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vfib71 04-29-2003 10:09 PM

Oily, itchy & Flushed skin!
I could use some advice - I'm a 31 y/o male and after sex and only after sex does this happen I get extremely itchy on my inner thighs, abdomen, chest, back, neck, face, scalp & inner arms. My face and neck become flushed and I feel very hot. Also my skin becomes extremely oily and even inside my ears itch like crazy from being oily. This lasts for almost exactly 24 hours and then it goes away. I've tried benadryl to no avail, also to mention I'm starting to get little tiny bumps on my neck. I also have noticed light patches on my chest, back and neck. I become so itchy and miserable that I sometimes avoid having sex just so I won't feel this way. Also because my skin gets so oily I get small acne breakouts on my face but usually goes right away within a few days. Any ideas or I'm I just not supposed to have sex???

scudboy 04-30-2003 07:45 PM

Do some research on rosacea. u might have it. There is a way to cure it though cause I once got it and diet and herbs help.

vfib71 05-01-2003 06:09 AM

Yes, you could be right. My Mother has rosacea, not sure if it is hereditary. I will be looking into it as well as seeing a new dematologist. I went and saw a dematologist before and he told me my skin was fine and he had a look on his face like was crazy and had never heard of anyone having these symptoms only after engaging in sex. The one thing that helps me is being in the sun, when I have a good tan I usaully don't have as many problems and the symtoms goes away quicker. Anyway I apreciate the feedback...

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