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  1. Self harm
  2. Bipolar Depression?
  3. I hate myself
  4. when you meet others (strangers) who clearly have self harm past
  5. past self harm
  6. Self harm slip
  7. struggling ...
  8. Self Injury in the Work Place
  9. Thoughts
  10. Taking anger out on myself ...
  11. Feeling ashamed
  12. Feelings of intense need...
  13. How Do I Stop?...
  14. In crisis now
  15. Relapsed
  16. May trigger!
  17. Why do I cut myself
  18. I don't know what to do
  19. Just really need someone to talk too
  20. On the edge... HELP
  21. Self harm thoughts
  22. I am struggling to hold it together
  23. My Story
  24. Explanation to scars?
  25. Well I still cut
  26. I love my mom -- should I tell her?
  27. Cymbalta...brought it back? My past is haunting me!
  28. the urge is almost unbearable
  29. My boyfriend and I trigger each other to self harm. Please help
  30. My friend making bad decisions with her 15yo daughter
  31. does anyone know what would happen if I tell my school about the cutting?
  32. Hi, I am new and I need help PLZZZZ!!!!!
  33. The Past Few Days I've Been So Sad
  34. Has anyone had a MRI I am very nervous
  35. bleakfuture
  36. How do i get rid of these scars??
  37. Cutting After 40
  38. Keep your strength & hope
  39. Cutting vs Bleeding (
  40. Cutter, Freak, Insane, I know I need help.
  41. i cant stop hurting myself
  42. I'd cut myself if it didn't hurt
  43. subconsciously harming myself
  44. Self Harm while drinking
  45. i injure myself when im angry and hurting
  46. How do you respond regarding scars?
  47. So close to reverting back to my old ways. Someone help me, please.
  48. trichotillomania
  49. what will fade scars?
  50. I am a cutter
  51. odd urges
  52. Would you want a stranger to say something nice if they see you have cuts?
  53. is cutting as bad as it seems
  54. nasty scars from nasty cuts
  55. Girlfriend cutting - need advice
  56. tips on how to stop pulling my eyebrows
  57. Why do I want to cut myself
  58. scars that really hurt
  59. how long does it take a damaged or cut muscle to heal and how long before using again
  60. My 6 year old daughter
  61. Alternative Coping Skills for SH/SI
  62. Going to the ER for stitches?
  63. help to stop cutting
  64. I don't understand...
  65. Just for some questions
  66. I hurt myself today to see if I still feel..
  67. does it ever really stop
  68. i need the feeling of control
  69. Breaking 'Safety Contract'
  70. Tired of being watched
  71. Not cutting but hitting myself...please help
  72. pull out pubic hair
  73. summer time scars showing
  74. I need help
  75. Does anyone really "feel better" after SI?? Is it a compulsion?
  76. I think I need help
  77. cheek muscles, jaw...
  78. one clavicle is larger than the other
  79. Sometimes I just want to Fade away...
  80. how to stop pulling out eyelashes and eyebrows
  81. Advice for reducing redness and pain of self-injury cuts
  82. Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)
  83. i think im self harming? any test i can do
  84. help! i want my eyebrows back!!!
  85. Parents and Scars, do they mix?
  86. There may be a PHYSICAL explanation for self injury - here's some help and hope
  87. How do you explain your scars?
  88. getting rid of scars?
  89. New job...old scars...
  90. Drinking and Self Injury
  91. When you stop cutting, is there a withdrawal?
  92. Drinking and Cutting
  93. I Can't Stop Slitting My Wrist
  94. Red vs. White Scars
  95. Cosmetic Surgery For Scars?
  96. white scars from long time ago- hiding them?
  97. I pull out my eyebrow hair and I'm having trouble stopping
  98. Scab Picking I need HElp!
  99. I just did it for the first time
  100. salt and ice
  101. Self-injury and tattoos?
  102. How much is too much???
  103. The emo stigma
  104. lerning from my son, a cutter......
  105. How to break it to my fiance... ?
  106. Mom desperately needs help dealing with daughter who cuts!
  107. Vague urges to cut again after years
  108. head banging?
  109. No One Likes Me........
  110. Help with scars and new cuts?
  111. cutting for attention?
  112. Letter to my Secret Friend (long)
  113. Want to cut/die
  114. Question about passing out
  115. brain damage and self-harm
  116. My Girlfriend Cut Last Night...
  117. NEED HELP...breaking up with someone who self injures
  118. Do you ever "black out"? (so to speak)
  119. Fed up with scars
  120. recent cuts and a massage???
  121. Is it really so bad to self-injure?
  122. It feels good..but don't...
  123. types of self harm?
  124. my cousin is hurting herself!!!
  125. Twins 3 months old pregnant with twins again... and an eating disorder
  126. My best friend hates me now..
  127. Long Term Effects Of Bruising
  128. where does responsibility lie???
  129. getting tired after cutting
  130. pregnancy, depression, and cutting
  131. I think I need serious help
  132. how to tell someone??...sorry this is so long
  133. if u dont draw blood?
  134. Tired and Lonely
  135. Hiding scars?
  136. Just found out Boyfriend cuts himself
  137. Other forms of SI, besides cutting??? warning, disturbing story
  138. Fight Club
  139. How To Give Support
  140. Girlfriend is becoming addicted to cutting
  141. how can i get rid of these scars?!?! HELP
  142. Just a little surport.... cause ive been there
  143. Well Guys...I Told Someone
  144. drunk...
  145. pro SI sites *poss trigger*
  146. Not cutting, but banging head
  147. Itching Ahhhh
  148. I want to injure my knee!
  149. is picking and gouging like cutting?
  150. Passing out from Cutting - because I'm scared....
  151. parent of a cutter
  152. obsessed with cutting??
  153. I'm a picker
  154. How Do You Keep Your Mind Off Cutting??
  155. How do you know when you need stitches?
  156. i am slowly killing myself and don know how to stop... my god help me
  157. Touching scars
  158. How do people react? Everyone thinks I'm crazy...