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texas1107 05-27-2006 07:21 AM

Small blisters on my hands.
I wish this site would allow pictures, but, I will try to explain what they look like.
On the palms of both hands, on the meaty part by my wrist, opposite of my thumb and the part just below my finger, there are tiny blisters that will turn brown. They will dry up and flake and then new ones will come up.
I first thought that it was contact dermatitis from things I used at work and my system had just decided that it didn't like it :p . They would just about clear up on the weekends and then start up new again by Tuesday. I have been laid off from work now for 2 weeks and last Wednesday, my hands were almost soft and healed. Now, the blisters came back Friday. I haven't used anything new in my house or done anything new. I have gone through my normal routine of things and there just isn't any explanation as to why it is back all of a sudden. This has been going on now for about a year. I worked at this place for almost 4 years.
And, when it does start to dry up, my skin in these areas gets red, painful and itchy. It is mostly in the meaty area by my wrist. The ones up near my fingers don't get as bad. I don't have insurance or money, so, I'm hoping to get some ideas about this and see if it may be a serious thing that I DO need to go to the doctor or can get something at the store and try. TIA :)

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