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  • Eight days to remove mole with garlic

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    Re: those nasty moles

    Well. I found a lot of information from those old thread especially, 'No more moles' to encourage me to go on with the garlic method (not to mention some horror story) e.g. garlic caused burns, there was minimal scarring compared to the other methods, the mole got bigger, it disappeared quickly, it was convenient, cheap & the most effective, the results is dependent on each person etc.

    I thought I give something back by writing this diary/guide. It took me 8 days altogether: 4 days (8 hrs) each worth of garlic. 4 days waiting for the scab to fall off. And now, the mole had disappeared, leaving behind a small crater and now I'm waiting for the skin to heal...I don't know what will happen during the healing process but it is promising so far.

    My mole was a raised mole, approx 2-3mm high & 5mm wide & pigmented. Right at the side of my noise (like enrique eglesius used to have) prone to UVB & UVA as well as getting steadily larger every year for 2 decades I looked on the internet a few month ago and found all those WMV stuff, which I wasn't sure was not a fraud, but worse of all they were all from America. So I wanted to opt for something home remedy.

    Disclaimer: But please, if anything were to happen for the worse from this post, I will not be hold responsible. I just wanted to give you a guide if you intend to do it. There are othersout there too if you can find it. This worked for me. However I do assure you that I am writing this to the best of my knowledge & honestly. And please, if you have any doubt check with your Dr.

    You will need.
    Some clove of fresh garlic (1$) - One would normally last you 2 days.
    Some strip of band aid - Not those really sticky ones that rip of your skin when you take it off. Bandaid keeps the garlic in place even when it gets wet.
    Sharp knife
    Clean cutting service
    Lighter - for sterilization if you are paranoid (like me sometime).

    Diary/Method. If you need more info I did keep a record for 2-3 days.

    1: You would probably need to scratch the mole first, no need for it to bleed. Just make it a little tender. For the queesy, I've noticed that you can skip this step if you place the garlic in place for 4 hours, till the end of the 4 hours you should feel the area become a little soggy. Take the garlic off and your top layer of skin should be wet. A ***** with the needle should peel of the top layer like banana skin. Take ALL the top layer off. Taking off this top layer would also make the mole less raised by night 2. It also removes some pigmentation .

    Personally: I disliked my mole so much that I had actually tried to take a bit off with a needle a few days before, so my mole may have already been abrased. But then again it was only a little bit (a minute portion of the mole). Anyhow, you can always try the variation first, then if that doesn't work you can always go back to abrasing it.

    2: Cut some thin strips of bandaid and place it around the perimetre of the mole so that when you place the garlic on will not irritate too much the surrounding skin. The tweezer may help here. Keep the cotton thingy bit of the bandaid to absorb any liquid that may leak from the mole. Don't worry it shouldn't be pus or disgusting ooey stuff.

    3: Slice a small piece of garlic from the clove (1-2mm thick would be enough). Do not get the part that forms the shallot (green sprout). Take the knife and lightly chop (not slicing through) the cutted bit to get some garlic juice running. Chop the cutted bit to the size of the mole, as best you can, but never let it overextend the bandaid area in step 2. Transfer the chopped piece to the middle of a strip of bandaid large enough to hold the chopped piece into place on your face. Put the chopped piece directly above the mole. Do this for 4 hrs (this coincide with the time it dries out). If needed or you could be bothered, after the 3hr mark put some pressure on the garlic bandaid to get the rest of the juice. You can let your mole rest for up to 2hrs. Apply a fresh piece for another 4 hrs.

    Personally: If you do this at night, you should have no problem going out on day 1 & 2. I did. But I also managed to go out on day 3 & 4 too. However if you are more vain ... Since the scab was not much different from my pigmented mole. If you can't do two 4 hrs interval, try a straight 8 hrs, I did that on the 1st & 2nd day, but then soon came to the conclusion that 4 hrs intervals was better, thanks to my restless night.

    4: In the morning wash your face as normal. Disinfect the area. I used a toner & just wipe it over the mole. I also used soothing cream over the area surrounding the mole but making sure not to touch the mole. That kept the skin around the mole a little happy. It didn't look irritated but it did look like it was dried and was flaking a little. But again not very noticeable. At night I washed my face and made sure to moisteurise the area surrounding the mole, but not the mole.

    5: When a good scab has formed (after the first night the mole should have hardened/callusced(?) over & if not by the second night), use the needle to lightly separate the edge of the mole from the skin (this was done b/c I was impatient & wanted to get rid of as much dark pigment as I can but I think this helps the garlic to seep underneath to lift & separate). If you overdone it, & it starts to bleed it is time to stop. Also if you can, when the mole is wet after the application of garlic, see if you can peel off a layer of wet skin with a needle.

    Personally: on the forth night, a thick layer of my mole seemed to peel off so easily, but only half way, however it was enough for me to see the less-mole-like-skin underneath. I tried to peel it all off but it didn't budge, so I applied a third session of garlic in the morning but found it would not move. More coaxing caused it to bleed slightly. So I knew that it was time for me to stop my interference as well as my garlic applications.

    Step 6: I waited. On the 5-8th day the mole looked like a piece of dried up black scab, nothing too shockingly disimilar from the old mole. Despite my protection of the skin, the small area surrounding the mole dried up also. Nothing nasty looking. Though it did look like a small third eye with a black iris or a small volcano with a black rock blocking the hole. I coaxed the mole to drop/peel by lightly lifting the edge of the scab with my fingers & nails which by night six had included the skin surrounding the mole. I figured this would be okay b/c the skin seemed to be connected to the bottom of the mole and when lifted with the mole it would make the area more even with the face. It bled a little so that was a sign for me to stop & wait for it to dry up before I did more coaxing all around the perimetre.

    After taking a shower on night 6 i've decided to give shower a break until the mole dried out and drop off b/c the steam resaturates the scab and dissolve some of the scab, so that it would have to scab up again. By night 7 & 8 the scab was becoming more susceptible to my coaxing and seemed to be lifting at least halfway. On the morning of day 9, I rubbed my itchy nose while sleepy eyed & accidentally ribbed the whole thing off causing it to bleed. I bolted awake, hoping that I hadn't caused my self to have to wait a few more days for the blood to scab and drop off again. I touched the area & noticed it was a little empty. I soaked up the blood. Looked in the mirror, noticed that my mole was missing, looked for it, found it and went to the shower. Afterwards, looking in the mirror I've noticed that it had stopped bleeding & there was a small crater where the mole is . It was finally gone.

    7: the healing. Though the scab is gone, of course the area is still a little tender & therefore still produce a shadow from the unhealed skin. I'm now waiting for it to heal. If ever it were to come back than at least it would be a smaller mole than before & at the first sign I will attack it with another round of garlic. After all the 1st one only took 8 days to drop. Also am deeply considering getting a scar cream just in case (for me a scar is better than the noticeable brown mole anyday). It would also help to soothe the area. Probably good also to get an anti-pigmentation cream (my one has expired). But I do have a chinese herbal remedy that fixes up skin wounds very quickly as well as prevent freckles.

    Anyhow, I hope this help since I've noticed in previous thread that a few people were asking for the exact procedure that a person used. If you have any question ask away but note that I do not come on the net often. Maybe I will also come back in a few more months to note the long term effects. See ya

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    Re: those nasty moles

    well, me again. I noticed that b/c it is a raised mole. After the 4 days of treatment, the mole was no longer concave but had plateued out, so that the out edges which is less affected by the garlic b/c you place the application on top returned in its pigment, giving a halo of a mole i.e. clear in the middle (its like having a circle).
    However, I figured now that the mole is a plateau, it would be easy to get rid of it altogether evenly.
    I applied another round of garlic, as above, focusing on the pigmented outer edges. Of course the middle was affected to, but that is okay. But this time I stopped after two days.
    Now the mole is completely gone and the area is level with my face. No signs of pigment. No signs of a scar, the skin just simply feel in but that is with me. Different people react differently.
    I have a horrible habit of peeling my scab, but of course only gently, coercing it through a number of days until it easily peels far I peeled two layers so that it is healing from the outside in :I
    Another note, I read somewhere that Potassium prevents your skin from getting pigmented i.e. vegetables, and as close as I can remember I think that includes carrot and purple potatoes.
    Anyhow Ciao.

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