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  1. Why do attached women flirt so much?
  2. Just found out husband cheated before married
  3. What is a good way to bring up moving out of home with parents?
  4. How to regain trust and mend a broken heart
  5. similiar to a military wife
  6. Girlfriend has a kid w/ another guy, have a few questions...
  7. feel like a room-mate, not a live-in girlfriend
  8. giving her time to get over him
  9. cheated 3 years ago..told him today
  10. Please help! Caught up with EX...
  11. Looking for opinions - how past behavior influences future
  12. what do i do with a husband who is always angry
  13. Pregnant with another man's child
  14. Ready to fall apart...:( what's going on here??? what should I do?
  15. help me I cant breathe!
  16. Military Spouses/Significant Others!!!
  17. Depressed..rejected by girl
  18. Proof of Infidelity
  19. He keeps blowing me off!
  20. Jealous Of Other Couples
  21. shame basing someone
  22. Smothering or kindness?
  23. Keeping his options open?
  24. I'm 26, living at home, and still have "restrictions" from parents. Anyone else?
  25. 7yr relationship since 18 years old - now 25 not sure what to do
  26. Ambivalent Boyfriend
  27. starting arguments for no reason
  28. Please, PLEASE help me. I have a choice to make and my heart is breaking.....
  29. lap dance
  30. What DOES "Keep in touch" mean coming from an ex- lover, in a letter?
  31. His mom pays for everything!
  32. I really need someone to shed some light...
  33. Stepdaughter/Stepdad
  34. How long before the first kiss?
  35. boyfriend gets mad when i cry!
  36. Does anyone spy on there spouse
  37. Bf thinks I'm cheating on him when I'm NOT. How do i convince him otherwise?
  38. find it hard to be affectionate
  39. Naked photos
  40. short men = attractive women?
  41. Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
  42. Memories of an ex-girlfriend....
  43. HELP! my girlfriend isn't fun anymore!
  44. Neglected Wife
  45. The Freaking Couch!
  47. Girlfriend breaks up w/ me but says she loves me and im perfect????
  48. I think I'm falling for the best friend of the guy I'm dating.
  49. Step Father vs. Daughter GRRRR!!!
  50. Long-term marriage problems: at a crossroad
  51. Hubby's jealous of wife's friend
  52. Ladies..How often do you talk to your mother?
  53. 5 years and I gave the ultimatum eeeeekkk!
  54. She's always copying me!
  55. Starting the world's longest, long distance relationship....
  56. currnent girlfriend has problem with my ex - WHY? they've never even met!?
  57. Sending lock of hair..
  58. Special friend??
  59. How do I end this affair?
  60. Things said when drunk? Genuine?
  62. totally distraught after breakup
  63. 3 month anniversary.. what do i do?
  64. Can a two month relationship survive a few months away?
  65. married girl with a guy friend.
  66. Relationship over after 3 years. :(
  67. I'm in love with one of my good friends girlfriend!
  68. hello i am gonna try this Porn and Boyfriend thing again...
  69. Why can't I allow myself to be happy?
  70. Trouble with my stepdaughter! PLEASE HELP!
  71. best friend acting strange
  72. I feel so violated! :-(
  73. Playing hard to get vs. not being interested
  74. I'm sitting here crying and I don't know why...
  76. Love fading away
  77. nice guys finish last
  78. Is it bad that me and my boyfriend don't talk very much
  79. Nasty Siblings!!!
  80. Perv Father Inlaw--Please help
  81. Just want to vent...
  82. had to break up with atheist boyfriend..
  83. Sick of hearing about happy couples
  84. married with step children
  85. Can't make Hubby stop cussing!
  86. My husband doesn't understand me anymore! PLEASE HELP!!!
  87. Need Opion from both male and female
  88. Setting myself up for an affair???
  89. Falling for my boyfriend's brother...
  90. Any advice for not good looking guys?
  91. Does struggling to say "I Love You" mean u or they dont love u??
  92. My long time G/F spends too much time at her Mom's house
  93. compulsive liar
  94. my husband...