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thefarm 08-23-2012 03:10 PM

Most accurate tests? Symptoms? Very long...
I'm visiting from the fibromyalgia board.
I have read about Sjorgrens. I had blood work done but it was negative.
I've been diagnosed with Fibro & Chronic Fatigue. I also have hypothyroidism & a dissociative disorder called Derealization (called it brain fog for years).
I'm 32, Chronic Fatigue & Derealization hit when I was 18, before a pregnancy test showed I was pregnant. I gained 70 lbs with that pregnancy & lost 25 of it. I had my gall bladder out during my 2nd pregnancy. I had lost 20 pounds & was at my pre prego weight by the time he was born. Then a yr later I felt alittle better & lost 55 pounds in 3 months! No idea how, just more active I guess.
I had my 3rd child 3 yrs ago. Great pregnancy, gains 25 pounds then lost 15. Then within months I gained 35 pounds. It did seem to take me weeks to recover after his birth, just do exhausted. Then pain set in & has only gotten worst the last few yrs. I was diagnose with fibro 2 yrs ago & told I had Chronic Fatigue all the yrs before.
I deal with a lot of hypo symptoms even though my blood work is almost hyper rather than hypo. I take a high dose of thyroid meds. My new Rhum wanted me to lower my armour, I did & symptoms were worst.
I've dealt with a dry mouth & eyes for as long as I can remember. Im most thirsty in the evenings. I drink lots of water, coffee in the mornings though... Sunlight makes my eyes burn & water. Last eye doc said my eyes have dryness. When I seen the Rhum & she ran a blood test for this, she could t believe how dry my mouth was. I had poweraid zero & been drinking it. She said you'd think I had a 105 fever my mouth was so dry. I think it was from all the talking I did. Tends to make my mouth dry.
Anyhow, fatigue is awful, especially mornings. Evenings are the best. Pain is worst in the mornings. Especially stiffness. Pain tends to be my muscles & joints. I take Savella in the morning, then Tramadol with IB Profren. Then a muscle relaxer, IB Profren & tramadol again, savella before bed & my muscle relaxer again for sleep. I've tried med free & hurt to much. I'd just lay on the couch waiting for relief then finally take my tramadol & wait for it to work. My Rhum has me taking my meds regularly. It had helped me feel like I have a life. But tramadol just takes the edge off pain & fatigue never goes away.
I know there is something going on other than fibro, just don't know what. Tested for everything. I see so many symptoms of Sjorgrens. I have hair loss & especially breakage. All the hair on the top of my head broke off at one point... Brittle nails, moon face, weight gain yet I can't figure out why, I don't eat much & eat healthy. I have lots of nausea issues which are worst August - June. I think it's because the pain & fatigue are worst during that time & vomiting is how my body deals with it... I have been drinking powerade zero all summer & haven't been sick, well one time but that's it.
Pain is worst in my neck, shoulders & upper bag. I have a bad disk in my lower back which always hurts also. But I have full body pain. Just gets worst from overdoing it & stress. Stress causes diareah really bad. I feel like I always have mild sinus pressure but no cause. Had allergy testing, sleep steady, mri to test for ms, a nerve test an one other then 13 yrs of blood tests on everything & anything. Everything fine.
At one point I wandered about RA because if joint pain especially in my fingers. But that was negative. The sjorgrens symptoms are so much like my own, course I have no doubts I have fibro with most symptoms.
I woul like to see about more testing for Sjorgrens but don't know what...
Sorry so long

thefarm 08-24-2012 02:41 PM

Re: Most accurate tests? Symptoms? Very long...
I figure I should simplify this...
What is the best/most accurate tests?
I need to make an appt with my gynecologist, been a few yrs... But she used to run tests for me. Is she able to do more tests for Sjorgrens?
I have allot of edema issues & also congestion, are those Sjorgren symptoms? Also, I do my best to keep hydrated but slacked yesterday... Last night my eyes were so dry/irritated & nothing helped. I'm assuming it's because I didn't drink enough water...

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