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sparkle16 05-11-2011 04:18 AM

sjogrens, uk
Hi everyone , does anyone know what the connection is between sjogrens and migraine , as a lot of people on here seem to have both , this is the case with myself , and the migraines seem to be getting worse as i get older, and they are the vision ones , i have had them since i was very young , and still find them very frightening as you lose part of your sight for a while , and as i get no warning i find there is nothing i can take for them , i am on hydroxychloroquine, and was wondering if this could have made them worse as i have read it can effect your eyes , so i have stopped taking it ,i have been off work for a while now with the extreme tiredness, and all the aches and pains etc, it does seem very difficult to hold a job down with this condition and wonder how everyone else copes, i know i will have to go back to work soon , i keep saying to myself i might feel better tomorrow , i just live in hope !! look forward to your comments.:wave:

sarahsjogrens 09-24-2011 04:55 AM

Re: sjogrens, uk
Hi Sparkle 16, im from the UK and was diagnosed for primary sjogrens 10 years ago, Ive not really had any help from the NHS, they just put me on the anti malaria drug and it did what you are describing, migranes, so I came off it as it made me see things in different colours also. They told me to go back on it but I really didnt want to risk losing my eyesight. So ive really just plodded on for 10 years, I now own a successfull business and try my best on the days I feel low, and do brilliantly on the days I feel great. Its hard coping with the aches pains and fatigue, but only my closest friends know and I dont think anyone elses suspects it!
Hope things work out great for you and if youd like a chat feel free to msg. Sarah :)

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