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karicontreras 11-04-2009 07:53 AM

Severe facial flushing...
I'm not sure if I'm putting this on the right board... I sure hope I am.

It seems like for several years now I have been suffering from facial flushing. It started in my early 20's and didn't happen often, but when it did my husband and I could never figure out why it happened. (I was never anxious or anything). I am now in my late 20's and I've never discussed it with my doctor.

The only thing that I know for a fact brings the flushing on is drinking alcohol. Just a few sips of alcohol makes the flushing appear quickly and it appears around the lower half of my face, neck and upper chest area. (This is when it's at its worst). Because of this I rarely drink alcohol.

However I have to mention that the flushing happens even when I haven't had any alcohol, it just seems more contained to my face and neck area.

Lately the flushing seems to feel worse than ever. Yesterday I had a bad episode that lasted hours and my face FELT very swollen, even though looking at me there was no noticeable swelling what-so-ever.

This morning I was fine but about three hours after waking up, it appeared again and it won't seem to go away.

It's making me feel (not to mention, look) miserable. Any ideas of what this could be?

I'm calling today to schedule an appointment with the doctor - but was just curious as to what others thought.

Any replies are greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much in advanced!
- Kari

thisworld 11-09-2009 05:00 PM

Re: Severe facial flushing...
aare you by any chance taken Niacin supllemeants. probabley not but just asking.

karicontreras 11-10-2009 09:28 AM

Re: Severe facial flushing...
Thank you so much for the reply.

However I am not taking Niacin supplements. I did schedule an appointment with the doctor and will see her tomorrow. Hopefully they can figure out what's going on. The flushing is such an uncomfortable feeling and I've been having episodes daily now.

NotAnotheDiet 11-15-2009 05:57 PM

Re: Severe facial flushing...
The same thing happens to two people I know who are diabetic and on medication for it. I'm not sure if that will mean anything to you. :)

thisworld 11-16-2009 04:20 AM

Re: Severe facial flushing...
checking on what doctor said.

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