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shannon gar 07-25-2011 01:58 PM

pilonidal cyst
i think i had a pilondal cyst i was in a ton of pain and it was as big as my index finger anyway last night it burst and there was alot of blood and pus and thia god awful smell is that normal and im still bleeding i really dont know what to do i dont have med ins and im hoping not to have to go to the er anyone with advice HELP!:confused:

ohmahgawsh 07-28-2011 02:50 PM

Re: pilonidal cyst
You should be ok. If it continues for another 2-3 days I would call a doctor for antibiotics because any opening in the skin can cause infection. I have a family member who suffers with this issue. Nothing better for it than a long soak in a hot tub of epsom salts.

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