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oasismom 07-20-2011 04:16 AM

A couple of weeks ago my kids pointed out a baby bird which had fallen from its nest. I picked it up, and while I was waiting for them to bring me a box to put it in I noticed tiny mites crawling on my hand. I washed my hands thoroughly within a couple of minutes of handling the bird. A few days later my hand started to get very sore and developed tiny pimple looking lesions in the meaty part of my thumb. After 2 weeks of pain and swelling, I squeezed something out of the tiny whiteheads. I was on vacation, and not near a microscope to identify what it was (larva? eggs?). Within 24 hours, the hand was much improved but still feels like there is something that may have become encysted a little deeper in the thumb. Any thoughts??

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