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  1. Reviews on Cymbalta
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  3. topomax and methadone instead of neuronton and vicondan???? any info will help
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  5. Matresses anyone?
  6. Neuropathy after chemo
  7. B-12 shots
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  9. How many take narcotics for pain?
  10. Does anybody know why my pain has moved ?
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  12. numbness
  13. methadone and topomax???
  14. Nueropathy
  15. Going to Nuero finally.....
  16. My Diet Connection
  17. Updates and questions.......
  18. Improvement with "the rebuilder" for numbness of feet?
  19. Benign Neuroleptic Syndrome? right room?
  20. OMG Do my Feet Hurt
  21. wow I did not realize there is so many
  22. Is there such a thing a mild neuropathy?
  23. Does massage help with parasthesia?
  24. Probably just being paranoid
  25. Neuropathy pain at night
  26. Help! for a month I had no pain,but
  27. Namenda for Peripheral Neuropathy...
  28. Approved for home B-12 shots Yay!
  29. Lyme patient with numb leg, foot, now arms/hands
  30. What Could This Be?
  31. Particular side effects between Lyrica and Nuerontin.....
  32. Fast progression?
  33. PN and a virus
  34. They win i give up
  35. peripheral neuropathy: cramp-like attacks in hands
  36. Lidoderm Patch
  37. Confused about my problem
  38. What does numb really mean?
  39. Numbness getting worse
  40. Harry, alcohol and PN question
  41. Neuropathy, Pravachol, and legal action?
  42. Anyone with CIDP? Neuritis?
  43. Karie36 Neurontine
  44. Walk this way
  45. Palpitations? Sick of problems.
  46. need help/info for my dad (metanx)
  47. losing it :(
  48. My Neuro Results today
  49. Neuropathy & Yogurt?
  50. anyone have prob. with stomach or GERD?
  51. Peripheral Neuropathy caused by Lithium?
  52. ant luck with nerve blocks forl ong term????
  53. Questions
  54. Difference between Periferial Neuropathy amd MS
  55. New weirdness.... hand went white
  56. anyone with gastroparesis please read!
  57. What is the worst possibilites
  58. Is this common neropathy?
  59. Article on Neuropathy
  60. Is this common with Neuropathy
  61. Neuropathy and Social Security?
  62. One of those days.....
  63. Homeopathic remedies?
  64. How do Docs detect Neuropathy
  65. Does an MRI detect it?
  66. Neuropathy from shoulders to, and including hands.
  67. Ulnar Nerve Injury - Hand
  68. Neurapathy
  69. Numbness and pain spreading....Why ?
  70. Other than Neurontin???
  71. Addiction to pain meds for neuropathy?
  72. Muscle Aches, Twitching, Strange Skins Sensations, Numbness, etc.
  73. Need advice what is going on with me?
  74. Confusing Symptoms!
  75. could this be neuropathy(leg numbness)
  76. Neuropathy question
  77. EMG damage
  78. Spinal Stimulators and neuropathy?
  79. Ear Tingling/Creepy Crawlies
  80. some drugs can cause neuropathy
  81. Just wanted to chat with someone.
  82. Hand Numbness when sleeping, please advice!
  83. Paxil for nerve pain/parethesias?
  84. neuroten users
  85. Optic Neuropathy
  86. Neurontin all of a sudden not working as much?
  87. support groups for peripheral neuropathy
  88. Question about Neuropathy
  89. Chiropractor any help?
  90. Shooting pains in hands and wrists
  91. neuropathy
  92. Neurontin and diarrehea?
  93. The Baclofen Pump Surgery
  94. Numbess and Tingling Back of Head-Arms
  95. Just started Lyrica, nerve pain getting worse?
  96. arms, hands, scalp and legs fall asleep.
  97. Hot And Cold Sensations
  98. Vagus nerve damage?
  99. Polyneuritis
  100. Ulnar neuropathy
  101. Seeking Information
  102. tingling sensation
  103. Whats the difference between neuropathy and neuritis
  104. Neurtontin and weight gain
  105. Please help . what are symtoms of Neuropathy
  106. nerve pain ?
  107. Anyone Taking Topiramate for nerve pain?
  108. Lumbar plexus neuropathy, treatment, recovery??
  109. Itchy Arms and Shoulders .... but No Rash!!!
  110. Facial numbness after surgery... will this be permanent?
  111. CIPRO side effects
  112. Topamax or Topiramate (generic)
  113. Can Neuropathy cause this?
  114. I need neuropathy support, am I being a big baby or do you feel this too?
  115. ???? Lyrica for nerve pain
  116. disability
  117. I have a surgery date for ulnar nerve compression at the elbow
  118. 20 Years old...help?!
  119. Why does neuritis stop you having treatment?
  120. Facial numbness still unexplained
  121. no numbness or tingling
  122. wrist watch numbness
  123. any one taking lyrica
  124. symptoms of neuropathy
  125. please help
  126. out of pain meds,appt. in 10 days
  127. question about nerve compression...
  128. Hot/Cold Sensations
  129. 4% Alcohol treatment to kill nerve
  130. neuro problem with tooth/gums
  131. tinnitus possible neuropathy?
  132. Spinal column painful to the touch
  133. new user -- advice please!!
  134. New to this board looking for help
  135. Ulnar nerve compression?
  136. Anyone Taking cymbalta for nerve pain?
  137. Users of Phenobarb
  138. does anyone else gets lots of fingers twitching
  139. Neuropathy and Driving question?
  140. Peripheral Neuropathy and Antibiotics (Levaquin)
  141. Anyone had IVIG (Intravenous Infusion of Immunoglobulin) for Neuropathy
  142. Neuropathy help here
  143. Gastro problems
  144. Looking for info on
  145. Neurontin users
  146. Ulnar nerve compression
  147. Calf Muscle Fasciculations
  148. Volts in my head
  149. Is this neuropathy?
  150. spinal cord healing
  151. methylcobalamin (B12) injections
  152. "Phantom" (or central) pain
  153. Numbness in feet/Ear Pain
  154. pains, twitches, numbness
  155. Groin pain and numbness
  156. Anyone had a QST or QSRT Test Done?
  157. Remembering on nurontin
  158. I suspect I have Peripheral neuropathy - what do I DO? Help please ~ I'm ONLY 29!
  159. Gait Issues
  160. Nothing Works
  161. numbness in ring and pinky finger. Ulnar nerve damage?
  162. puzzling
  163. Neurophy
  164. questions about nerve pain.
  165. Emg/ncs
  166. Neuropathy stories - The ones with good endings please.
  167. Unexplained Illness
  168. Anyone with TOS?...thoracic outlet syndrome
  169. Questions regarding my symtoms
  170. Spreading Neuropathy
  171. Numbness and Tingling in thighs
  172. L4 nerve damage
  173. Nerve damage...and dealing with it
  174. benfotiamine
  175. Severe shooting neck pain/facial numbness
  176. Head and Eye problems...PLEASE HELP!!
  177. Odd!
  178. Ulnar nerve compression-elbow/wrist
  179. worried about my weird symptoms
  180. -
  181. Dr. nicked a nerve. Any chance for recovery?
  182. lyrica ;The new cure?
  183. At my wits end - Pl. help.
  184. Question about the pain
  185. this is worrying me.. is it mp?
  186. Strange Neuro Symptoms - Any advise
  187. ulnar nerve compression/neck pain
  188. Left hand and sole of left foot, hot patches?
  189. Seizures.... Plz Help!!
  190. Pinched Nerve?
  191. test and only one doctor in country does it?
  192. Post Stroke Neuropathy - HELP!
  193. Symptons
  194. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  195. Will a Stomach Acid Prohibitor affect the absorption of vitamins?
  196. Is Nerve Damage Permanent? - please help
  197. Tomaculous Polyneuropathy
  198. Numbness-neuropathy-stinging, burning & migraine meds
  199. I need advice on symptoms
  200. Any relief for nerve damage?
  201. A question about Vitamin B12 Shot ?
  202. need to relate to anyone with similar symptoms/problems
  203. my feet are on fire......help
  204. any had a nerve graph/nerve transfer???
  205. new here. emg/ncv results came back with condions
  206. Go to ER? Reacting
  207. my pain is gone
  208. Bilateral Hand Numbness
  209. Desperate for relief! Slicing pain in back/legs
  210. what is this?
  211. nerve biopsy
  212. Can peripheral neuropathy be a sympton of Parkinson's Disease?
  213. Can you still have Neuropathy even though your EMG/NCSwas good???
  214. In a lot of pain...
  215. Severe itching relief?
  216. Effexor
  217. Vitamin b6 super High..
  218. knot/lump
  219. Nerve damage in foot
  220. Electric Jolts in my Head
  221. Electric Jolts in My Head
  222. Numbness on head/tingles what can this be HELP
  223. Does anyone have knowledge about compressed disc in cervical spine?
  224. MRI of spine showed..
  225. Causes?
  226. burning, needle feeling and itching in nose. need info please
  227. Needles stabbing me in toes
  228. Has anyone on here had a Blood test for CRYOGLOBULINS or COLD AGGLATIONS?
  229. deltoid paralysis
  230. EMG Nerve Conduction Study Motor Nerves
  231. headaches
  232. Tingling little fingers when I sleep
  233. Some Questions
  234. wow help me stop this
  235. How far does it spread?
  236. Do any of you use voice recognition programs instead of typing?
  237. water dripping from knee
  238. Oh...I got my letter from the insurance co. today...the LYRIC WAS APPROVED!!!
  239. Is this considered PN? Can CFIDS/FM, Lyme cause PN
  240. I started Lyrica on Thursday! The side effects so far...
  241. What a mess! Can anyone clarify?
  242. BF taking Doxepin for neuropothy..and I have concern..need any help please :(
  243. Need Help
  244. How do you know if you have auto-immune disease?
  245. Does COLD weather make the Burning worse?
  246. Introduction
  247. Marcia? I found the hand surgeon you mentioned
  248. Lyrica
  249. What are my tactile hallucinations?
  250. Pinstick test and reflexes?