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staph infection and other underlying health problems

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Old 03-06-2010, 10:35 AM   #1
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cakecracker HB User
staph infection and other underlying health problems


im a 26 yr old female and now its march of 2010 and ive had the same staph infection for 9 months straight since early summer 09. its not fair and i dont know what to do

it dosnt go away no matter what. it starts out with a Severe widespread red rash all over my arms, legs , torso , face and then theres dozens of blisters that show up. i get 30 to 40 blisters that have yellow pus and blood leaked from them. my skin is in extruciating pain. i get the chills but never had any fever along with this.

my face had a big red rash all over and my face swelled up with the rash and my eyes were swollen, there was change of color around each eye along with being swollen, like swollen rings around the eye. i couldnt turn my neck because the rash often spreads to my neck and the skin is stiff so i cant move my neck.

its awful, i feel knocked out and week for almost 10 months straight. im lethargic from this. i tried taking multivitamins with iron every day and vitamic c and that dosnt help.

i cant get a job because of this. im stuck indoors for almost a year because of this with extreme skin pain, the chills, not able to move my neck because the skin on the neck gets stiff when theres a rash there.
i have no life because of this, im stuck living with my parents and being indoors at their house all day. my parents and i dont talk, i just get free rent at their home but they dont care about my medical conditions

on many days i can barely get from my bedroom to the kitchen or down the stairs because i am weak. i dont know what to do.

i have tried everything since last summer. the only thing that has helped at all was showering 5-6 times a day and that has only helped relieve the skin pain and has only helped thee problem 5%.

ive been to 4 dermatologists and they all misdiagnosed me. they told me it was a simple fungal infection and they gave me an antifungal cream to put on. that obviousely didnt work for the 3 months i tried that. all of the dermatologists said the same thing and prescribed the same antifungal cream

didnt work and the rash got worse

i was also having trouble breathing along with the rash and some slurred speach and trouble conentrating, which has never happened to me before this rash. i dont know what it is, maybe from the weakness or maybe the infection got to my brain or lungs. i dont know

i went to the emergency room too and i was seen at the fast track by a physicians assistant and not a doctor and she prscribed me some weird pill that treats 15 different medical condtiions including cancer. thank goodness i read the drug facts before taking it because basically it was a lymphoma cancer drug., and i dont have cancer. i have a skin problem

idiot p.a. gave me a risky drug prescription. the side effects of that drug are also the same side effects of chemo. not taking that. i didnt even get the prescription filled

so i was hopeless and didnt know what to do, i went to another general doctor and they told me it was "allergies" and wanted to take like 10 blood tests for what food im allergic too. again i have never had allergies to any food. and the infection started with a cut on my foot , when i put my foot down on items contaminated by a relative who had a staph infection. it went to my foot and then became widespread.

if the problem started by having an open skin wound exposed directly to someone who has the staph infection. then the answer is obvious

but i didnt jump to any conclusions since im not a doctor or infectious disease doctor

so finally i went to another general doctor and they took a look at the boils and they said theyve seen this before many times and that it is infact a staph infection. she said i got it from the relative who has the staph infection, from the household

that makes sense

so she prescribed me amoxicillian, which i have no problem with. i take that one all the time for other infections or strep, etc. so im ok with taking that one

but she prescribed a very high dose and i started to get chest pains when taking it. so i got worried and stopped taking it after 3 days, i was supposed to take it for a week atleast

so i dont know what to do now. also since then i found out that doctor dosnt take my insurance anymore so i cant go back to them

does amoxicillan work for staph infections? mine is very widespread i have blisters with yellow fluid everywhere but they are very small blisters and not large deep rotted blisters that you see on ******* when you search "staph". they show videos of a person with a single large staph blister on the leg that is 5 inches decayed into the skin below the skin. mine is not as severe as that. mine are small bug bite size blisters but widespread and i have about 40 of them and i was not bitten by any bug. there is also a rash accompanied with the blisters

what other antibiotics or drugs treat staph infections besides amoxicillan?
give me some names of antibiotics they might prescribe. i dont want to take any new or too strong antibiotics if a weaker one will work because if you take the stronger antibiotics sometimes you build up a resistance to the other antibiotics and i have bad luck medically, at my age ive been through atleast 30 medical problems and freak medical accidents that dont happen to people who are 2 times my age. so i have to be careful that if i need antibiotics in the future that the old ones will work

the last thing i need is to build up resistance to antibiotics

what are the names of the antibiotics that do treat staph? list a bunch of them

i need one with the least amount of side effects. because alot of them have bad side effects listed.

i cant trust doctors anymore, ive been misdiagonsed too many times, not listened to and they have prescibed me the wrong medicine too many times.

my staph infection is not the worst of the worst, it dosnt really look that bad since the blisters are small. its just very annoying and painful and crippling. so i dont think i need the strongest antibiotics there are like cipro for example.
but i need the least strong antibiotics with the least side effects that will take care of this

list antibiotics that treat staph infection

how long should i be sick for?its been almost a year when will this go away?

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cakecracker HB User
Re: staph infection and other underlying health problems

also my skin is leaking large amount of oil from all pores

and my scalp is leaking severe amounts of oil onto my hair every day. even 30- minutes after i have showered, my scalp and hair is oily and greasy

Old 03-06-2010, 11:10 AM   #3
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cakecracker HB User
Re: staph infection and other underlying health problems

the large amount of oil leaking from all of my skin and scalp is not normal. this only started after the infection started

Old 03-16-2010, 01:08 PM   #4
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georgette08 HB User
Exclamation Re: staph infection and other underlying health problems

Hey! Sorry to hear about your condition, but I am so glad to have found your thread. I have been going through the same symptoms as you for like 8 months and have been to many doctors as well! This is driving me crazy!!! Doctors have acted like this is either no big deal or look at me like I am crazy and making this up. I have searched the internet, many days - hours at a time, trying to find information about this mystery condition and have not had much luck!I am going to see a new dr. on thursday and will write you to inform you of what they said! I hope I can find out some useful information to help us! Has anyone replied/emailed you about this thread? If you could write me back, that would be awesome! Any informaion would be great! Also, does all of your food taste like oil or taste different than it should and does your eyes get lots of oil in them? I wear contacts and am having to change them out every few days because they get so much build up on them. They have really been irritating my eyes! Thank you and good luck!

Taske care!


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harka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB Userharka HB User
Re: staph infection and other underlying health problems

Hi cakecracker,

Your condition doesn't actually sound like an infection at all (unless you have a severe underlying immune deficiency called Chronic granulomatous disease which is something that presents in childhood).

I think you are assuming you have a Staph infection because of the blisters and pus that are appearing on your skin, when in fact, while pus often suggests infection, it doesn't always. All pus tells you for sure is that there is inflammation, while it's USUALLY due to infection, it's not always. I wonder if you have a primary skin problem like Pyoderma gangrenosum or a blistering disease like pemphigus/pemphigoid.

Please try to answer all my questions to the best of your ability:

1. Was the drug they gave you (the one you didn't take) called prednisone?

2. Did any of the dermatologists do a skin biopsy of one of the lesions?

3. Do you have any underlying health problems like lupus, inflammatory bowel disease or things like that?

4. Have you been seen by an infectious disease physician?

5. The dermatologists who saw you, were they cosmetic dermatologists, or real, practicing dermies?

6. Do you get other symptoms like morning stiffness in your joints, red painful eyes, rashes on the soles of your feet or plams of the hands?

Thanks for trying to answer those questions. I want also caution you is that I think your impression of what you THINK your illness is, is getting in the way of you being treated. Again, I reiterate that your condition is likely not a primary infection (though the blisters may become SECONDARILY infected when they break) and is more likely a non-infectious skin disorder.

I also want to caution you about reading about side-effects of medications. If you did that for every drug you were prescribed, you wouldn't take ANYTHING. The drug(s) that will help your condition are sometimes used in cancer, yes, but that doesn't mean that you have cancer. Drugs have a wide range of chemical effects, and while some of them can be used to treat cancer, they can often have other effects as well. When you mention treatment for lymphoma, I start to think they must've tried to give you prednisone. Yes, it can be used in lymphoma, but it is a VERY effective anti-inflammatory which is used to treat conditions such as yours. Yes, there are a lot of side-effects, but the doctors will follow you closely. You unfortunately don't have much choice here given how long this has been going on for.

So again, I'm so sorry you have been going through this, and I know you want to get better or at least improve so you're not suffering. I encourage you to help your doctors help you. Remember that they went to school for years and years to not only deal with the common things that you know about (i.e. Staph infections) but other mimickers of infection which you have likely never heard about, but your doctors are apt at treating.

I hope I didn't come across as offensive--I am just trying to offer help.

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