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  1. Help I'm caving
  2. What have I done
  3. Need relationship advice...gf moody, parties a lot without me
  4. Too picky??!!
  5. Sex on Ambien?
  6. Are these feelings since the break-up normal?
  7. Why Am I Blinded By Love?
  8. is it right to lie to someone so they don't get upset?
  9. strange emotions
  10. Boyfriend Or Friends?
  11. Moving on, 5 Year relationship over
  12. He likes me.. he likes me not..
  13. Need help :(
  14. Online guy... again.
  15. Any Advice?
  16. should you talk to a mother who is always yelling at her kids
  17. What is she doing
  18. Feel like my dp sending me mad sometimes
  19. I'm getting down but I know I shouldn't.
  20. advice????
  21. what's wrong with me?
  22. The New Puppy And Our Family... HELP!!!
  23. How do we fix this?
  24. He came through for me
  25. Is this Abuse? Does he love me?
  26. good girlfriend versus marriage material
  27. My boyfriend Dumped me after the third time of having an anxiety attack
  28. Do men like women who take the lead in a relationship?
  29. hurting unreasonable
  30. Non Affectionate & Emotional
  31. Concerned about son
  32. How to Deal
  33. Brokenhearted
  34. emotional affair
  35. Actions show the love
  36. Angry husband all the time
  37. Anyone Had Experience With "Love Addiction?"
  38. gulity for over a year now please help me let it go
  39. living with your ex girlfriend for your children
  40. Online dating continued...Does he like me?
  41. Need some advice
  42. SO children?
  43. Can my pregnant ex-girlfriend and I be friends?
  44. Advice and help, my future is disappearing, can i save it?
  45. You folks were right. I messed up. I want to go home.
  46. An unusual situation...
  47. The ex is back...
  48. When you finally realize your first love isn't your last love, it hurts like hell.
  49. How to react?
  50. Looking for some advice... thanks
  51. irritable depression
  52. Human Doormat
  53. what do ido
  54. Quick question on a conflicting idea...
  55. Can't deal with her anymore
  56. How do I confront my husband?
  57. Love in Australia or Education in the U.S.
  58. birthday
  59. The love and hate cycle, is this normal?
  60. She's kinda crazy?
  61. To PlaxMax34
  62. BF's EX wants 2 see his son who's not hers!
  63. what does it mean when a man constantly calls but says he doesn't like you
  64. i think it is time for me to give up....
  65. Relationship with Mom Going Downhill
  66. scared i am going to get hurt AGAIN
  67. Does she sound interested?
  68. Online date
  69. Why does everyone assume...?
  70. Is it a bad idea to hope at a time like this?
  71. What makes a person afraid of commitment being far from promiscuous but insatiable ?
  72. Advice [please!!!
  73. Need your advice
  74. Overly Critical
  75. had a 2nd "relapse"
  76. How to let go of the anger?
  77. Boyfriend's mother staying for a month...
  78. Things can be good again after a spouse cheats
  79. Is this appropriate to send to an ex?
  80. Any suggestions
  81. Is being a Single-Father un-attractive?
  82. A question I need an opinion on...
  83. No kissing or touching
  84. The ex
  85. He's not looking for a girlfriend.
  86. suggestions?
  87. Need perspective on seemingly possessive husband
  88. I think husband has narcissistic pd
  89. helping mentally sick who do not ask for help
  90. Why wont he sleep beside me??
  91. Am I just acting like a psycho or what?!
  92. I want to separate from my husband what do i have to do?
  93. My main focus is on relationships. Why? How can I stop?
  94. Past haunts!
  95. When will gf let go of husband and make a new life with me?
  96. When SO disagrees with you on birth control
  97. I need advice
  98. Thinking of other people.
  99. Is my marriage over?
  100. it's all Relative
  101. Why does he keep trying to call me?
  102. Distraught, 25lb weight loss, no self confidence
  103. I am tired of being lonely in my own home...
  104. how thick can someone be??
  105. does he like me or not?!?!
  106. why is it so difficult for husbands to deal with their wives' illness?
  107. Need some advice-
  108. Here is my situtaion...
  109. You are a saint if you read this - thanks!
  110. Update-Mom who yells all the time
  111. Constantly feeling sick
  112. Have you ever avoided relationships...
  113. can you get it back??
  114. One day I am a princess, the next a Dumb one
  115. I need your opinion
  116. He's totally selfish in bed...
  117. HELP! The Ex, Adult Daughter & Grandchildren Issue
  118. Feeling Used!
  119. Interested or not?
  120. advice needed please
  121. frustrations in home with new baby
  122. Maybe I have BDD?
  123. Not coping, even after months...
  124. forgive and forget
  125. Idk where to turn to i need help
  126. this is kind of creepy (and long, sorry!)
  127. Do I really want to be... 'that guy'?
  128. the thing that brings most people together has torn us apart
  129. I have filed for legal separation
  130. Online dating
  131. Hmm not too sure what to think...
  132. Uncertainties
  133. My girlfriend broke up with me after i put my hands on her.
  134. he doesn't care
  135. please help me
  136. Communication+sex snafu HELP!
  137. Should I really be concerned if I trust him?
  138. What to do with an old friend??
  139. not pleased with roommate
  140. how to date someone who is commitment phobic
  141. being kept a secret boyfriend's ex wife and kid
  142. I'm so confused
  143. friendship & break ups
  144. Feeling unloved by my boyfriend
  145. How to play it....
  146. What to do and where to turn?????
  147. Who said "I love you first" ? Does it matter?
  148. ex girlfriend advice?
  149. I want to find love in 2009
  150. Moving in together...help.
  151. Personal growth
  152. Boyfriend's Mother Makes MY BLOOD BOIL!
  153. My mother is a mean person!
  154. Need Advice Desperately..my life is crumbling..
  155. How do I get rid of bad memories, please?
  156. What can I do if my husband doesn't have feeling for me anymore?
  157. Don't know how to move on: 2
  158. 34 and pregnant, but recently broke off relationship..
  159. please help with boyfriend! im driving myself insane
  160. when a person hurts you so much you cut them out of your life
  161. has the world gone mad?
  162. Does this sound like love?
  163. Guys would you care as much falling in love in your early 30s?
  164. relationships and disability
  165. Angry at Son's Choice...
  166. How to deal?
  167. I really need advice.
  168. can't make sense of friend
  169. need some reassurance about marriage
  170. How Do I Separate from My Husband
  171. 2009 - Letting Go
  172. Living with a Recovering addict
  173. My family is driving me to financial ruin
  174. marriage makes me uncomfortable
  175. Changing for the one you love.
  176. At a loss
  177. I have been lying to my girlfriend
  178. Man's story
  179. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  180. Embarrassed,
  181. Broken Hearted
  182. is there any way to fix this?
  183. Need some advice......
  184. Is my friend in abusive/controlling relationship? Are these the signs of control?
  185. What is a relationship supposed to be like??
  186. marriage
  187. Really need some help
  188. Family and long ago confessions
  189. trying to move on
  190. Time for a change
  191. This is weird!
  192. what do you do when your husband will not stop drinking
  193. What would you have done?
  194. two years of hell
  195. Is the truth always better than a lie?!
  196. What Would You Do if You Wanted to Get Married & Have Children...
  197. Will I ever be able to love someone else?...
  198. How to deal with insecurities when guys come onto my girlfriend?
  199. I know this may sound silly but...
  200. New and need advice please!
  201. How do I help him move on???
  202. need help deciding ..... PLEASE read and help
  203. passive-aggressive/co-dependent mother
  204. I put Hubby out and I need a lawyer
  205. Overcoming jealousy of gf's past
  206. Please Help, ASAP! :( I don't want to lose him
  207. Mental Health issues - Denial
  208. Questions About Friend
  209. Looking for encouragement and answers
  210. Dealing With Regret
  211. Cope with hubby's 'friend' ???
  212. whats your view on this?
  213. how to deal with boyfriend
  214. Crazy me =(
  215. sdfasfsad
  216. Body Image - HELP !
  217. what is wrong with me?
  218. Holiday Happiness
  219. how to stop getting angry at your boyfriend's insecurity
  220. I now know the truth
  221. Is she lazy or am I selfish?
  222. Any men here who can help me understand?
  223. On and Off
  224. Am I normal to think like this?
  225. Jealousy & Fear
  226. I need help with my mentally ill boyfriend.
  227. How can you feel so certain of something and yet so unsure????
  228. For men (or anyone really) who has seen 'Love Actually'
  229. How much to reveal and when?
  230. Intimate relationship
  231. how do we get through xmas
  232. Very embarrassing for me
  233. Devastated Part 2
  234. Can you die from a broken heart?
  235. Are You a Hanger-on-er?
  236. You ever wonder?
  237. I'm over being single now
  238. My friend, Debbie Downer.
  239. Unfaithful Husband
  240. Confused....
  241. Should I Move?
  242. ahhhh SO CURIOUS!!!!
  243. Hopeful once again
  244. Attention Addiction?
  245. love
  246. Getting over her
  247. Please, any suggestions for this situation?
  248. Don't know how to move on...
  249. confused
  250. So what is going on here?