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What brings on an Eczema breakout?

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Old 07-20-2003, 07:21 PM   #1
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FaithfulyWaiting HB User
Question What brings on an Eczema breakout?

Hey everyone. Last spring I developed a rash on my right foot that itched really badly, and finally in the summer I went to the doctors about it (I had thought it was just poison ivy or something, but it never had gone away) and she told me that it was eczema. She said it wasn't the normal kind of eczema? I don't know what kind, or what kinds there are. I know virtually nothing about Eczema. She gave me some pills to take, and also two creams to put on morning and night. It disappeared in 2 weeks, and I finished the medication, and used the cream, and it didn't come back, until this past Jan/ or Feb. and it is REALLY bad now, and I just haven't gotten around to going to the doctors. My Question is, what brings on an eczema breakout? is it dry skin? or like an allergic reaction? does everyone have different causes? etc. Thanks for any info you all can provide.
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Old 07-20-2003, 11:43 PM   #2
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MelissaH HB User

I often have eczema break out on my eyelids, yeah I know weird place huh? My doc says it's just extra extra dry skin. Nothing really "causes" it. I'm on a steroid cream as well, and it goes away shortly after I use it.

Old 07-29-2003, 12:53 PM   #3
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ihatespumoni HB User

For some people skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be triggered by stress. I have psoriasis but only on my nails (my nails get ridges and pits all over them, like someone took a big needle and made dents into my nails). Anyway, I get these when I am stressed out, like before exams and things like that. I know other people who get breakouts when they are stressed too. Don't know if this is the case for you. If it is, I don't know if knowing can really help things. I mean, I know that stress triggers the dents in my nails, but I still stress out. lol. Maybe I'll pick up yoga again, or meditation. :-) Anyway, hope this was helpful.

Old 08-01-2003, 11:20 AM   #4
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fiveftsmall HB User

i've had eczema since i was 10 (i'm 21 now), and I do believe it's caused by stress, and really sensitive skin. I have never been to the doctor about it, but I get really bad breakouts on my chest, my neck, my stomach, and my legs. It's really embarrassing to, because I have REALLY fair white skin, which is otherwise completely clear when i'm not having a breakout. I've recently found that Cortizone 10 (max strength) helps. Someone else told me that that Aveeno bath stuff (it's for eczema and dry skin..says so on the box) works, but i haven't tried it yet.

Old 09-04-2003, 07:04 PM   #5
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Hawayun HB User

35-year Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) sufferer. -excuse any typos- I'm one of those tried-everything-under-the-sun people. After having used steroid creams and an annual Prednisone shot for years, my doctor prescribed Protopic. I've been steroid-free for almost a year. Though not gone, my eczema has been significantly better.
Though everyone has their unique regiments and theories, here are some of mine: eczema often goes hand-in-hand with allergies and in particular, food allergies. Get tested and see if you can determine which, if any, foods you are sensitive to. Likewise, environmental allergies and seasonal triggers. Relaxation and sleep are key for recovery. Stress induces flareups and itching/scratching. WASH your hands often and keep you nails trimmed. Scratching typically leads to staph infections which REALLY triggers the red, irritated, enflamed and weapy lesions. Cethaphil green label CREAM not lotion. You have to lock in the moisture immediately after bathing. Aveeno "Daily Moisturizing Bath" (Oatmeal) -fantastic-. Mild detergeants (i.e., "All" Free Clear) without fragrances and bleach. I bring sheets and towels whenever traveling. Hotels use STRONG detergeants and cleaning supplies. Avoid strong cleaning solutions (i.e., on toilet seat) Use citrus-based options. Change sheets weekly and vaccuum around bed. I discovered my sensistivity to dust mites was causing me to scratch in bed and break out on my face. Dust mites were thriving on the excess skin I was scratching off -vicious cycle-. Cotton clothes and fabrics, avoid polyesters. Whenever possible, loose clothes. When I start to break out I do a quick review and try to determine WHY, i.e., I'm stressed, I ate something I don't usually eat, I used a new suntan lotion, etc. A perfect example: I noticed that after every dentist visit I had break outs on my face. It finally dawned on me that it was the gloves they wore and that I was highly allergic and sensitive to LATEX. Further testing confirmed it. My dentist now uses rubber gloves and I've noted my health charts in case I ever need emergency surgery (which would have caused anaphylactic shock from the amount of latex used during procedures). Yet another reason to get allergy tested. My test also revealed a high sensitivity to FORMALDEHYDE. I thought that would be a breeze. When would I ever come in contact with FORMALDEHYDE??? How about daily!!! "used in glue or adhesive in pressed wood products -particleboard- (my desk, my bed, my table), to coat paper products, as a preservative in some paints, coatings and COSMETICS, and used in certain insulation materials (fiberglass). Who would have guessed?
I keep ice packs in the freezer that I apply at the first sign of skin irritation. It helps. I've noticed that peeling skin after being in the sun is an irritant and can trigger a flare-up. The main thing is to remain positive!!! Worrying about eczema causes stress which in turn leads to.....exactly, more scratching and itching. You have to break the cycle. Exercise and diet help a lot. I tried and elimination diet for 8 weeks (fish and vegatables only!). My eczema decreased AND I lost 15 pounds. Losing the weight made me feel great and put me in a positive mind set. Needless to say, I gained it back and then some. I read a post elsewhere in this forum by a wife whose husband was borderline suicidal from his 40 year battle with eczema. I could relate to the "bloody sheets and pillow cases". The depression associated with our condition is horrendous. As a teen it was almost unbearable for me. Eczema is peaks and valleys. You have to make a dedicated effort to identify the triggers in order to ensure that you ride the peaks more often. Environmental changes can also trigger flare-ups, i.e., traveling. Think about the how many things change when we travel; we bath in water that's different (chemicals), we use different towels, sheets, eat different foods, maybe lose sleep. I'm not suggesting that anyone stop traveling, just keep these things in mind. Thus ends my novel. I've heard many relate eczema to "rott gutt", a condition in the intestines. Food and diet are mentioned alot. Here is a great website and organization, Nat'l Eczema Association for Science and Education (NEASE), check out the new audio "Controlling Your Eczema" and read the "Scratchpad": [url=""][/url]
Take care, stay positive, get rest and hang in there!

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Old 09-12-2003, 07:37 PM   #6
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mank HB User

I have hand excema and it gets irritated and breaks out when I am in any water for any period of time.

I use a steroid cream and it helps tremendously.

Before I saw a dermatoligist I would break out on my hands and my fingers would look like tapiacco pudding and bleed.


Old 09-12-2003, 07:46 PM   #7
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marcen HB User

MelissaH - I also get eczema on my eyelids - or did. I use to have it all the time, people would even tell me they liked my ORANGE eyeshadow lol and I have never worn eye makeup. I used a cortisone cream briefly but then switched to putting vaseline on my lids morning and night and I never have a problem now.

Another good thing for eczema is hemp or flax seed oil. Tastes bad but works very well and even clears it up in some people.

Old 09-17-2003, 10:45 PM   #8
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Susannah HB User

My mother has eczema pretty bad on her chest and arms. I did some research for her and found out that a lot of research has linked eczema and a magnesium deficiency together. So, I told her, and she started supplementing magnesium, and it has helped a lot. You can take as much magnesium as you want, also, your body can get rid of the excess, so don't worry about taking too much. If you get diarrhea from too much, don't worry, just cut back, that's how your body gets rid of it (in fact, one of the oldest laxatives, epsom salts, works because of the magnesium in it).


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