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Blessedx4 02-10-2013 07:44 PM

Does this sound like Sjogrens?
I had a full blood panel & my ANA came back positive. They tested further & I was positive for SSA-ro & centromere. My rheumatologist said that he can't diagnose me with anything based on these results. These are my symptoms...

Small red spots on toes (osler's nodes)
Sores in mouth (canker sores, inflamed taste buds)
Dry mouth (not very bothersome & I do have a cold)
History of kidney stones (calcium phosphate)
Trouble swallowing (once in awhile-dry foods)
Always tired
Brain fog (once in awhile)

Have any of you had these symptoms or these results & been given a diagnosis by your Rheumatologist?


joggies476 02-17-2013 12:24 AM

Re: Does this sound like Sjogrens?
Depends...if you've had dry mouth for a long time, and dry eyes, might be sjogrens, particularly the part about mouth sores and trouble swallowing. Reynauds and feeling tired can be related too. I think your rheumatologist is saying they aren't sure one way or the other, they won't dx it unless they are sure, and no dry eyes means you probably don't have sjogrens.

The anticentromere ab is linked with crest syndrome/sclerodoma. I don't know much about it, but just googling it right now, you do have some / most of the symptoms, so you might want to look into it...

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