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Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

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Old 07-24-2007, 09:28 AM   #1
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morgan1981 HB User
Unhappy Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

Hello everyone,
I am having a HUGE problem at the moment. About three weeks ago, my feet started to itch really badly. Well, it started with one toe and now it is both of my feet and has been for a while, not spreading to any other part of my body. Mostly on the tops and sides of my feet but once I start scratching the poo out of them the bottom can start to itch too. There are occasionally little bumps that go along with them but for the majority of the time, they are deep, hard bumps under the skin. They aren't usually in the same place but can move around. They can sort of look like mosquito bites but they are MUCH deeper and really hard to the touch. They have come and go but have been lingering for a while this time. It is waking me up in my sleep and it drives me nuts all throughout the day. I can't concentrate on anything else because the itching is so severe. I have tried lotions for poison ivy,insect bites and stuff like that. Then I tried Benadryl--nothing comes close to touching it. Nothing works to help ease the itch except for scratching it and that's only really temporary. I am going insane I think from this, I have never itched like this before and it is really hindering my ability to function throughout the day. Any advice or help from anyone about this? It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!

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Old 07-26-2007, 08:52 AM   #2
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CaringMom HB User
Re: Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

Really no idea, sounds like it [I]could [/I]be hives. They have a tendancy to move around the body though, but not always. I had problems years ago; hives start from within. If it is hives, it could be from a new food or you can suddenly have a reaction to something you've eaten your entire life. Have you been on any new medications? Sure it's not athletes foot? Are you taking the liquid or pill form of benadryl or using a lotion? I would take it orally for the best results at night. You may want to think about going to the doctor for this one if it continues.

Old 07-26-2007, 02:15 PM   #3
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cantell HB User
Re: Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

hello, how long does your bumps last if you dont scratch? try applying Ice to help with the itch. you said they move around mine does too.

if I dont scratch they finally give up torturing me and go away..sometimes more pops up and sometime I get a break and dont get them for a while. I found stress is my biggest trigger.

I have and get hives..mine is the dont know, cant cure kind. its called uticaria..spelling is can do a search on the boards and find some very good information on hives that might help you.

I have had them for almost 10 years now. the mosquito bite size ones, the large area of solid hive that itches but hurts very bad if you touch it much less scratch it..they can also feel like a burn, and last but not least the giant sized goose egg knot hives..these hurt when they pop up. (its more of a sting itch)

scratching is the worst thing you can do to them. and I know all about learning how to drive stright to crazyville with the itch.

if you have not changed anything in your eating habits, laundry soap, shampoo, bar soap, tooth paste, new pet in the house? Stress level??? I would go see an alergist and have the allergy test done to help you name your bumps!! and maybe find some relief.

psss...dont scratch!! good luck! ~take care~

Old 07-30-2007, 12:55 PM   #4
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morgan1981 HB User
Re: Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

Thanks all who have replied! To answer your questions, I have not recently started any new medications and I am pretty positive that it's not athletes foot. Mine do not look anything like athletes foot, I had a boyfriend in the past who got it once and it's seemed totally different than what I have. My skin is not dry or flaky like athletes foot. I have been using both the cream form and the pill form of Benadryl but the cream does not work. The Benadryl pills I take at night and they knock me out, so I assume that they are working but I am too passed out to notice.
I am not sure how long they last if I don't scratch. I honestly have never been able to not scratch. They just seem to one day go away and I will think I am in the clear and then they come back. I cannot think of any specific trigger that could be causing them. It's so bizarre. I think though that you could possibly be onto something, cantell, I have a huge problem with handling stress and all the time I find new effects that it has on my body. That could very well have something to do with it. I do find comfort that I am not alone in "my drive to crazyville" (love that by the way) with the itching. It is one of the most uncomfortable things I have even experienced by far. I cannot think of any other changes lately except for the fact that I have been staying at my boyfriend's house a lot. Maybe it's something in his house or his German Shephard. I have a dog too so I never thought it was that. Would it make a difference in regards to breed of dog?
I think I am going to see if maybe I can figure out a trigger, right now I am going through a down phase and they are gone but I am nervous that they will show up again as they have in the past. If they continue to come back, you're probably right and I should see an allergist. Do you need to be referred to see one? Thanks again SO MUCH for you all's input and you are a great big help!

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gina1965 HB User
Re: Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

hi i have just joined this board and just wanted to ask a few questions on hives,my gp told me that is what i have,i first started with very red itchy palms,they now are on my body ,i have had then on my stomach and back,i am taking antihistamines for hayfever and the gp said that they would be ok for my soon as i dont take them i get more,i dont get many just one or two,but am not sure why i have started getting them.
i have been diagnosed with degenerative changes in my knee(wear and tear arthiritis) and also am tired most of the time.
can anyone give me any answers or shed any light on why i have started with this and if the things i have also could be connected.
i would be most greatful for any help at all.
Gina x

Old 09-03-2007, 08:31 PM   #6
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kristina1961 HB User
Re: Itchy red bumps on feet..Hives?? I'm going nuts!!

Hi you guys, i also joined this message board because I have hives. They began about 3 months ago. The most commonly areas effected are feet and hands. I have been to 3 dermatoagists. All have concurred that they are idopatic and there is no one thing that they can be connected with. My best medications are zantac, zyrtec and atarax at night to help me sleep. i have tried taking them at different times and coming up with my own plan of correction. The best solution for the itching when the hives are really broken out is AVEENO oatmeal baths. The baths really really help. My next docotor's visit is next week maybe he will have a new strategy for me.

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