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dave301 04-21-2011 03:34 AM

Red Circles Help please!
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Hello, about 3 years ago I developed and was diagnosed with Sebrrohic Dermatitis. Not sure if that is in any way related to my current problem, but wanted to give some background. About a week ago, I noticed 3 circles about the size of a penny, red, firm/hard and have white scaly skin in the middle. Today I noticed one on my right leg a little bit below my knee. And now there is on on the head of my penis, right at the outer edge of the head. They are all firm/hard when I touch them. They all are circular, the ones on my chest about the size of a penny, the one on my leg about half the size of a penny, and the one on the head of penis even smaller. The red spot on my penis actually goes onto the shaft a little bit and the skin is colored red.

I'm going to include pictures of the one on my leg and chest.

I also included an outbreak I have on my cheek of red. None of it itches or is painful in any way. I ALSO have lumps on the inside of my cheek and under my tounge not sure if that is related or what that is.

Thanks everyone for any help!

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