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stinger7491 12-24-2007 02:55 PM

2 skin problems
1) i get strange itches everynight in my bed mostly around.. well directly on for lack of a better word balls but also side,chest as well. my idea would be dry skin but i need advice cuz i cant sleep anymore

2) when i take a hot shower i soemtimes not always get small red dots usually on my chest sometimes on my arm. they usually clear up after a day or 2. but i have a rather large one on my neck and its been maybe 3 days now. would applying an icepack speed up the process? what are they as in causes, medical term. and i kinda have to go to a christmas party tonite and im self concious about it.

if any 1 could help i would appreciate it

oh by the way im 16. dont know if that helps.

CaringMom 12-27-2007 02:55 PM

Re: 2 skin problems
Well, I'm late in replying in time for your party; hope it went well.
All I can think of is dry skin. My husband has the same problem. You need to moisturize well after every shower, year round. I started doing this years ago and haven't had problems since.
Also have DH use Gold Bond Medicated powder for the "sensitive areas". He used to use vaseline until I convinced him the medicated powder works better. Been using it ever since!
I use Dollar General's powder in the gold container. Same thing only less!
Worth a shot.
I think the red spots are from the hot water, maybe like a heat rash? Limit the length of your showers and use warm water instead of hot which is way more drying. Even if you can limit your showers per week during cold dry weather. Sponge bathe every other night instead.
Good luck.

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