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muereson 01-09-2008 02:45 PM

Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast

i FEEL YOUR PAIN!! lol. I'm a male that has been experiencing a crazy killer itch for years now. Funny thing is that my brother has they exact same thing. So you can rule out stds:) A little background, my dad had some "yeast" culture on his back that almost broke out in the summer so I figure the yeast/baterica angle is most likely in my case. Anyway, it started like this; it's fine and then all of a sudden it's like a little crab down there "bites" or pinches me and then a full out itch fest begins. It's gotten worst and worst. I've tried using amazing will power and not touching it for days and taking cold showers, but nothing would help. Basically thought i was screwed for life until I joined this board. I'm going to try the Candida treatment first and then move on to the Vagasol if that doesn't work. Oh and by the way...this isn't JOCK ITCH. Whoever posted that is hilarous:( If it was that easy none of us would be here...DUH.

Pillbox 01-13-2008 04:40 PM

Re: Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast
Got the same problem and it has been with me for about 3 weeks. Started out on the foreskin and I put some cream on it and it went away. I thought everything was good now it's back fullblown on my foreskin, it's so red and itching and burning. As of now my rectum itches bad and it's spread to diffrent parts of my body. I have no idea of how to get rid of it or what to put on it now. I am taking an antibiotic but I don't know what that would do for yeast?????? I think it has even traveled up the uretha into the bladder because it is burning too. It comes and goes :( Any body got an idea?

FRAN50 01-13-2008 04:41 PM

Re: Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast
[QUOTE=CouldUseSomeHelp;911408]update: still no cure found, have used the following: ketoconzole 1.5 mths, clortrimazole 1.5 months, noticeable improvement (barely noticing itch), however three days after cessation of use of drugs, noticeable return of itch. nystatin is similarly effective. drying powder non-medicated, effective for long-term treatment of symptoms, not a cure though. have searched for floraquin, has a 65% iodine base, will try iodine, and see if any skin/allergy problems associated, have used ozonated olive oil (ozone being a strong anti microbial agent) no success: skin dries, severe burning sensation, skin thins, candida is opportunistic, taking advantage of thinner epidermal layers, have used tea-tree oil diluted to 12% in a gel-like mineral oil (johnson and johnson), not effective: causes too much moisture, and little effect against pathogen. inner thighs became very inflamed, and no cessation of symptoms, will be searching for other treatments.

Please, those of you who have similar problem, post your replies, and attempted treatments, all contributions are helpful.[/QUOTE]
Dear couldusesomehelp! I have suffered for this past year with a little bit of everything,but the main problem was a yeast one.I had lenhens planus in the vagina area.Very red and raw.I went to many doctors with all types of creams,pills,lotions,etc.I couldn't keep the area dry for it to heal.Finally I thought of Balmex.What you use for babies.This white cream helped me to heal and you can put it on everytime you go to the bathroom.This should help any rawness. Fran

FRAN50 01-13-2008 04:50 PM

Re: Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast
Please try Balmex for any red or raw areas.This gives that area a time to heal.You can put it on everywhere down there.Fran

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