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tlacroix 06-29-2006 09:06 AM

what is this spot on my face
I am a 32 female, who has been goin tanning for over ten years now but recently decided to stop just do to being scared of cancer, better late then never i guess, well not sure if its to late or not yet, I have a drs appointment coming up shortly. Any way one day i got a bumb on my nose and it didnt go away for ever I think it took like a month, so i know it wasnt a pimple, well when it went away it left a hole like mark, not like a crater from a black head this hole is not round its weird shaped, well it looks lke the bump is coming back, i squeezed it and it bled ..bad I know, I wont do that again, also I have a small pensil eraser spot on my face that wont tan it just stays my naturual skin color, not white white but my natural which is fair colored normally, maybe im just getting paranoid, because I looked in the mirror today and noticed that i have two small dry patches on my face, there a little bit raised, and smaller than an pensil eraser, but there dry flaky feeling, they have been there for over 4 months i was told it was contagious muluscoum but I know this is not true because I have had that in the past and it doesnt look the same, I also had a pimple on my upper lip for about 3 weeks, it was a white head forever, it wasnt goin away so i peeled it off and it left a big hole so im assuming that was a pimple that needed to be pulled off otherwise i would have had a bigger hole left behind eventually, sorry guys for alll the concerns, anyone else have any suggestions about the spots i have found??

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