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  • Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

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    Old 10-26-2012, 07:52 PM   #1
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    Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    Hello all. This is my first post on this site so bare with me. Since I was young I've always had dry scap/dandruff on my head during the fall/winter months then it usually would clear up. In the past i've been able to manage with an OTC shampoo. In the last few years its has manifested in my beard as well. Recently it has become so bad that I want to shave my beard but the skin is so flaky and itchy that it can sometimes bleed from scratching. If I look really close in the mirror the skin looks terrible so I can't see shaving it completely because I work in a professional environment and I can't imagine how bad it would look completely shaven. I have had a goatee since I was a freshmen in Highschool (and i'm not talking peach-fuzz, I was an early bloomer haha), so I really do not want to shave at all. I have a good job and health insurance but I work so much that before I try to find a Derm Dr i figured i would try here for tips or suggestions on what to try. I have tried the most expensive shampoo's you can buy and they seem to help a little but not for long. Also I have tried hot oil treatments (JoJoBa oil) tea tree shampoo and conditioner seem to work best but again its not a solution. The dry itchy scalp I can deal with but the beard problem is driving be nuts. I would be willing to shave if i could get my skin to look better prior. My diet hasn't changed and I recently started taking a multivitamin with all the needed vitamins and minerals including 200% of my daily biotin. No change yet but its only been a few weeks and im not expecting a miracle.

    Basically I'm looking for any advice/tips/suggestions to try prior to getting referred to a Derm Dr. Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

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    Re: Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    You may have eczema or in the extreme dermatitis type of eczema... it is not a disease but you should try to condition your beard as well and try not to put anything with a scent on it because sometimes the skin gets irritated by the chemicals in perfumes and colognes.

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    Re: Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    In terms of your dry, itchy scalp, I had a American Medical Association Board Certified
    M.D, who is also a local Hair transplant specialist, (I had male pattern baldness, i.e
    known as Alopecia) performed by this M.D a over a decade also, successfully.(two surguries $5.000.00 per surgery.(1997 & 2001) I developed in 2007, until, the present, a itchy scalp, that caused me to scratch so much, in discomfort, until, I was bleeding, from the scratching. He prescribed me the patented liquid (spray medication) called "Clobex" (Clobetasol Propionate) NDC 0299-3849-02, manufacturer, Galderma. It immediately stopped the itching. Follow the instructions to the detail!
    1. This med in not inexpensive, and requires a prescription.
    2. I was told sternly, by my trusted surgeon, "absolutely do not spary this solution on your itchy face, or, anywhere near your eyelids, as, it can cause temporary blindness, and, other issues".
    3. As far as your beard, I do not have a clue, but I understand your situation, as, I sold very expensive merchandise, most of my life, in the latter years, very expensive suits, slacks, ties, shoes, shirts, advice, as, I was tailor trained, to sell clothing to "high rollers", and, my complexion, issues, (I have 4 diagnosis's, including the embarrassing Rosacea) caused me much, stress, before I retired from the men's designer clothing business to mostly executives, as, it was my job, to look extremely good, and to be well tailored, myself, with, meticulously well matched attire, to gain the confidence of my clients. My facial dx's, I still wrestle with. No solutions yet, for Rosacea, Dermatitis,
    Urticaria, (Hives), and Angioedema Allergic, on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and, around my heavy, neatly trimed moustache. I would consult, a Board Certified Dermatologist, and, or, a Allergist, for a complete, Allergy examination, going rate in USA, over one thousand dollars, to see what you might be allergic to, from animal dander, to foods you ingest. Your Insurance, (like I once had paid for most of the bills, and the expensive,
    "Clobex", (but not the cosmetic surgery). Also, I tried, various Spas, like you have tried, for target specific, hair treatment, to avoid MD visits, Spa techs, in the classy resorts, make you look good, feel good, but in my case, "it never lasted" more than a few days, up to a week max. They are excellent "magicians, in making one's complexion look good, but, for a long term remedy, they failed me. If you can afford them, try these profesionals, the best, are in Tucson Az, Carlsbad, CA, Santa Fe NM, and Miami Beach Fl
    Just my humble opinion. (LaCosta, Bishop's Lodge Sha Na Spa, Canyon Ranch AZ & FL
    A, and in Sedona, AZ. Prednisone will clear up many unsightly complexion problems, but, "I now regret, indulging in that medication, and do not reccomend it, for long term use, due to serious side effects" (it masks the problem on ones face, it does not cure the problem).

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    Re: Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    Here is my reply from another post by JasonKid. Your situation sounded very similar to his and mine so thought I would copy down my response for you.

    I have had the same issues for about 10 years now. Both my dermatologist and my GP said that it was seborrheic dermatitis. Places where it is the worst for me is my chin, mustache/upper lip, and eyebrows. So generally any place with hair. It started out as flaking and continued to get worse over the years. Now it becomes red/inflammed and painful.

    Things that I have noticed that seem to aggravate it are prolonged sun exposure, heat, dirt/dust, and oil or grease. When it becomes irritated or itchy, any scratching makes it worse. Mine will even leak when the inflamed areas are disturbed (scratching or removing flakes).

    Beard growth also seems to upset it. There are usually periods where irritation is worse than normal, this happens when the beard gets more than a 1/4" in length and right after shaving when is initially growing back.

    I use Neutrogena T-Gel maximum strength to wash my face. I can get away with only using this once per week if I don't use anything else in between, but a week is actually too long. My suggestion would be at minimum every 3 days. If you need to wash your face in between using the T-Gel i have found that Aveeno face wash works best. It is mild, non-abrasive, and best of all not greasy. I also use either Aveeno night cream or Cortizone 10 Eczema Intensive healing lotion right after washing my face or shower. Whatever lotion you decide to use make sure it is one that doesn't leave your face feeling oily or greasy.

    For the beard flakes, I have found that a mustache comb with dull or rounded tips works great. be gentle if you need to use it to remove flakes from the skin itself (flakes that haven't completely broken away from the skin).

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

    I would love to keep a beard, but it became too much work for me to keep it clean of skin flakes. Not saying it can't be done, but is time consuming. Someone mentioned conditioning your beard, this is good advice. When I kept my goatee I always used a conditioner in the shower. Doesn't have to be expensive either, Suave or something similar works just fine.

    If you do decide to shave it off I suggest trimming it as short as you can first one the skin is healthy again. Even careful trimming can irritate the skin. After trimming give it time to heal if needed before shaving. Then make sure you keep up on your skin maintenance. When I remember to keep up with mine it will stay healthy looking. Avoid scratching of any kind. Even rubbing lightly with a knuckle can irritate the skin and cause a flare up.

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    Re: Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    dro37 i just wanted to say thanks so much for your whole post the aveeno face wash t gel and mainly Cortizone 10 Eczema Intensive healing lotion changed my life i have no dry skin at all anymore thanks too you !!!(as long as i keep on track with it) before this i had tried countless moisturizers which only made my skin worse . i now use aveeno face wash only once per week same with the t gel on beard , but i use the cortizone everyday on my beard , daily i now use reneerouleau's luxe mint cleansing gel with Elderberry Toner(only sometimes) and sheer moisture (for top of face only,beard always gets the cortazone ) now im spot free and flake free 99 percent of the time thanks again so much.

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    Re: Very Dry/Itchy/Flaky Skin on Head and Beard

    Movember is almost here. There is nothing worse than having dandruff on your black shirt from your lady tickler or that "just ate glazed donuts, I'm a slob" look.
    If you have this problem like I do, chances are that you get occasional dandruff on your head and/or have patches of oily skin. Most of the time people with sebborheic dermatitis have these problems. You probably already know how to take care of your head dandruff but this is what helps me for my face sweater:
    Never use soap on your face, just wash with water. As soon as you get in the shower (daily!) make sure you get your face toupee very wet and massage it. Do the rest of your shower routine then go back to your manometer. You will need nice trimmed nails (this should be a given) and start scratching all the trouble area (mine is near my chin and lip foliage area), really get in there. If you are doing it right you will have dead skin accumulating under your nails. Do this everywhere until it's gone. When you get out of the shower, dry your face, gently and pat with a towel. Once your face is dry and you feel your soup strainer is as well, apply a light non greasy moisturizer to your entire face and massage it into your crumb catcher.
    This has to be your daily routine and it will improve by leaps and bounds. Try different creams until you find the right one for you. I like the unscented ones but remember if they arenít light, you will have a glossy, white layer on your lip rug. Many people just say to apply oils, conditioners and creams but if you donít take out that excess skin that we with sebborheic dermatitis have, the problem will always be there.
    Good luck with having to fight all the ladies away now that you will have a tight and well kept BEARD.

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