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discharge51 06-21-2008 01:11 PM

oily but flaky skin at the same time, possibly due to overdrying the skin
after years of harsh products like vitamin A, glycolic acid and the works..
I'm starting to think i have oily skin of mainly the overcompensated variety..
my nose is inflamed and oily with large pores and is rough to the touch and is tends to have flaky skin underneath.

I read that there are people that have truly oily skin..and have oily skin all the time...but i also read there are people who think they have oily skin but are only oily because they zap there faces with harsh cleansers and products and wiping away the skin;s natural oils..causing the areas (e.g. face) to overcompensate by producing oil to compensate for lost oil and moisture..if so what can one such as myself do to rememdy the situation?

I don't use any moisturizer because derms always tell me not to use one because my face is "oily" anyway...but like i mentioned above..i think the oilyness is not of the true variety but instead represents oil overcompensation due to result of damaged/over dried skin skin.
are there any good moisturizers out there that are not oily and would work well with a condition such as the one i described?

I hate the skin categories of dry, oily, normal and combo skin since it doesn't take into account my skin condition of oily but flaky skin since most products are aimed at controlling one or the other without dealing with both..
I was thinmking of trying paulas choice products because the site actually has a skin category called oily and flaky skin..has onyone tried these?
Again i'm thinking of moisturizing my skin finally..any reccomendations for good water based moisturizers that work?

thanks for listening!

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