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thefarm 08-25-2012 11:27 AM

Is nausea & vomiting a symptom?
I have had many symptoms for 13 yrs. I have another very long post here that describes that...
Anyhow, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a couple yrs ago. Also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroid & a dissociative disorder.
I don't doubt my fibro diagnosis but I know there is something else going on & i hav Sjorgrens symptoms. I had a blood test done for it 2 months ago but was negative.
One thing that doesn't make sense to me is nausea. I do really well controlling it during the summer but this time of year until may I am nauseous all the time. Doesn't take much & I'm vomiting. I usually get a migrain like headache but not always. The only thing I can think of is vomiting is my bodys way of dealing with pain... I am on meds to control pain. It takes me about 5 hours after waking before I can get myself to do anything. I'm always so exhausted & always hurt so bad in the morning & have to wait for meds to kick in.
I have blaimed my brittle hair & nails on thyroid for years. But I'm on a High dose of armour & blood tests show I'm almost hyper... Yet I have hypo symptoms. Many other symptoms but trying to keep this short...
I'm going to call one of my rhums Monday & schedual an appt for more tests. I want to have the lip biopsy. What else should I ask for?

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