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Serenityisbliss 07-30-2012 06:51 AM

Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
So about 2 months ago my lip started to heat up, turned red and started to swell, a small white bump appeared it was just slightly to the right near the center of my lip but it was down on the skin not actually on my lip. Within about 20 minutes it had stopped and it was just a flesh colored liquid filled bump. it was very thin and popped within the hour. It burned for about 2-5 minutes. Then it all stopped. . I went to the doctor and he did a swab test for bacteria and another for viruses. was left as a little red spot and was gone within a couple days. All the Tests came back NORMAL!
The doctor gave me a referal to see a dermatologist. Since I had a baby only a couple of weeks before I didn't actually call to make the appointment because by the time I got the referal in the mail with the dermatologists number the bump was gone.

I did not get sick before or after this happened.
I didn't have swollen lymphnodes
I had no signs or symptoms of something like cold sores..

Just lastnight it all started again. It was in a slightly different spot than before. This time it was dead center like where some people get their lip pierced. It popped on it's own within a couple hours and now this morning it's just a little red spot. Just like before..

I don't know what this is...
I have 2 daughters, 22 months and almost 3 months.
I am afraid to kiss them out of fear of something like cold sores even though the doctor has told me that they are NOT cold sores or an std.

Has anyone ever had something like this before?
If so what did it turn out to be?
I want to be able to freely (without worry) kiss my 3 month olds little toes :(
(i know toes can't get things like that, but it's the point I'm trying to make)
The doctor was completely clueless on what it might be. Only because none of his guesses had a possitive test result.

It might be something as simple as a little hair folicle or a sweat rash (although I don't sweat that much) Myy skin has been kind of oily lately but that's mainly on my forehead and cheeks
Yes I had a baby just less than 3 months ago, so it could have something to do with hormones.. but I have never heard of this before, during or after pregnancy.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
I really don't want to sit and wonder what it is and I know it will be gone before I can get in to see the dermatologist.
I guess I'm just looking for some hope on what it might be.. it's better to have ideas of things that it could be rather than a doctor saying "I don't have a clue what it is"

ladybud 07-30-2012 09:42 AM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless.. Could use some thoughts
It is uncommon for vesicles (blisters) to appear and disappear so suddenly, so here's a suggestion- next time it happens, take a picture of each stage of its course that you can take to the dernmatologist. After you meet the derm and decide if you want to continue with that Dr., ask if you can get in immediately next episode so he/she can see it when it happens, before the blister bursts. There are a few derm conditions that cause bullous rashes, and this sounds like possibly a very mild one, but someone who knows derm has to see it when it is happening. In the meantime the pictures will help and so will getting established with the Dr.

Serenityisbliss 07-30-2012 11:29 AM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless.. Could use some thoughts
I had been reading up on all kinds of rashes lol.. it's just soo confusing when you go to a doctor and they say "hmm, well obviously it's some kind of dermatitus" You explain the course it took then he says "well I'm going to swab this for bacteria to make sure it's not staph or strep" (both common bacterial infections) then after that swab says "Just to make sure it's not viral I'm gonna do that swab too" I said "what do you mean Viral?" he said "oh something like Herpes." and literally left it at that! I have never been with anyone who had a cold sore or herpes! (Yes I know they are the same thing but "down there" you wouldn't call it a cold sore lol)... so ***! The bacterial culture came back within a couple days and was negative. I asked him about the viral and he said "well it should have been back by now... but it's not" which got me even more worried. I kept calling everyday for a week and a half. each time it was still not back yet! I waited until the start of the next week (2 weeks since it had been done) and the doctor said "Well I just found out that the test takes 3 weeks." So after being a complete wreck for 2 weeks, not kissing my 2 daughters for 3 weeks, the stupid blister/*** bump was way past gone, I STILL had to wait 1 more week! You would think that the doctor would know how long it takes for a test to come back...

Anyways... about the pictures, I don't have a camera that is good enough to do that.. I tried getting pics of the redness and swelling and the "white" apearance of the bump. but all it did was come out really blurry and you couldn't see details like umm the bump (yes it was my phone that i took it with, it's got a 5 megapixel camera [which should be good enough], had good lighting, and had it set on macro so i could focus in really close and it still didn't work)

My husband is Military, We have 1 car, His officers don't let him leave work for last minute things. So I seriously doubt that I will be able to predict when this thing is gonna happen again and drop him off at work so I can have the car lol.

As far as getting established with the Dermatologist.. The way military doctors of all kinds work is.....
You call in at 6am (the second that their appointment lines open)

Fight with the busy signal (if you don't call in as soon as they open you don't get an appointment cause everyone else already took them)

When you get an appointment you see what ever doctor they have in that day... (the doctor you might hope to get an appointment with might only be in 1-2 times a month!)

You almost never see the same doctor twice... ever.

My husband had an issue with his knee and went to his primary about it (his primary just means the department I think it's labeled as "Blue")<-- nice huh.. yea they have yellow, red, green and white. they are all for primary doctors too!
The first time they told him nothing was wrong and gave him some ibuprophen
Second time (different doctor) told him that he had arthritis (solution= Ibuprophen)
Third (different doctor again) told him that he was imagining it because he over worked it from doing PT <-- military term for physical training (claimed Ibuprophen would "CURE" it)
Fourth time (yet again a different doctor) The doctor held his knee cap lightly and had him bend his knee "well there is grinding, that may mean that it's off track, I'm gonna get an xray for you"
**Yea that's right 4 doctors and about 5 months time and finally someone decided to do something

Xray (nothing showed up)
5th doctor got him a MRI (nothing showed on that ether)
6th doctor finally got him some sort of full body scan that you get injected with radiation for
Results for that scan
Arthritis both wrists
Knees were "off track" by like 1mm
looked like future problems with his shoulder would come up
and his elbow too

all in all 1 year and 6 doctors multiple tests and hadn't even gotten treated yet
after the full body scan he had to go into the office to see a doctor to get the results
so 7th doctor got him a referal for a musculoskeletal doctor
That doctor took one look at the problem knee and felt the way it moved and said "wow... You need surgery. if you hadn't been soo persisitant you would be looking at a knee replacement in about 3 years!" he continued "Now this surgery will put your knee cap back on track and prevent further damage but this will only delay a knee replacement, you will need one down the road but it will be way down the road when you are older"

^^^^ that right there is what I don't like about military, they put you off, you don't get the same doctor and it takes forever to get anything done. The military member might get free health care and dental but the family members do not. But they get the same setup treatment and care... (***)
So now that you understand the situation a little more.. you can see my dilemma.
It's gonna be hard for me to get there as soon as it starts happening, due to more than 1 factor
1 car
random doctors
6am rush to get an appointment... what happens if it doesn't start popping up until 9am?
and to top it all off you have to fight with them to take you seriously when it comes to you knowing there is a problem.
It's all soo discouraging that I almost don't want to bother, but I know I have to so I can put my mind at ease.

PhillyGuy 08-01-2012 05:58 PM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
A painful white pimple in the nose or mouth area is often the first sign of Staph, including MRSA. Get another test, they can come back negative if you don't get enough material. Strong antibiotics can kill it if it's caught early. But of course it might also be something else, just tossing that out there just in case

aliceleighton 08-01-2012 11:08 PM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
It may or may not be a cold sore. I'm stumped as well. I read that it may be caused by your oil and/or sweat glands. Also, it may be something to do with what you were eating. Some got it by sipping hot soup, eating salty or acidic food. It can also be stress related. You should see a dermatologist as soon as possible. You'll never know what you got until you have it checked.

ladybud 08-02-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
There is a big difference in a lesion filled with clear fluid, like a blister, versus one filled with pus, like a whitehead or pimple. That distinction must be made, as pus indicates an infection. Itching can be important too, as that can indicate some type of allergic or inflammatory response. I hope you get an answer soon, and please share with us what that is, as we are all learning from each other on this board.

Serenityisbliss 08-07-2012 08:35 AM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
Well it only took it about 2 days to go away but then it felt almost like a sunburn.. or the way your nose feels when you have blown it too much.. but it was under my nose and my chin just under my lip where the little blister had popped up as well as the bridge of my nose! it was flat and red and peeled which sounds like eczema. Which would make sense sort of...

With my first child who will be 2 years in sept! (time really does move too fast) around 1 month after she was born my hands got really itchy and were soo dry that my knuckles would crack. I had tried all kinds of lotions and stuff but they would sting soo bad I wouldn't use them. tried different soaps and other remedies. never thought it could have been eczema on my hands though. since she was born in sept she turned 3 months right around christmas which meant I had the problem with my hands literally all through winter... it sucked but it eventually went away.

Right before our first Daughters birthday we found out I was pregnant again.. once the weather got cold my hands went nuts again! almost the whole pregnancy my hands were like that. She was born in may and my hands had been normal again for about 2 or 3 months. then around 1 month my face did the "eczema" thing... and did it again about 2 months after that.

I never thought to "connect" the 2 issues. but it might have something to do with hormones. I had never had the hand issue until after my first daughter and then had it again with my second pregnancy now that I had my second daughter I had the face thing.. dunno what it could be other than possible eczema though

Serenityisbliss 08-07-2012 02:39 PM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
[QUOTE=ladybud;5032525]There is a big difference in a lesion filled with clear fluid, like a blister, versus one filled with pus, like a whitehead or pimple. That distinction must be made, as pus indicates an infection. Itching can be important too, as that can indicate some type of allergic or inflammatory response. I hope you get an answer soon, and please share with us what that is, as we are all learning from each other on this board.[/QUOTE]

well the doctor ruled out infection.. viral and bacteria... a coldsore (as alice said) is viral.. so that was ruled out.. not to mention that it was nothing like a coldsore (cold sores typically form when you have had a cold.. and they are "thick walled" meaning the skin around and over them is thick, they are very painful too, they also take around 14 days to go away) none of that was what i experienced.
Mine was thin walled like when you blow a bubble.. it was teeny tiny. it looked clear though. but it itched and only stung a tiny bit.
my skin has been very oily since i had our second child.
where the thing was ended up being itchy, kinda felt like a sunburn and peeling like "eczema" the "eczema" stuff without the little blister happened where the blister was as well as under my nose and on the bridge of my nose along with the sides of my nose and roughness on my cheeks.
from what i've read eczema can have little pimples or blisters like what i had, it can also be triggered by hormones and i just had a baby... my skin is out of whack so it would make sense. not to mention that after my first child my hands got super dry to the point where my knuckles would crack.. that happened when i was pregnant with our second child too since i was pregnant during winter. if that was a form of eczema then that might be what i'm getting on my face. although i never had any of this before i had kids

ladybud 08-07-2012 02:40 PM

Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts
Eczema seems a reasonable explanation. If you get it once, you will usually get it again. Winter months are worse typically, but a related rash, called dyshidrotic eczema can occur in summer with tiny blisters under the skin. They are caused by clogged sweat glands, which could happen on your face. It is safe to use hydrocortisone cream on face (OTC) and that would be super easy to try. I'll bet it will go away as weather cools, but then may appear on hands like in past.

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