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Jim87 01-24-2008 11:35 AM

V. Bad Dry Skin/Scaling on Right Hand

I have very bad dry skin and/or scaling on my right hand at the base of my index finger on the top of my hand.

I've been to the doctors many times, they advise me to use dry skin remover (pumice stone) and to keep the area moisturized well at all times, which I do. I've tried prescription lotions and even glycerin. The area regularly splits open which is quite painful and bleeds sometimes.

Last I went to my doctor, he said the only permanent solution was to cut the thing off, because the skin is dead quite deep so won't repair.

Just wondered what you guys thought of the surgical (remove) option, and if there are any lotions you could suggest in the mean time which may help. I am in the UK.

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