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cbssm6 10-27-2009 12:16 AM

Milia all over face HELP!!
I have been suffering from milia for 4 years now and I am not really sure what to do about them anymore. I have about 200 of them all over (around my eyes, cheeks, chin, forehead, ear lobes, neck, and upper chest). I have tried tazorac, Sulfameth trimethoprim, and various facial cleansers and nothing has worked. They vary in size from tiny, large, and deep underneath the skin. I use a normal facial scrub. I have very sensitive skin and it tends to get oily throughout the day. I used to have major issues with acne in high school but after taking accutane the acne went away but not the milia. I have tried to pierce the milia with a needle and it occasionally worked but usually the milia became inflamed and infected. I have read about the various treatments such as aspirin mask, peels, Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion, RetinA, and naturalis milia treatment, but have never tried them because I am not sure if they will work on as many milia as I have. I HATEEEE having these white bumps all over my face and i've seen many derms and they won't go away!! Can anyone give me any type of advice? Anything will help and is greatly appreciated! Thanks

cbssm6 10-28-2009 12:04 AM

Re: Milia all over face HELP!!
I'm sorry it is not milia it is sebaceous cysts with a few milia under my eyes

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