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Heavily Damaged Peeling Lips - Its Time For a Solution!!!

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Lightbulb Heavily Damaged Peeling Lips - Its Time For a Solution!!!

Ok so where do I start... I dont have a "miracle cure" for this problem but I do have many insightful ideas and theories about the causes and ways to treat the problem. As for my story I don't even remember how I developed this problem as I have had it for so long. Most people seem to have developed this problem from picking at their lips. I never did so personally.. I think my case started with chapped lips and I just licked them continuously until this developed. Either that or from kissing my ex girlfriend who gave me some dirty strain of bacteria. I have read a few other posts on this subject but none of them have come up with a definitive "cure" for this condition tho some things seem to help while others make it worse. I will list symptoms so you can decide for yourself if you share this condition or wether you only have chapped lips. Keep in mind that these are two completely different things; almost everyone experiences chapped lips at some point while damaged lips seem to be quite rare. If you want to post about chapped lips please find another thread as this one is dedicated to damaged flaking lips. Any helpful comments are always very welcome ( saying to use chap stick is not considered helpful btw )

The symptoms consist of:

-Lips are damaged and the skin that grows to fix the damage grows in thick, turns yellow and flakes off.

-Average time it takes fresh layer of skin to fall off varies from 1day - 1week
Personally Ive gone about max one week without peeling but it eventually caught up with me

-Once the flakes fall off or are removed the fresh layer of skin looks raw

-After a couple days of fresh skin trying to grow back the skin looks dry and starts peeling, If you drink alot of liquid at this point the skin will turn white. Just eating and drinking, opening and closing your mouth while talking are enough to damage the white skin. (From the other thread someone said they found out when the skin goes white it is already dead but can still stick to the lips, after time will just flake off)

-Sometimes referred to as lip groove this applies to the upper lip in the middle ,tho most people have damage to upper and lower sections (the damaged section is considered to be raw skin, very red sometimes painful if the flakes are peeled off prematurely).

So now that all that's outta the way its time for my ideas and thoughts on the subject.. Please after reading this if you have any thoughts or helpful comment make sure to leave them even if it means signing up an account.

A lot of others who have posted in other threads were confused why all doctors and dermatologists have no knowledge on this subject. They don't know exactly what it is or how to cure it. The main thing they seem to say is put on lots of chap stick and don't pick or wipe off the flakes of skin.
From personal experience Ive tried that, doesn't work.. at all. What I believe to be the cause of this is other problems with the body.. I will explain more.

All doctors and dermatologists seem to make the mistake of addressing only the direct problem (the lips) and don't ever question what is the problem behind that! For the people who are reading this and planning on posting please include how your general health is because I feel that everyone who has this condition is very unhealthy including myself. At the moment this is not my only health problem.. tho I would like to keep the damaged lips as the main topic I feel it is vital to discuss other health problems the the individual is suffering from as well. Before you read on I would like to say I am not viewed by most as a "sick" person, I am a very athletic, intelligent person.

My health problems include:

-The obvious ( damaged lips )

-Possible diabetes and possible kidney damage (I have a very low pH level and those could be possible reasons, not to mention diabetes runs in my family).

-Definite candida overgrowth this one is a hidden killer. Causes a host of problems and if let go can cause serious damage. To test to see if you have candida yeast overgrowth as soon as you wake up in the morning, before eating or drinking ANYTHING collect spit in your mouth and spit into a glass filled with bottled water (must be bottled, pure, distilled). Check the glass every few minutes up to 25 mins. If you see gross looking strands hanging down under your spit you have candida overgrowth and should look into curing yourself.

-I used to have chronic asthma and smoked cigarettes all throughout high school which could have done bad lung damage. I still cough up phlegm even to this day (have quit both for about a year +)

-I have a bizarre and really annoying itching behind my knees. The skin behind my knees has gone from normal looking to bruised color and every couple of days the itching will drive me crazy!

-I also think my liver may be fried from binge drinking from my high school days. The reason I think my liver has gone bad is because nowadays even if I have 4-5 beers when I wake up in the morning I feel like I got hit by a train. (This is not a low tolerance issue, my body just cant seem to process the alcohol)

-**I have a very slow healing rate. When it comes to lifting weights I can go all out and be fine the next day (my muscles heal quickly) but I have scabs on my shins from like TWO YEARS AGO that is just a ridiculous healing rate, could this have something to do with the healing rate of my lips? Do you guys have the same slow healing problem?**

That's all I can think of for now but as you can see I am generally not a very healthy person even I recently started eating 100% organic food, high quality lean meats and doing serious bodybuilding workouts. So back to the subject I need people who have the same damaged lips problem to give the same type of self health-diagnosis.

That is my theory, the only reason the lips cannot heal naturally is because ours bodies are unhealthy and not functioning properly. I beleive that if I was healthy (took in a low amount of toxins, had low amounts of stress, absorbed high nutrients and faced low radiation, electromagnetic waves) that my body would be such a powerhouse that it would naturally cure itself. Please give your thoughts on my theory, if you think I'm on track or way off base.

I am currently doing a full detox and cleanse of all my major arteries (lack of money to buy products is holding me back), eating almost everything 100% organic, stopped using toothpaste with chemical ingredients.

Ok I know this is getting long, its turning into a full medical journal lol, I just want to add 1 more thing. Positive\Negative things that I have learned from other threads and my own personal experience on how to help deal with very damaged lips.


-Make sure to go with an all natural lip balm, no petroleum (used to make gasoline), no coloring agents... no ingredients that sound like this... silicone oxydiachlorohidraclyde! (Post what balm you use and if it works)
Personally I bought an all natural orange homemade organic lip balm. It works well to moisturize, but dosn't heal the lips Old posts recommended these...
Chapstick All Natural, Dr. Dans Cortibaum (contains steroids and who knows what else, caution advised!), Blistex Lip Revitalizer, Palmers Vitamin E Scar Serim, Kerite Lips and Erno Lazlo's Active Phyletil Cream. Oh yeah, no flavored stuff either it tempts you to lick yer lips.

-When you shower don't let the stream of water directly hit your lips unless you are planning on removing loose skin afterwards. Also it was said that using a lipbalm right after showing will help moisturize all day. Tho this might not be true, it was just one persons theory. By the way not all that sure that showering is all that good for your lips as the water contains chlorine and fluoride which are both ... lets just say not to good for you. Just a quick tip, if you have lung problems don't take steaming hot showers, always go with cold ones, the mist containing chlorine and fluoride gets into your lungs even I don't take hot showers even tho I love to.

-Try and get your body healthy and in an alkaline state. That way it will be functioning at peak performance this wont only help heal your lips but will also ward off sickness and disease.

-Reduce stress (avoiding checking your lips 100x a day is a part of this)

-Strengthen your immune system (it was said this is why your lips keep trying to regrow skin, your immune system tells your body that your lips are damaged) I think this could be another huge piece to the puzzle.

-The toxicity of the liver was another factor mentioned in a previous thread.

-Use an all natural toothpaste (fluoride toothpastes really dry out and irritate the lips the do alot of harm) not to mention it is debatable if fluoride is even good for teeth..

-Make sure you have no vitamin/mineral deficiencies

-Chromium is shown to be bad for lips, unfortunately its found in beer. This world is so cruel! All jokes aside its in alot more than beer, keep an eye out.

-Brush your teeth and gums lightly with all natural toothpaste when your lips get badly chapped, or at least twice a day. Flossing stretches and sometimes cracks the lips which really annoys me. Deside for yourself wether its right for you. (Squiggle toothpaste said to be good for chapped lips, doubt it tho buy it only if it has natural ingredients)

-NEVER lick your lips, it makes the problem worse.. As for picking, striping, peeling the dead or loose skin off.. that's a personal choice. From what Ive heard people who apparently have cured their condition stopped picking, peeling and licking and moisturized like 20x a day with the right stuff.

-Don't bite your nails either, the skin on your lips is delicate and anything rubbing against it could peel it off.

-Don't drink orange juice the acid is your lips worst enemy. But then again vitamin c is your lips best friend...

-Make sure you have a healthy pH level.

Another quick note, certain people seem to be able to cure their lip damage while others deal with it for years. Could it be that they just improved their health without even realizing and thats why their lips healed? Just something to think about.

Wow, I can't believe I just wrote all that in one shot. I really hope it helps and just remember that yer not alone!


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