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lisha 04-19-2003 07:00 AM

small like blisters under skin on hands
Help , i have for a long time noticed these small clear like blisters on my hands , the index fingers and down my thumb , these are clear like very very small, and like they have fluid in them, sometimes i will scratch them to pop them , they are very small, i dont know what they are, any suggestions, Thanks,also i have on my thumb nail, a dark line that is right in the center of myleft thumb, and you can pull the skin back and there is the brown , my nail grows out like this has for years, with the brown line, i ask a doc onceand he said he didnt know, peopel always ask me wht it is i dont know, but it has growed out like this for couple years, like i said you can pull the skin back and see the brown line, like its on the skin and transfering to nail , any thought s would be appreciated Thanks

delrae4753 04-19-2003 09:16 PM

you have a fungus i just went to my dr on wed complained of the same thing i have had for yoears she gave me an antifungal cream and after 2 days its going away contact your primary care dr or go and get an antifungal cream over the counter and see if if works

delrae4753 04-19-2003 09:18 PM

are they also painful the more you pop the more you wiill get dont pop them get the antifungal cream get ove r the counter but the rx from the dr is better

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