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Heather13 10-25-2007 03:19 PM

I've had excessive sweating under my armpits since I was 20 years old. (now 26) It has been embarassing enough that I've recently started looking for solutions. I've done a lot of research on the net, and discovered using Drysol (which has a high % of aluminum) does the same thing regular antiperspirant does, but is much more effective.

I've been using it on and off for the past couple months. It works great (although I don't like the idea of having this aluminum residue under my skin, not sure if there's much research to know the risks, ie. cancer?) but I've found something troubling... it seems when I put it on at night I don't sleep very well. This even tends to happen a night or two after the initial application, when the product would still have strong potency.
I either have a hard time getting to sleep, or if I'm woken up, can't fall back asleep. This is because I have a "restless" feeling, mostly in my upper back, or arms, occassionaly legs. I have to keep moving, or the strange creepy feeling returns. It's like when you're sitting too long, and you feel like you have to stretch, and doing so only temporarily relieves the feeling. :mad:

I really suspect this is the Drysol doing it, since it only seems to happen on or shortly following the night I apply it. Sometimes the product might be slightly irritating, and makes my armpits itchy, and feels dry, but for the most part it's the restlessness that keeps me awake. I can only wonder what else it's doing to my body, high aluminum levels are found in Alzheimer's sufferers.

Other non-surgical options to treat excessive sweating are expensive and only temporary. Surgery is something I might definitely consider if Drysol is causing me problems. :(

If anybody has any information on Drysol, or any similar experiences, please write! Thank you.

P.S. I've had blood tests done, etc... and I don't have any underlying health problems to blame for my excessive sweating.

Heather13 10-26-2007 10:22 AM

Re: Drysol=Restlessness?
Thanks for replying to my post.
So you've had restlessness with Drysol use too?

My underarm skin with the use of Drysol hasn't been terribly dry. It's a [I]bit dry[/I], but not a big deal, regular lotion works to soothe. I haven't had any rash from Drysol, yet.

I found the product, "Deodorant Stones of America, Thai Crystal Roll-On Deodorant." Is this what you're using instead of Drysol now?
Are you recommending using this instead of Drysol because in your experience it hasn't caused night restlessness like Drysol?

I'm a bit skeptical because the product says [U]deodorant[/U], not antiperspirant. So do you think it works as well as Drysol (or well enough) to stop excessive sweating? Usually deodorant's are just to mask body odour, and I've never had a problem with that.

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