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jinximoose 02-07-2008 09:55 AM

HELP!!! Red, swollen, painful eyelids
Hi all! I hope someone can help me with this!

For the last 3 weeks or so, I've been having some problems with my eyelids. It first began with extremely flaky and sore patches over both eyes. They were also a bit swollen. I've had this problem before, years ago- although just the swelling, not the flakiness. I believed it was due to expired makeup. Thinking this was the same problem as before, I tossed all my eyeshadow and bought new ones. However, the problem still persisted. I also changed my facial soap (I have sensitive skin anyway and thought maybe that would help) I scheduled an appt. with the dermatologist also, however after a few days it seemed to be okay. The flakiness stopped (I repeated applied lotions during the day and polysporian at night) and they were no longer painful. I called an cancelled the appointment (probably a mistake!).

HOWEVER, this morning I woke up and my right eye was almost swollen shut! This does remind me of what I experienced before, just the redness and swelling. My vision is fine, the lid is just bright red and swollen. I made another appointment with the derm, but can't get in until next week. I'm not sure what to do in the meantime. I'm not wearing any makeup and trying to keep my face clean at all times. I've been reading on these boards and other internet sites and they talk about baby shampoo and how that can sometimes clear it right up. I've also read about a condition called Blepharitis, which I don't believe I have. I only say that because I don't have any of the crustiness it mentions and the problem isn't around the lash line... however I am certainly no doctor, so who knows!

The only thing I can think of that could be causing this is the mascara. When I tossed the old makeup, I only tossed the eyeshadow. The flakiness was only around the area I apply eyeshadow and thought that was the only culprit. But after reading on here, I find that a lot of people are having problems with expired mascara. (I also have ceased using shadow lately, but HAVE been using the same mascara each day!) I cleaning my brushes with hot, soapy water thinking that would help, as well.

Sorry for the lengthy post, just hoping someone can help me out. I'd greatly appreciate it. This is my first post on here, and everyone seems to really band together and help each other out. I like that!

Any help or ideas with this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all!

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