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  1. Severe panic and relocating by myself
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  24. Sick or what?
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  29. Panic Attack
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  35. Depersonalization??
  36. Panic disorder
  37. Panic Attack or Heart Attack
  38. Anxiety/blood pressure
  39. do you tap your hand when you're having panic/intense anxiety?
  40. Was it a Panic Attack?
  41. Help with sudden panic attacks.
  42. non-stop panic attacks over fear of death ...
  43. My problem doesn't seem to be thyroid
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  45. amygdala removal
  46. buspirone 30mg and paxil 20mg for panic disorder
  47. severe panic disorder
  48. Panic and Me
  49. Panic attack symptoms?
  50. Help me with my panic/anxiety ... Am I the only one?
  51. My world is getting smaller
  52. Losing my mind, please help
  53. Elevator paused for 10 seconds and was in pure terror
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  57. lingering effects
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  62. Anxious Life Is Meaningless
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  64. I don't know what's wrong with me...
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  66. Panic attacks/ gases what causes them?
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  68. help with medication. I'm on lexapro
  69. panic attacks
  70. lexapro/panic attacks/kidney infection
  71. Buspar feedback anyone
  72. Panic attack start
  73. Panic disorder or something else?
  74. My Husband is not very suportive about my panic attacks
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  81. xanax damage Derealization
  82. I have a weird one here ocd or panic disorder?
  83. Fear of Wetting Myself
  84. are my symptoms normal?
  85. Constant anxiety after being sick...
  86. I hate being so scared.
  87. Intrusive thoughts
  88. Back again!
  89. Panic attack driving??
  90. Anxiety and perimenopause?
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  93. Fear of Death
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  95. new here
  96. Feeling Lost & Hopeless - Panic Disorders
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  98. Acid reflux and new panic attacks
  99. Moving across country with agoraphobia.
  100. i am almost eighteen and afraid to be alone due to panic attacks
  101. Scared of love? please please help
  102. Is it possible to cure a panic disorder without medication?
  103. Terrified of myself
  104. health anxiety and veins
  105. What does your panic disorder feel like?
  106. panic attack when going on a walk
  107. Seroquel and celexa together
  108. Here's my story about dealing with anxiety/panic disorder for about 18 yrs. now!!
  109. Panic Attacks arent the end of you life
  110. Constantly unbalanced/disequilibrium. Could anybody relate?
  111. Using benzos to manage panic disorder
  112. I think i have a panic disorder.
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  122. Help Please
  123. Xanax or Klonopin
  124. scared to death of meds!
  125. Constant fear/panic
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  127. Need help with Adrenaline rushes
  128. Can Lexapro make getting off benzos easier?
  129. Losing my mind
  130. Has anybody ever had a panic attack where your whole body goes numb?
  131. Feel like I am going crazy
  132. Lexapro vs Sertraline
  133. Please help! onset of severe panic disorder in the last two weeks
  134. Panic Disorder
  135. Panic attack clenched jaw, cant take pills
  136. Living with Panic Attacks
  137. Can't do it anymore..
  138. flying after 19 years.. panic attacks.. help!
  139. My Story/How Do I Let Go of Constant Panic Related Stress?
  140. Panic attack? (Anxiety)
  141. I Feel Pathetic due to this Anxiety!
  142. can a panic attack be triggered by something else medical related?
  143. I felt like I was going to die
  144. is it possible to have attack while sleeping?
  145. Buspar not working well - advice on antidepressants
  146. how bad are your panic attacks and symptoms?
  147. Did anyone get extremely dizzy when starting Zoloft or any other SSRI?
  148. digestive problems linked to panic attack??
  149. has anyone ever used paxil
  150. Not sure if I'm having panic attacks
  151. zoloft for anxiety/panic disorder?!? anyone?!
  152. Med advice please--SSRI's make me so sick!!
  153. Just started Cipralex (Lexapro) having side effects
  154. Linden Method
  155. Alprazolam + Diazepam
  156. panic attack
  157. Burning mouth pain from panic??
  158. Afraid to go to the Doctor, but need to!
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  164. How do antidepressants stop panic and anxiety?
  165. Dizziness that really isn't and weakness that really isn't
  166. Klonopin for Panic?
  167. Possible gas/reflux issue making me anxious/panic?
  168. Can't remember if I took my xanax xr this morning
  169. Feeling scared and depressed
  170. For those of you on antidepressants
  171. Serotonin & catecholamines causing anxiety?
  172. I Have Been stuck Here since April of 2008
  173. Hopeless
  174. how long after taking Xanex can you drink alcohol
  175. is it panic attack ?
  176. I feel sick and get afraid of being sick in public
  177. I think I've just developed a panic disorder.
  178. Seroquel helping panic attacks
  179. Xanax or Klonopin
  180. Xanax & Wellbutrin and trouble swallowing?
  181. Panic disorder and bipolar
  182. HELP ME WITH ADVICE ON Panic Disorder/Seroquel XR/Borderline Peronsality Disorder
  183. Prozac question
  184. how to get over fear of elevators
  185. Withdrawal smptms: Pristiq vs Luvox
  186. Electric Shock Sensations w/SSRI's...???
  187. Seredyn
  188. Panic ruining my ability to have a relationship. Sound familiar anyone?
  189. Spike in Blood Pressure
  190. has hypnosis worked well for anyone?
  191. Celexa Side Effects + Question about Serotonin
  192. Does anyone take beta blockers for their panic?
  193. i will never make it through this
  194. What do you do when you feel
  195. SSRI's and panic disorder
  196. Xanax and derealization/depersonalization
  197. cant leave my room !!!!!!!!1
  198. Stop me if you heard this but..
  199. Klonopins and Heart Palpitations?
  200. Panic & Working
  201. Driving and anxiety
  202. Is daily klonopin ok?
  203. Cymbalta and Panic Attacks
  204. feeling lightheaded on Zoloft
  205. What is the worst?
  206. Has anybody here ever passed out from a panic attack?
  207. Panic attacks holding me back!
  208. Two days on Celexa = Too much
  209. Can You Mentally Forget to breathe?
  210. Panic Attack Causing Heart Disease
  211. Panic Disorder and Lyme Disease?
  212. My dad has extreme panic attacks a few times a week
  213. Extreme Health Anxiety and Panic Disorder
  214. Nocturnal panic attacks?
  215. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  216. quivers near my heart
  217. Fear Of Death
  218. panic over swallowing
  219. Choking Fear - Why is it so hard to overcome?
  220. ashwagandha to reduce klonopin dosage
  221. Panic over nothing?
  222. pins and needles when anxiety attack or MS
  223. Fear of Getting Sick--Please Help :(
  224. Has anyone here gone through a pregnancy with major panic attacks??
  225. Buspar to Lexapro
  226. Overstimulation of spine, neck, stomach from sound and bright visuals. Super scared!
  227. Panic attacks and sleep paralysis
  228. Did the Zoloft cause my panic attack???
  229. does .05 of klonopin make you sleepy
  230. does anyone out there get panic attacks when they exercise and get short of breath
  231. Medical Alert Bracelet for Panic Disorder?
  232. How do you know it's a panic attack and not something more serious
  233. Adrenaline shots through body
  234. panic attack on christmas
  235. When AD drugs don't work for anxiety!
  236. Does this mean Klonopin is not working?
  237. Fear of Fainting At School (please help!)
  238. Panic attack/IBS/Claustrophobic
  239. Dr. switching me from Xanax to Buspar
  240. Really nervous - switching from 1mg Xanax XR and 2 .5 regulars to 2 .5mg Klonopin
  241. So tired and so confused.
  242. need advice about xanax ,can they cause seizures while on them? please help....
  243. Possible to Stop Throwing Up with Surgery?????? Advice Please
  244. how long until the lexpro works for panic attacks
  245. severe panic / driving manual transmission
  246. Heart Palpatations/flutters and PANIC DISORDER, BLAH! I need reassurance people!
  247. Can anxiety cause asthma symtoms?
  248. anxiety panic
  249. Panic Attacks Gets Worse With Exercise - Is This Normal??
  250. Scared of others throwing up