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  1. I have just been diagnosed with LGMD Type 2A (Calpein Deficiency).
  2. Becker's Very mild form of Beckerís, looking for people that have the same deletion
  3. off the charts
  4. Congenital Dealing with prednisone
  5. Myotonic How to get tested for Myotonic MD Type 2
  6. Does anyone have bethlem myopathy?
  7. Myotonic DM1 and DM2 question
  8. Myotonic Holding a cell phone -cramping
  9. Limb-girdle Advice for purchasing a handicap accessible vehicle
  10. Myotonic Dystrophy: pregnant
  11. Does anybody have OPMD?
  12. Arm weakness
  13. I have Bethlem Myopathy
  14. Gallbladder surgery
  15. diagnosed now what?
  16. Bethlem Myopathy
  17. Muscle Biopsy
  18. Muscular dystrophy with normal ck levels?
  19. Limb-girdle Pain and twitching?
  20. Pompe Disease Question
  21. Myotonic Hello, everyone, I just joined, and I have myotonic dystrophy
  22. Pain At Night?
  23. congenital muscular dystropy, scoloisis, fibroid tumor
  24. Myotonic What have people experienced
  25. Has any one with Muscular Dystrophy experienced this
  26. Limb girdle muscular dystrophy
  27. Muscular Dystrophy - interesting!!!
  28. Facioscapulohumeral Help - I think I might have fshd (teenage girl)
  29. My Latest Clinic Appointment
  30. What to expect for my evaluation and testing?
  31. Day after muscle biopsy
  32. Anyone with emery dreifuss muscular dystrophy??
  33. getting onto schoolbuses
  34. Muscle pain in legs and lower back?
  35. Vecttor
  36. Any body who can help in providing medicine for stopping progressive disease LGMD ?
  37. Limb-girdle Anyone with confirmed lgmd?
  38. tightness in head
  39. Do you know? How to use anabol and what is the effect it?
  40. How far
  41. Oculopharyngeal Does anybody have OPMD?
  42. Shock and anger
  43. Does this sound like MD
  44. just checkin in - LGMD update
  45. Limb Girdle 2a pain
  46. collagen vi spectrum disorder
  47. scapulo peroneal muscular dystrophy
  48. mytonic mmd2 pain remission??
  49. regarding sleep
  50. No one wants to talk about it.
  51. laing distal myopathy
  52. Have I got MD?
  53. living alone
  54. weaker
  55. Medicatons for fatigue
  56. son with duchenne's MD
  57. 6 minute walk test
  58. Lymph glands
  59. Limb-girdle Muscular Pain Questions NEW here
  60. Percussion Myotonia
  61. VPAP machine
  62. Embarrassed by my disability
  63. Myotonic pain management in dm 2- myotonic dystrophy
  64. Losing muscle mass in tongue, tonsils normal?
  65. strength in one leg versus another
  66. I can still walk, but I want a wheelchair already.
  67. Genetic Testing
  68. Facioscapulohumeral Depressed 23 year old girl with FSHD, advice please?
  69. Myotonic How long do they live?
  70. How you have to think outside the square!!
  71. travelling with MD
  72. Anybody dealing with denial?
  73. Our 4 year old is going to be tested soon
  74. Limb-girdle Just diagnosed
  75. Limb-girdle Help I need to know
  76. Is it muscular dystrophy?
  77. Prednisone
  78. Lgmd 2l
  79. Myotonic Miss Diagnosed
  80. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  81. Myotonic exercise
  82. Questions/Interview
  83. Limb-girdle LGMD & Stress
  84. Unknown Diagnosis - Really Hard
  85. dread social occasions
  86. Opmd
  87. hello i need a little vent
  88. Spasticity
  89. Myotonic questions regarding myotonic dystrophy
  90. At the end of our ropes
  91. New to the board, would like to talk about LGMD
  92. Muscle Biopsy: Have you had one?
  93. Do these symptoms seem like Muscular Dystrophy?
  94. Is anybody's LGMD spreading outward?
  95. Can anyone relate?
  96. Muscular Dystrophy in a three year old boy
  97. Limb-girdle explain leg problems to friends and family
  98. Laing Distal Myopathy
  99. your opinion/advice on taking creatine and COQ10.
  100. Neurocardiogenic Syncope
  101. Facioscapulohumeral Trouble swallowing?
  102. Dystrophy of shoulder and back muscles due to stress
  103. Facioscapulohumeral Homebound
  104. Testing results
  105. Limb-girdle Does anybody else get charlie horses
  106. Dropping items
  107. Myotonic medication
  108. Limb-girdle When do i need a walking aid?
  109. MD and digestive issues?
  110. Does anyone have Bethlem Myopathy?
  111. Tight Hip Flexors then not
  112. Doc appt Monday
  113. general fatigue
  114. Do I need to carry straws and bibs with me from now on?
  115. How to deal with frustration?
  116. My friends still don't get it
  117. Duchenne Possible treatments in life time?
  118. Albuterol
  119. Does this happen to anyone else?
  120. CMT and Anabolic steroids?
  121. menopause and md
  122. Facioscapulohumeral son has symptoms but normal emg?
  123. Bad shoulder pain
  124. Compensating and how to deal with associated pain
  125. Latest medical mishap
  126. Possible MD?
  127. exercise
  128. Cold
  129. Living alone
  130. Limb-girdle LGMD - fingers going limp and unable to grip
  131. Questions: Husband and Daughter with MD
  132. oculopharyngeal MD, does anyone have this?
  133. Advise needed for very worrying symptoms. advise gratefully wanted.
  134. Horseback riding
  135. High dose flu shot
  136. lgmd
  137. New here, but not to the world of MD
  138. What do you miss doing?
  139. peoples attitude
  140. extreme muscle weakness
  141. Dating disasters
  142. My Guinea Pig Testing
  143. Stairs... I hate 'em!
  144. My family's reaction
  145. Introduction
  146. Trouble Swallowing?
  147. Tightness in forehead
  148. Cholesterol
  149. Checking In, Saying Hi and Giving an Update
  150. Shell
  151. What type of dr do you see?
  152. Left Arm and Right Arm muscle problem
  153. Is MD painful?
  154. Breathing Issues -- Update
  155. What are your long term care plans?
  156. Breathing Issues with LGMD
  157. Happy Holidays
  158. Friedreich's Ataxia
  159. Fsh md
  160. Cold
  161. Recent Diagnosis
  162. Muscle Twitches everyday..
  163. Possible STD - Muscle Wasting
  164. Musle Biopsy
  165. An Update On Me
  166. muscular dystrophy
  167. why does muscles aches starts when you lay down at night?
  168. weird case of MD..will I inherit?
  169. Muscular Dystrophy Story
  170. can weight training hurt me?
  171. Terrified
  172. Daughter with elevated CPK
  173. tightness in forehead
  174. Some LGMD news
  175. Myotonic Dystrophy:just diagnosed
  176. Socialising with MD
  177. swollen ankles
  178. Could I possibly have MD?
  179. Aspiration Problems
  180. progressive muscle stiffness
  181. inclusion body myositis
  182. carrier for duchenne when pregnant
  183. Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy Type 2
  184. possible muscular dystrophy
  185. muscle biopsy
  186. Circulation in arms and legs
  187. M.D. questions... help please!!!
  188. My father's younger brother and sister had muscular dystrophy
  189. Shortness of breath upon exertion....MITO
  190. Cataracts and muscle weakness/pain
  191. Pregnancy and LGMD
  192. I got my scooter and it works great!
  193. Mitochrondrial Myopathy
  194. Charcot Marie Tooth
  195. what will muscle biopsy tell me?
  196. Discouraged Vs Depressed
  197. weak and sore legs
  198. Toddler MD Symptoms *Please Help*
  199. People
  200. Pain?
  201. Who had a parent with MD? Who didn't?
  202. Weak or Tired
  203. Traveling with MD - Cruises, Airlines, etc - Need Advice
  204. What Emotions are you dealing with?
  205. Taking COZAAR for High BP, side effect of med "helps" me...
  206. want your thoughts...
  207. Anyone with myotonia congenita?
  208. CoQ10 and Me
  209. Double Vision in LGMD?
  210. Diagnosis
  211. Ideas how to stay motivated when it rains
  212. Newbie - 11 year old daughter with LMGD 2A
  213. Between a rock and a hard place
  214. the drug that reduces CK
  215. blood test for LGMD
  216. Myotonic Dystrophy child with 2000+ repeats
  217. possibly anxiety? what do you think..
  218. baclofen
  219. Weight lifting....??'s
  220. Has anyone tried swimming for exercise?
  221. Can someone PLEASE let me know what their "initial" symptoms were?
  222. Falling...Always a Bummer!
  223. I have Miyoshi Dystrophy which is very rare. Does anyone else know about it?
  224. Stem cell therapy - help.
  225. Any Updates on Wyeth's MYO-029?
  226. Myotonic Dystrophy & Hydrotherapy
  227. Bethlem Myopathy
  228. is Muscular Dystrophy a systemic disease?
  229. Doc thinks I have Bethlem myopathy collagen6
  230. Duchenne MD Promising trial taking place in Britain
  231. scapuloperoneal myopathy
  232. Wake up with pain most mornings due to MD
  233. Power Chair and Trailer
  234. Almost diagnosed
  235. Ok when to spill the beans?
  236. Marinol and MMD
  237. Power Wheelchair
  238. Does MD affect the Jaw??
  239. Any Ideas? It's a Muscle Problem - I think
  240. Driving aids
  241. Oh Mrs. Madalot...where are u?
  242. Is there Anyone here with Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy?
  243. Protein Drink?
  244. Difference
  245. My son 2 yo had lately 26000 cpk but no other symptoms
  246. MD and Nicotine
  247. LGMD & neuropathy
  248. People Not Believing
  249. Myopathy - SHBG
  250. my 6 1/2 year old grandson was diagnosed with MD