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JustAverage 08-16-2017 11:52 PM

tiny itchy bumps on arms
So, for as long as i can remember, i have these pale-than-my-skin(ill just call them white for the sake of time) spots on my arms. They come in patches. they are not raised unless when they are very itchy and i will itch and itch and itch until the tiny white bumps open up and tiny spots of blood appear on top of the mini bumps. i only remember this problem MOSTLY happening during the warmer months. So, naturally, i thought i was photosensitive. so i googled it and it looks nothing like what i have. they never turn red (unless there's scabbed blood as aforementioned) when i really itch, it turns a pale pink(my guess because i itch it constantly) i dont have any food allergies, i have switched lotions, perfumes, and body wash constantly and nothing helps. these bumps are only on my arms. please help. ty

MSNik 08-17-2017 02:25 AM

Re: tiny itchy bumps on arms
What you are describing sounds very much like Keratosis pilaris. I am not a doctor, but I would think this is what you might have. Please visit a dermatologist, they can prescribe creams for this which will unclog the follicles and help your skin heal.

Its not a contagious disease and nothing to worry about, but it will continue to get worse if you dont treat it.

Good luck!

quincy 08-17-2017 09:55 AM

Re: tiny itchy bumps on arms
Check out tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor and see if they match your symptoms.


JustAverage 08-17-2017 09:30 PM

Re: tiny itchy bumps on arms
so it turns out this is exactly what i have! thank you so much, MSNik!!

quincy 08-18-2017 10:30 AM

Re: tiny itchy bumps on arms
Good you have a diagnosis! What med or suggestions did the doc prescribe for you?

For itching skin, my dermo prescribed 2% menthol in glaxal does work help to brwak that itching cycle. Plus helps to avoid introducing bacteria into the open sores.


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