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  • Healthy in May'19. Sudden onset of things in June. Sjrogrens?

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    Healthy in May'19. Sudden onset of things in June. Sjrogrens?

    Hi folks,
    I'll start by saying this might be a long post. If you read it all, thank you.
    I can say that June 2019 has been awful in terms of my health. I'm 38 years old male that had previously been normal and healthy with the exception of HBP which was treated with medicine.
    in May 2019, I felt fine, normal, living life as usual with my wife and children.

    I dont know if things might be related so I'll include brief details in the event someone might have a relatable experience or have some ideas as to how everything relates:

    2019 up until beginning of June was fine for me. Note that the last time I had been to a Dr was just 6 months prior to have BP medicine renewed which is the only med i have been taking. Hadnt been to the doc for anything else prior for a long, long time. Things were normal.

    May 30th I visited Dr. for a suspicious looking mole. He agreed it looked suspicious and he removed it via punch biopsy and stitched it up. No issues.
    May 31-June 2nd - I have super anxiety about the results of this mole biopsy, expecting the worst.
    Night of June 2nd, I end up getting what I believed to be a stomach bug (churning, noisy guts all night long), water diarrhea for two days.
    I went back to doc with concerns of this new ailment. He says its likely a bug and that the biopsy results come back benign. No worries.

    Over the next few days, my abdomen hurts all over, hurts to eat, continued diarrhea/loose stools. Went back to doc and he did metabolic panel blood test. Came back that my
    Lymphocytes and neutrophils were slightly off (one was just a touch high, and the other just a touch low), this was suspected to just be consistent with suspected bug affecting my guts. He orders a stool sample which was negative for any infectious diseases. He then orders a CT scan, which i had performed and after interpretations from two doctors, they say things look fine.

    Another couple of days, guts and BMs still not back to normal. I'm losing weight because im afraid to eat the wrong food to cause my gut to be in pain. Feels much like gastritis like i had back in 2007. Took a month or two to get sorted and back to normal. Doc refers me to gastro doc for EGD and colonosopy, which i just had this past Monday. GI Doc said things look OK other than redness/inflammation and that he would be seeing what biopsy results tell us.
    EGD/Scope Biopsy results showed everything was fine, with the only notable item being "Prominent lymphoid follicles", which they interpret to some bug or infection of some sort. GI doc wants me to have a special small intestine MRI which is still to be scheduled. GI doc prescribed carafate, which seems to be helping.

    All along, i have been doing what I could to focus on healing my guts and getting that back to normal.
    Throughout this entire process, i've experienced other ailments which i found to be unusual since i hadnt experienced these before. I had just related all these other ailments as part of my gastritis issues, which when healed, i'll be back to normal.

    As it is now, i'm worried there is much, much more to it that that.
    My gastritis is least of my worries now. The pain isnt as bad and i'm eating a lot more, which is good, but these other things are worrying me.

    There was a two week wait for my colonosopy/egd. Within that time I had read that Nexium could really help with gastritis symptoms until the scope was completed and the doc could make recommendations.
    I made a trip to the store and bought some nexium. That night I took a dose and next morning my stomach felt a bit better, but i did note some dry mouth. I figured that was the ppi doing its job. I took another dose the next evening. I woke to an even more dry mouth and tenderness under jaw on left side of neck.
    I opted to stop taking Nexium and wait for scope/egd. After a day or two, the dry mouth partially subsided but the tenderness under left side of jaw remained.

    Fast forward to a couple days after colonoscopy/EGD i wake up to really dry eyes. I didnt think anything of it other than I had just had a colonoscopy and egd, so i would naturally be still dehydated.
    I since had been drinking plenty of water that my urine is clear. I have since also still been waking to dry mouth, dry eyes and sinuses. Also having weird muscle aches, pains, back of head pain, back of head pain, tingling, fatigue, tiredness, blurred vision, anxiety, etc. After some research, a couple autoimmune diseases popped up as possible candidates (hence why i'm here )

    I visited my doctor yesterday and explained my symptoms. He didnt seem to concerned. for the dryness he said "well, we live in a desert", for the aches, pains, he said "people get those all the time, you might have a bug or muscle tension". My Dr. continued to say that he ordered blood tests, CT scans, Colonosopy/EGD and all came back within normal range and that I'm fine. He prescribed some muscle relaxers. I gently pushed a little more and he agreed to do more blood testing for rheumatological markers. As he was putting in the order, he remarked at how overkill this is, but he'll do it.

    I got the results last night:
    ESR: 2 mm/hr (Normal is 0-15 mm/hr)
    UricAcid: 7.0 mg/dL (Normal is 3.5-8.5 mg/dL)
    Vitamin D 25 OH: 19 ng/mL (Normal is 30-80 ng/mL)
    CRP (not forCV risk): 0.1 mg/dL2 (Normal is 0.0-1.0 mg/dL)
    CyclicCitrul Peptide Ab,IgG: <0.5 unit/mL (Normal is <5.0 unit/mL)
    Rheumatoid Factor: <15 IntlUnit/mL (Normal is <15 IntlUnit/mL)

    At first I was happy to see that Vitamin D was low (only 19) as it sounds like this deficiency could contribute to the aches and pains i've been experiencing.
    unfortunately, i saw that CCPeptide and RF were right on the border. This concerns me. I suspect my doc will say "take some Vitamin D and you'll be fine).
    I'm suspecting i would need to see a Rheumatologist to do more testing. I may need to persuade him for a referral.

    This has been a crazy scary month. I just want to get back to normal, which is where i was just in May. This has all happened so fast.

    As it is now, i feel dehydrated and dry all over. My eyes are dry, my mouth and nose is dry. I have aches, pains that come and go, i wear contacts and have to constantly blink because vision gets blurry. Left side of my neck under jaw is tender which i suspect to be salivary gland. My right ear feels "bubbly", feels like fluid is in there, my tongue feels weird. Feeling weird sensations in my hands and feet.
    I feel so awful and want nothing more than be be normal again so I can go back to this summer that was to be spent doing amazing, fun things with my wife and children.
    Can this go away?
    Since it was such a sudden thing (completely fine in May, now bad in June) could this all be related to a bug or virus that antibiotics might be able to fix?
    Could this be related to the Nexium I took which seemed to trigger the dry mouth. Hadnt had dry mouth before i took the stuff.
    Could this be related to the stress i had while waiting for mole biopsy? Could this be related to the gastro/gastritis issues i had?
    What are some recommendations that could help put my mind at ease?

    If you've read this far, thanks for reading all of this. I'm really hoping for some good news soon. Hoping my Dr was right in that i'm fine and this is all just a bug or virus, but my suspicions are worrying me.
    I know this was long. I'm just so worried that either my quality of life will diminish, or my children will lose their father. I want to get back to exercising, bike riding with the kids, getting outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, etc. I want nothing more than to be how I was back in May 2019.

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Healthy in May'19. Sudden onset of things in June. Sjrogrens?

    Dear MtnDude,

    Carefully considering all you shared, I think you need to make yourself stop fretting and get back to exercising, bike riding with the kids, getting outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, etc. I think you may have had some digestive upset but that your tests and worrying exacerbated the original problem.

    The sooner you forget about the temporary discomfort the sooner you will get back to feeling normal. Colonoscopies, and so on disrupt the healthy balance of flora in the gut. You can go to a health food store to get and start taking some pre and pro biotics as suggested on the bottles. Getting a stripped gut back in healthy balance does take some time. Colonoscopy cleansers strip the body of the very things the body uses to digest properly. And that is not easily or quickly restored to healthy balance.
    ~ YaYa ~

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