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wambui 10-20-2003 06:52 AM

hi, i am an african from kenya, ive had psorasis,for the past told that the sun helps with the skin but on my part,all it does now ive surfed the web and seen a few creams,loitions moisturizers shampoos i can try.But something strange happened, when i was carrying my first born my skin was sawa,(good) but when i carried my second born -7yrs later my psorasis started.Then when i carrying my thrid born a gal(1st born -gal,2nd boy-3rd gal) MY PSORASIS was near to zero.butit is back why?is there something that happens when u r paged with a gal the psorasis is almost not there but when u carry a boy it comes with vengance? u know what i sametimes long for a friend to talk to about what we go through down here in kenya, share ur feelings and all-know what i mean!


quietly_serene 10-20-2003 09:59 AM

Everyone with psoriasis has a different trigger. What makes your psoriasis flare doesn't necessarily make others' P flare. Pregnancy is a great change to a woman's body and for some people it makes the P totally go away and for some it makes it get really bad. It just depends on the mom and on the baby (as you well know). There are many ways of dealing with psoriasis but each person has to decide what works best for him/her. I posted my routine (Subject is: My Psoriasis Routine) but your routine may be different. Hang on while it passes because it usually does. :)


wambui 10-22-2003 09:14 AM

thanx serena, for the reply i hear you,sometimes the buring can be so...... even i have no words to expain the feeling. my mum tells me to hang in there,but there are times when i really get ****** wiyh GOD and my parents, im adopted so there wasnt anything about my (P) my husband has been my strengh has been with me from the time it started, infact we got married when they had just started.You know i just wish they ifnd a cure soon or i find medicine that works for me.I,ve had it for 6yrs not us long as you,but sometimes i think my mind is going exlode when it flares up with vengence,like now im in the office and im icthing like hell.infact my workmates say when i shiver instead of sarching it looks like im coming (orgasim)hehehe. it was nioce replying ur note take care.


quietly_serene 10-22-2003 08:12 PM

Funny, no one in my family has psoriasis. I'm one of those cases that just popped up. :)

Maybe you should find something that controls the itch for you. For me regular mouthwash worked great, especially on my scalp. I'd go and buy a bottle of Listerine and soak my scalp untill the itching went away. Aahhhh... Other things that I've tried are: aloe vera gel with tea tree oil, gold bond lotion (a mess on my head, lol), mint tea, witch hazel, peroxide and alcohol. Some of them work great, some work a little, but I liked mouthwash best.



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