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bellak 05-30-2012 05:33 PM

newly diagnosed - mouth sores/throat irritation
Just recently dx with Sjorgrens. Going for 2nd opinion end of June. I would have never thought I had Sjorgrens, but possibly Lupus or Fibromyalgia the way I hurt and I suppose it's a possibility for another type of autoimmune disorder. Recently, I have sores in my mouth, primarily on my tongue and sometimes it feels like I am getting a sore throat, but it's so mild and it seems to be that way only in the evenings. Sometimes, it feels a little difficult to swallow; almost like it's a lump in my throat. That's what I hate about this autoimmune stuff...I seem to have all the weird things and sometimes hard to explain symptoms. So frustrating!!!! Would love to chat with someone that experiences these same things. Thanks!

Sleepwalk 05-31-2012 08:11 AM

Re: newly diagnosed - mouth sores/throat irritation
I'm waiting for the results of a salivary glad biopsy to rule out Sjogren's since all the other tests for it have been negative. I had the test yesterday (30th) and should hear something Monday.

I'm miserable. Have been for the last 3 years but have noticed strange symptoms for the last 12 years. I've had several surgeries to fix what turned out to be symptoms or side effects of Sjogren's and if anything I feel worse.

The dryness is not just in my mouth and eyes any longer - it's my whole body. I have a lot of pain and don't sleep well without medication and then it's not good. So many medications have the opposite effect on me than what they are intended to do. I have no energy and can't taste my food and have little appetite.

I just started seeing a doctor at Baylor Medical Center who is running new tests and I'm hoping he can find out what's really going on. This stuff must run in my family whatever it is because my father had a problem of some kind, my sister fits all the symptoms of Celiac (undiagnosed) and now me. My sister is 14 years older and her symptoms started about the same age mine did. Odd but interesting.

I went from a very active and positive person to someone who has a hard time walking some days due to the muscle and joint pain. My mood has been affected as well as the joy I used to have just to be alive.

I'm here and hopeful and hoping to get better if you care to communicate. I'm actually waiting on a prescription to be filled so I'll be here for a little while.

I hope you're doing better today!

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