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TyleRDennis 02-28-2005 09:10 PM

Scalp Problem
Please this has been bothering me alot latley.. Im a tad bit worried its lice, but i seem not to see ANYTHING in my hair. let me tell you wuts wrong, when i eat hott food, or if I am active during sports or activity, my scalp beings to itch, almost like a burning feeling. it occurs all over my head/scalp area. as i let go of the hott food, or stop continuing activity, this goes away. im a little concerned if its lice because thats a bit embaressing. most ppl consider it bad hygiene, and i am a clean kid. idk, ive used peroxide for my hair at a point, im not sure if i did it when it started to get itchy, before, or after. but ive pored bottles of peroxide ontop of my head drenching the the whole top part of my scalp. mayb it did some kind of staining and when my pores open up to sweat it irritates my pores? or maybe its lice.. im scared, does anybody kno wuts possibly wrong?

btw i dont see anything in my hair even when i comb thru it

ScruffyGuy 03-01-2005 02:43 PM

Re: Scalp Problem
Dude, if you ONLY feel itchy after eating spicy foods or after physical activity, it's is probably NOT lice. Lice will itch ALL the time, but they will itch even more at NIGHT.

It is certainly possible for lice to start moving around and cause more itching if you are sweating, as spicy food and exercise will cause -- but this seems kind of far-fetched to me.

Also, lice are NOT something that has to do with being "dirty," but you are correct: this is a common misconception that makes a case of lice very embarrassing, so that's an understandable concern.

Scalp lice are very small -- you may never see them just by examining your scalp or combing your hair. Sometimes there can be a few larger ones -- and lice are NOT invisible -- they CAN be seen, but it isn't easy.

If people start suggesting home remedies for lice here -- if I were you, I'd ignore them. The BEST way to get rid of lice is to buy a lice-removal kit. Home remedies leave lots of room for error and the lice can return quickly. If you buy the kit, look in a drugstore -- get RID 2000 or a similar product. READ the directions and follow them EXACTLY, including the part about washing all your clothes and spraying down your furniture. This is VERY important.

But the good news is that I think you probably don't have lice.

STOP pouring peroxide or any other chemicals on your scalp!

Get a shampoo that indicates on the bottle that it has a proper pH level for hair and scalp -- most of them do.

Chill out for a while and use ONLY the shampoo and end it with the chemicals. Chemicals will NOT kill lice -- lice can hold their breath for a LONG time. Only the natural poisons in lice-removal products will penetrate the bodies of the lice and kill them -- and then it doesn't matter if they hold their breath.

Give it a week or so. See how you feel. Relax. It is possible to make yourself itch if you think about it too much.

If you don't feel any better soon, go get a lice kit and try it out. You will SEE the dead lice FOR SURE if you follow the directions -- and then you'd know. If you do NOT see any dead lice -- you never had them.

Good luck.


TyleRDennis 03-01-2005 05:15 PM

Re: Scalp Problem
ive had this for about a month or so (about since when i used peroxide)

i used it to turn my hair red, but then it turned orange after using my shampoo. so my mom helped me re-dye it darkbrown/black.. my head doesnt seem to itch any different at night, and im in my room on my computer till about 5 in the morning everyday and my room is pitch black. my scalp only irritates me if im eating hott food, or if im playing basketball or any other activity.. wut do u think i have? or wut do u think is causing my scalp to itch?

Btw, it iches DURING activity, and AS im eating, not afterwards

ScruffyGuy 03-03-2005 03:15 PM

Re: Scalp Problem
What's almost certainly the problem here is the terribly caustic and damaging chemicals you have put onto your hair and scalp!

Shampoo daily with a pH balanced shampoo to restore the natural pH of your scalp.

Do NOT dye your hair anymore. Do NOT put peroxide on it.

If you can't accept that -- you'll need to see your doctor.

Just because some folks can tolerate peroxide dyeing and other chemicals on their hair and scalp doesn't mean everyone can. Probably you are sensitive to this kind of stuff.

Best to not fiddle with it. Your hair is now dyed back to normal color -- leave it alone from now on and give your scalp time to recover from the damage.

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