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trg247 11-13-2007 12:19 PM

What the heck is that?

This is going to be a neat trick to describe. In the center of my back there is this flap of skin, pimple size I guess, that is growing outwards, its the same color as the rest of my skin and not inflamed I just don't know what the heck it is or to do about it. My exwife had one in the center of her forehead that I guess the doctor removed..... I never asked what it was or how it came off.

take care

AnnD 11-13-2007 12:55 PM

Re: What the heck is that?
I believe what you are describing is a skin tag and if it is an irritation to you the doctor can remove it with either just a tie off, scissor it off or laser it off. Some people just do it at home with a quick nip of the scissors ...however, it will bleed so need to put pressure on it for a while. Some people get lots of skin tags but in places that arm pits or right where the belt hits or is plain they go have them removed. They just like show up seemingly overnight sometimes, they are not harmful just ugly.

trg247 11-13-2007 01:04 PM

Re: What the heck is that?
Thank you for the quick reply and getting rid of my concerns.

take care

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