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  1. Flashback Question
  2. Perspective from people with ptsd please
  3. Dissociation for years - memory getting worse
  4. PTSD caused me to become a hypochondriac
  5. I need some help, I don't know what to do
  6. How to Keep Up Movement, my PTSD gets me afraid to go out?
  7. Mirtazapine withdrawal
  8. Exposure Therapy
  9. Has anyone here tryed art therapy?
  10. I want to love my girlfriend and show her it ... ?
  11. Drive by shooting
  12. Father passed away ...
  13. Insomnia med(s)
  14. Can I see what I forgot in flashbacks? Anyone has similar experiences?
  15. Lamictal 3 missed doses
  16. My brother died in front of me
  17. has anyone tried EMDR?
  18. Need someone to talk to.
  19. Ptsd = psychosis?? Help
  20. Going for my ssi
  21. Overwhelmed
  22. PTSD - and Disability
  23. Obsessive thoughts..help!
  24. Intrusive thougtss
  25. I swear I'm trying - alone
  26. Recent PTSD Diagnosis
  27. ptsd and major depresion
  28. Complex PTSD
  29. cant sleep after car accident
  30. Please help I'm so lost
  31. im pretty sure i have ptsd
  32. 17 year old son was victim of violent crime
  33. Not all wounds are visible...
  34. Ptsd?
  35. Want to hide under the duvet
  36. I was Diagnosed with PTSD
  37. Is this PTSD? (long post)
  38. Can't take much more suffering
  39. Propranolol treatment for PTSD
  40. Existential crisis?
  41. PTSD - after friend caught on fire
  42. Tough holiday, does it get better?
  43. Scared. Frustrated. Upset. Unstable. Heartbroken. What is wrong with me?
  44. Do I Have PTSD?
  45. Electrocuted
  46. Is this PTSD?
  47. PTSD from involuntary hospitalization?
  48. Grief, pain, confusion, etc. (This is VERY LONG!!!)
  49. 26 years of abuse.
  50. PTSD and Weight
  51. Childhood PTSD is Taking Over My Adult Life
  52. PTSD And Anxiety
  53. PTSD getting the better of me
  54. EMDR side effects
  55. PTSD - emotional abuse in childhood
  56. Wife is pregnant with PTSD - help needed
  57. Medically Induced PTSD
  58. ptsd and ECT
  59. Tired of being scared all the time after armed robbery
  60. PTSD from Childhood Affecting Relationship with my Husband.
  61. PTSD and Noise
  62. PTSD and irrational thoughts
  63. PTSD from an experience you don't remember?
  64. Depressed Alcoholic recently on Citalopram
  65. I need help! I am emotionally numb!
  66. Please help - 13 yr old with possible PTSD
  67. My doctor suggested I might have PTSD... for pelvic pain
  68. Flaring
  69. Disability Pensions for PTSD
  70. I'm Tired Of Hiding
  71. Isolation and PTSD
  72. Memory Loss
  73. Does anyone with POTS have these symptoms??
  74. PTSD and feeling "bad" or "evil"
  75. Combat and stress related PTSD
  76. Husband afraid of going "crazy"
  77. suffering from PTSD
  78. Anxiety PTSD and Zoloft
  79. is this a lifelong fight?
  80. PTSD or overreacting?
  81. Hello
  82. Introducing myself
  83. Hi I am new here.
  84. PTSD Memory Blocks
  85. PTSD/Panic attacks... when will it stop?!
  86. Two dissociation-related issues
  87. dating someone with ptsd
  88. Doctors and PTSD
  89. Starting EMDR Today and Very Nervous
  90. he is a registered sex offender
  91. Xanax vs. Klonopin and other stuff
  92. Intrusive thoughts- need advice. please help
  93. Newly diagnosed PTSD
  94. Newly diagnosed PTSD
  95. Back to Back Car Accidents
  96. Control issues
  97. Hypervigilance
  98. ptsd from childhood abuse?
  99. gaf 60
  100. PTSD issues getting worse!
  101. Hatred For GYN
  102. PTSD and Relationship issues with Trust - Help please!
  103. living with partners with ptsd
  104. Numbness..?
  105. does anyone know about an adult's personality after having gone through birth trauma?
  106. Domestic abuse and PTSD anger
  107. Laughter after trauma
  108. Severe Complex PTSD & Meds ...
  109. PTSD as Normal Reaction to Abnormal Event
  110. Just a sad person... With a sad story...
  111. Has anyone taken propranolol?
  112. do i have PTSD?
  113. 'memory pain' << does any one else know what i mean?
  114. Will I ever be ok?
  115. Celexa and treatment of PTSD with alcohol
  116. Healthier Handling PTSD
  117. Deer Accident
  118. Loud Noises
  119. blanking out under stress what does it mean
  120. Inner child - help needed.
  121. i have ptsd and a fear of doctors and medical care
  122. Looking for Suggestions -- Coping Skills
  123. Depersonalisation, derealisation, dissociation
  124. depression and workplace trauma question
  125. how to forgive abuser
  126. what does it mean when you blank out
  127. memories conming back
  128. best kinda treatment for ptsd ?
  129. Auditory Hallucinations.
  130. bad car accident
  131. The Brave One
  132. flashbacks and anxiety from accident
  133. military sexual assault...please help
  134. Often does PTSD and ambivalence go hand in hand?
  135. I need advise; I'm stuck!
  136. Having a bad day........
  137. out of body experience
  138. How do you handle flashbacks
  139. Very few childhood memories......normal????
  140. Topamax and Seroquel
  141. my brother died right in front of me
  142. unexplained skin rash
  143. what is hyperviligence
  144. fear of existence?
  145. ptsd&hyperviligence&betrayal
  146. C-ptsd
  147. Can PTSD backfires 20-30 or even 40 years later?
  148. doctors who specialize in ptsd evaluations
  149. Help! My husband has PTSD and im not sure what to do
  150. flashbacks and vivid imagination
  151. PTSD and psychosis
  152. Worried about taking PTSD meds
  153. Sensory Defensiveness and PTSD...are they similar?
  154. Feel like the movie Groundhog Day
  155. Problems, and then some more problems!
  156. If you are suicidal...
  157. How do I let go/forgive my abuser?
  158. Holes in Memory
  159. Confrounting your abuser.
  160. Intrusive Thinking...
  161. To those with PTSD and Firomyalgia
  162. Father's Day Stinks
  163. EMDR- PTSD treatment I've found that really works.
  164. flashbacks v disassociation
  165. Does it ever really go away?
  166. is 100.6 fever
  167. How do you people keep on going?
  168. PTSD Help in San Diego?
  169. DPD...Tell me it isn't so!
  170. Toxic Relationships
  171. PTSD help!
  172. What brought me here...
  173. hearing voices of conscious
  174. Emdr
  175. Stunted Growth
  176. Break from EMDR
  177. PTSD vs BPD
  178. found a therapist... now I'm terrified...
  179. anyone see Reign Over Me?
  180. Crying and not knowing why
  181. The reason's fading
  182. Anger attacks vs. Anxiety attacks
  183. Car accident-can't stop thinking about it
  184. Trust and PTSD
  185. Confrontation reaction -shakiness with intense feelings
  186. That dang pelvic exam
  187. Child orgasm
  188. Misdiagnosed as Bipolar??
  189. False memory
  190. You asked why I feel worthless???
  191. Scenario Building/Building the Defense/Making a mountain out of a Molehill
  192. Lazy or depression?
  193. Hate being touched, even by family
  194. Involuntary vaginal contractions
  195. ptsd because of emotional abuse?
  196. how to resocialize
  197. Gunshot Victim
  198. Why I believe this forum works
  199. How To Stop The Nightmares
  200. does it ever go AWAY??
  201. God! I Want My Life Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. Best Medicines for PTSD
  203. armed robbery
  204. startle response
  205. dating someone with PTS-any advice?
  206. EMDR Question
  207. PSTD - Health Scare
  208. Anxiety or pstd?
  209. Natural remedies??
  210. self-hatred
  211. Questions about PTSD
  212. Shutting Down
  213. weird hearing distortion,getting worse
  214. Is this PTSD. What to do?
  215. Rage is getting the best of me
  216. Question...
  217. Post Tramatic Stress Disorder/bad reaction to ZOLOFT
  218. I need help--night terrors for 8 years!
  219. I am still somewhat suffering ptsd
  220. Has anyone felt panicky after having EMDR done?
  221. Sensory Defensiveness and PTSD...are they similar?
  222. Anxiety
  223. What is hyperviligance?
  224. Obstruction or lump in the Throat
  225. Spider & The Butterfly Theory
  226. generalized anxiety after traumatic event
  227. Does anyone just blank out?
  228. Chris, question regarding Pregnenolone
  229. What are some of you symptoms with PTSD?
  230. Social Issues
  231. Grandmother, completely lost it... please help
  232. PTSD what meds have helped you?
  233. I would like to know other peoples symptoms with PTSD
  234. Is anyone feel dizzy or off balance with PTSD?
  235. Eye twitches, muscle twitches.
  236. Blank Memories of Childhood
  237. PTSD from hormonal imbalance
  238. A.C.O.A. Growing up in fear. P.T.S.D. a possibility?
  239. EMDR for treatment of PTSD? Also biopolar
  240. anyone use a service dog for PTSD?
  241. I just don't feel well today
  242. Huntington's Disease
  243. trying to stay "focused"...
  244. The Only Sermon......
  245. Flashbacks from Childhood
  246. falling apart since I admitted what happened
  247. Violent Outbursts During Sleep
  248. Felt everything during c-section
  249. Will I ever get over it?
  250. 4 year old child in auto accident