all the time
  209. I just needed to get this off my chest...
  210. I dont know who i am anymore :(
  211. fear of going to jail or worse
  212. I need some guidance. What to do?
  213. What is My Purpose?
  214. Feel Abandoned
  215. Does anyone take doexpin and or modafinil?
  216. I've lost all hopes, Can anybody help?
  217. Issues with hallucinations/possible mental illness/forgetting details and paranoia
  218. Frustration !
  219. New to all of this
  220. anger confusion and pulling out my hair
  221. Childhood sexual abuse triggers causing me to shut down
  222. Does Anyone have anhedonia
  223. is bipolar part of my problem
  224. Am I a Psychopath?
  225. Am I sick, am I scared, or has my undiagnosed health anxiety gotten the best of me
  226. hallucinations
  227. Any advice on how to become a better person?
  228. feeling blah
  229. I think I've got dp/dr. Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with it or cure it
  230. OCD Meds
  231. Why am I feeling like this.... :(
  232. BPD/Bipolar/PTSD - Therapist vacation time
  233. Should I go to the hospital and voluntarily admit myself?
  234. I'd rather talk to my imaginary friends than my real ones... ?
  235. need good uk psychiatrist near Blackpool
  236. Neck twitch and Noise with throat? Anxiety?
  237. mental health
  238. Deep self esteem issues leading to depression, chaos in life
  239. Need advice on where to seek help
  240. Cyclothymia
  241. Residential recommendations?
  242. Please help me-derelization
  243. cognitive behaviour therapy
  244. Need help
  245. Worthless look into future
  246. need advice Quitting zoloft after years
  247. I have a fear of smelling bad
  248. Anxiety and how therapy and faith helped me...
  249. memory help?
  250. Dealing with mental health and physical issues