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  1. when I ask for more, he's nasty to me, help.
  2. I will meet my date in 5 days; concerned about "pheromones"...
  3. Jealous and insecure
  4. very confused about whether or not guy is lying
  5. talking about past relationships
  6. Friend needs help
  7. Still at it....am I stupid or what!
  8. My girlfriend Drinks to much alcohol
  9. Fight
  10. I feel like I'm at circus circus.
  11. jealous of boyfriends relationship with ex wife
  12. hey
  13. Bi-Polar Limitations and Family Understanding
  14. Am I being mean to my FIL?
  15. Any spouses of bipolar partners?
  16. High School Stuff
  17. here i go...again!
  18. Giving it Some Time/ Waiting it out
  19. partner's children - a tricky question
  20. i need some honest to God truth... please
  21. From another post - Looking normal, like others...and the cost.
  22. i really really hate my brother... i need some advice
  23. Back Hair - my wife wants me to keep it
  24. Husbands parents "holiday schedule" is making me stressed and mad at my husband
  25. Would you be upset if you saw your boyfriend's porn?
  26. Think I want out of my marriage
  27. Is he a Sociopath?
  28. Living with a Passive aggressive personality
  29. Help me out
  30. How to beat guilt trips?
  31. Frustrated
  32. He's going to leave me
  33. Am I doing the right thing?
  34. i need advice about my relationship
  35. Someone sent my gf flowers
  36. small breasts
  37. I can't seem to make friends no matter how hard I try.
  38. Gotta get it out.
  39. Help for friend in a somewhat abusive relationship
  40. What Now??
  41. Doesn't understand boyfriend's behavior
  42. Should bipolar son living at home have house rules?
  43. Crush on Neighbor, what should I do?
  44. My husband talks down to me
  45. PLz help: What do I do when he says ???
  46. is it fate or me?
  47. help i need advice about relationship
  48. Thanksgiving dilemma
  49. Wife wants to leave a relationship due to me not trusting her
  50. Introduce new bf to ex?
  51. Lost several acquaintences. . . left a church
  52. email relationship going "live" soon...help!
  53. Just needing to vent....
  54. is relationship worth working at?
  55. Question for any poster, your advice and story is great, advice please!
  56. Too old, too young for this relationship?
  57. Does this make sense.
  58. Clarity
  59. i dont get it....he is being distant ....why?
  60. Help with this one...WOW!
  61. Is my boyfriend too insensitive? or am I too sensitive
  62. Need Advice
  63. Is there something wrong with me? Really paranoid
  64. Why do I do this?
  65. Question about threesomes
  66. is he just shy or not really interested in me?
  67. mens controlling mothers + my narcissistic father = recipe for disaster
  68. He's Hot and Cold, what does it mean
  69. Am I being selfish or is he??
  70. Long Question....sorry
  71. Advice?
  72. How much do women expect to be pursued?
  73. Arguments
  74. How do you go from "I love you" to "you meant nothing"?
  75. In serious need of advice...Age difference relationship
  76. Depressed boyfriend
  77. one-sided relationship and friend's manipulation?
  78. how to be less sensitive emotionally
  79. He refuses to see my side
  80. The ex is engaged (long)
  81. I dont know what to do anymore
  82. Need some perspective
  83. Advice wanted please
  84. Engagement ring
  85. Please help - Living with someone with bipolar and need guidance
  86. What's wrong with me...please help me.
  87. life changing decision - advice badly needed!!!
  88. How to say NO to a friend
  89. sick family member...help...
  90. Loving more than one person
  91. really depresses please help me
  92. What's right?
  93. Not single, and two friends are in love with me. Gah!
  94. I`m afraid my insecurity will ruin my relationship.
  95. My Bad Relationship With My Mother
  96. Should we give it a another chance?
  97. relationship problem - he falls for someone
  98. help me please!
  99. I want to abandon a friend in distress...
  100. What should I do with an irrational husband?
  101. Dating is not like it use to be
  102. he slept with his ex
  103. Balancing the Relationship vs. Heart Break Potential
  104. Teenager in need of advice.
  105. why wont he let me bury her?
  106. cry for help
  107. cry for help
  108. my daughter in law walked out on my grandchildren for drugs..what to do?
  109. I don't understand my ex boyfriend, help?
  110. Girlfriend trouble
  111. Have I Done The Right Thing?
  112. Strict parents
  113. Long Distance Relationship - One Night Stand?
  114. 40 years of my life - time to change.
  115. Questioning my Relationship
  116. When other people affect the relationship. Advice please!
  117. Going CRAZY
  118. gf says I need to gain weight...
  119. Just hate my life but need to stay for my kids
  120. Please advice, I'm cornered
  121. Feel bad today about conversation, last night.
  122. what does it mean if he tells you...
  123. Physical attraction
  124. how do i stop being insecure about his girl/friend?
  125. Boyfriend with Anger
  126. Is this wrong?-Because I think it might be
  127. Dont understand what she wants or thinks of me
  128. married boy friend does not talk to me anymore
  129. Lack of confidence
  130. Getting fed up w/ gf's behaviour
  131. What should I do?
  132. Getting Complicated Now!
  133. Getting Complicated Now!
  134. wife gave up, any going back?
  135. Thanks For Slapping Me!
  136. I need some advice~
  137. I got pregnant on depo and need some advise!!!
  138. Deliver Me From This Misery!!
  139. Female "Friend"
  140. What should I do?
  141. Bipolar partner needs help
  142. Just broke up with boyfriend of 2 years who is now stalking me...
  143. relationship problems
  144. Momma's boy
  145. Bipolar Mother-Law-Missing. Help!
  146. Done Something Afwul....
  147. Do men ever like a woman for her personality (not looks)?
  148. I think I should find another job
  149. I can't keep my kids here
  150. thought i knew him better...
  151. Brother won't grow up
  152. A problem...looking for some advice
  153. My partner told me he has BD
  154. need advice and or suggestions
  155. My life is in shambles
  156. She Keeps Breaking My Heart.
  157. New Boyfriend got fired...should I dump him?
  158. What do you do with a broken heart
  159. She lied to me.
  160. Debating my potential
  161. Would this bother you and should I talk to him about it?
  162. Jealous that my boyfriend gets aroused by other women
  163. Dating someone with Fibromyalgia and alcohol problem
  164. he mentioned another girl
  165. wife is bipolar I need help
  166. At a loss
  167. anonymous note.
  168. When his family meets yours...
  169. Big Issue ....
  170. I don't know what to do....
  171. Jealous. Someone likes my girlfriend.
  172. When your "soul mate" is married to another...
  173. My mother still talks to my ex...
  174. So there's this girl (lol)
  175. Why can't I move on?
  176. wants to get "more personal"
  177. Best friend didn't confide in me...
  178. need advice
  179. Question for the guys...
  180. So Nervous about it all
  181. Invitation without me
  182. Ditched at a concert...what to do?
  183. Men and Menopause
  184. So confused!! what's wrong with me???
  185. I am so heartbroken..
  186. My boyfriend has anger issues
  187. I finally got moved into my new apartment...
  188. Long Distance - Long Term
  189. Help and advice in a awkward situation
  190. Partner's Friends
  191. Questions my mom use to coach me on
  192. Should I feel bad? family issue
  193. Where do I even begin... :(
  194. only married men
  195. Jealous without Reason.
  196. Concerns!
  197. Will i ever forgive myself?
  198. Trapped with no sex
  199. being intimate too soon?
  200. Need some opinions!!
  201. im new confused and need advice
  202. Really down and would appreciate some advice
  203. Girlfriend and her male friend
  204. How to help ?
  205. Intuition Vs. Paranoia
  206. long-distance flirting
  207. Relationships with an EX
  208. Caught between two men,its killing me please help!
  209. he is back.... now what?? How to not push him away again.
  210. I blew it...Do I give up?
  211. What would you do if SO no longer wanted Kids
  212. Is a relationship with an older man healthy?
  213. What should I put up with things if I earn more than him?
  214. Girlfriend completely changes on me
  215. long term relationships
  216. What does he want?!... and what do I do?
  217. I'm so so lost bipolar ex
  218. Still so young
  219. Married for 10 years
  220. Life insurance and longterm relationships?
  221. relationship ending, need advise on how to make my partner happy at all times and
  222. Online dating
  223. He dumps me.. and he is more depressed ??
  224. A guy asked me out, then my mom.....
  225. Advice on boyfriend please
  226. Can I still win this girl over?
  227. What really attracts you?
  228. confused
  229. I am losing my father to the television (update from previous threads)
  230. Me and Him vs. The World
  231. newbie boyfiend`
  232. my new girlfriend doesn't want me to visit my 2year old at my x-wifes place
  233. Was I in the wrong for being upset w/ my partner?
  234. Is he just 'not that into me?'
  235. She won't meet my parents
  236. I have stong feelings for a married woman
  237. I know I shouldn't believe him but...
  238. 46 year old with horrible eating habits
  239. Trying to let go of the past....
  240. Wife has lost interest in sex
  241. Friday night, nothing to do
  242. ugh. computer games messing up a relationship anyone?
  243. Extremely Hurtful and Awkward Situation...
  244. Really Need advice about fiance's new lifestyle
  245. Can you say "awkward"?
  246. is he interested or not?!
  247. What do you think?
  248. Rumours about husband cheating...
  249. Need to know now.
  250. Hi don't know if you remember me....