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saralie 09-23-2011 06:02 PM

Staph infection??
My husband had blood drawn from his arm about two weeks ago to have his thyroid levels checked. Everything was normal, no problems. A couple of days ago, he noticed in the spot where they drew the blood from, he has a sore, about the size of an eraser head. It doesn't really have a raised head but the middle of it is whitish, and its red around it. Also, he had a bandaid on it yesterday and where it was, its just all red around it, like his skin is almost raw where bandaid was--which is not normal.

I googled Staph infection and the picture I found sure looks like what he has. He's going to probably go to ER tomorrow---

I just wanted input to see if we're on the right path...

It's freaking me out, too, because its right where they drew the blood...:eek:

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