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Red burning skin that comes and goes

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Severen HB User
Red burning skin that comes and goes

Sezary's? Lymphoma (t-cell?)? Pagetoid reticulosis? Cancer? Brain disorder? Autoimmune disease? Neuropathy? Sjögrens? Lupus? I'm not sure what I have. I have a couple of things I'm worried about. I have a patch on my stomach (it's on the right). It's been on there for about 5-6 months or so. It started off pretty red months back. It felt like dry skin. It doesn't itch, burn, or hurt. It haven't seen it bleed or ooze, either. When I finally went to the doctor, I don't think it was as red. She said it was fungal and prescribed an antifungal cream. Before that, I rubbed some kind of lotion on it, and that was probably why it wasn't as red. A few weeks later, it was still there. It appears as though the center has gotten less red (I think it may have already been less red before the antifungal cream), but it looks like there may be (not sure) bumps or somehing on the outside of the patch that are still red. I saw another doctor, and she said it was eczema. She said it wasn't lyme disease, and she prescribed a cortizone cream (and an Aveeno eczema therapy cream to put on top. I think it may have been to help keep the cortizone cream on?) It doesn't itch. I'm fair-skinned, Caucasian, 22 years old, and male. As far as I know, no family history of any of the diseases at the very top of the paragraph. I worked outside a bit last year landscaping and a bit this year (more last year than this year...just a very little bit this year), and I had on no sunscreen. I also have a second problem I'm worried about. I have a burning sensation that comes and goes on various parts of my body. It typically is characterized by redness, but last night I think my legs were burning without any (or much) redness. It comes and goes on my arms, legs, back, stomach, I think it also comes a bit on my chest and maybe a bit on the throat, bottoms of hands and feet. It doesn't itch. It just has heat and a burning sensation. I think it feels almost like the sun is hitting me. I think I may have noticed some new freckles, and I wonder if my body is creating more melanin to deal with the heat. I had the patch on my stomach months before I ever got the burning sensation. I'm not sure if the burning redness and heat were there before or after the near-panic attack. It couldn't have been much time before or after. The patch had been on my skin for months at that time, and I thought I had seen blood in the stool. I thought I was dying, so I panicked. The doctor who prescribed an antifungal cream took a stool sample and didn't find any blood. The burning sensation came and went for a couple of weeks before I went to the doctor (I think she was more concerned that I may have seen blood in the stool and focused more on asking questions about that and figuring that out). I had the near-panic attack a couple of weeks before I went to the doctor. The burning and heat sensations that come and go on various parts of my body didn't start until after the patch had been on there for four or five months. The burning started about a month and half ago (shortly after or before the near-panic attack, if I'm recalling correctly). I don't know if heat and burning are progressive elements of a disease that involves that patch on the stomach, or if they're unrelated. I wonder if the burning redness and heat are histamine reactions to melanoma or some such. The patch tends to get red (no burning) after hot water hits it (I'm not sure if it does that anymore, though...maybe being covered in cortisone and Aveeno keeps it from doing that?). I think I had a bit of redness, heat, and burning after getting out of the shower today a couple of hours or so ago (not the patch; it was more of a various areas. I think it was more my lower throat, upper chest, and a shoulder). I think I still have a bit of the redness and burning from when I got out of the shower. About a month or so ago, I got out of the shower and happened to look at my left arm in the mirror (I can't remember if it was burning or not). It was red, and after that, for a few weeks to a month or so, that arm felt odd (or at least it seemed like it...could it have anything to do with lymph nodes?). I wasn't sure if it was a blood clot or what. It's hard to explain the feeling that was in the left arm. It seemed like sometimes near the elbow in particular felt odd (the upper arm also felt particularly odd...I don't think I noticed as much in the lower arm, if anything). I think I may have felt some warmth and redness (not sure...maybe in the mid to upper arm, or at least mid maybe). I don't think I really feel any weird feelings in the left arm anymore. Feel free to ask questions. I've tried to be pretty thorough.

I also had a bit of left lower back pain for two or three days. It went away for a day, but I think it's returned (but not as bad). The pain was mostly noticeable when I bent over or lifted my leg. I have a canker sore (?) or something under my tongue. Before that or right when I got that, I had a slight headache in the right side of my head (think the right eye was also somewhat aching) for a couple of days or so. The teeth on the side of the sore also seemed to be more sensitive, and I had a bit of ear pain on that side (especially if I moved my mouth in a certain way(s)). Now, there's basically just the sore under the tongue, and a bit of ear pain if I move my mouth a certain way. The sore of the tongue is noticeable when eating or spitting. It was also noticeable when talking, but I don't think it is as much anymore. (7-12-13) I wake up with pain in both sides of the lower back, I think (I did bend over some last night, though).

Sometimes, I think I might feel something on the left side (maybe both) under my jaw moving (the glands, I think?). I also think I might feel a bit of pushing on my head here and there. It doesn't really hurt much (if at all), but it's still something I'm kinda worried about.

Skin turns red easily when touched.

I think the red burning skin may get worse at night (maybe, not sure).

I may have a slightly stuffy/slightly runny nose.

The three main things I notice are the patch on the right side of the stomach, the red burning skin that comes and goes, and skin that turns red easily when touched (and I think it stays red for a while after being touched).

(this was written over the course of about four or five days)/

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thk2 HB User
Re: Red burning skin that comes and goes

dude listen,first of all you have to free from fear,its first step for you,don't be stress out,its create negative thoughts,and its also cause of bad health,so say that i have no fear,think positive,
second step find out your history and try to remember exactly when your situation started?so you find out starting of your symtomps,before that some situation which i did that causes Red burning skin like you got injuriy while playing and that some fungal spur infected you................?
you have to go cunsalt good doctor to find out root cause and treatment
i suggest some simple treatment if you follow this completely you get so much rid from this and also it can be cure
#first of all stop all the spicy food,
#do daily exercise and yoga is best for you
#eat 4-5 leaves of neem morning and evening,its anti fungal,anti-viral,anti-bectarial,anti-worm,it can 100% cure burning skin,
and what are other symtops like fever or anything.........?
and you have to improve your dugestion, so stop junk food totally
take care get well soon
any question you can ask?

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captjane (07-13-2013)
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Re: Red burning skin that comes and goes

I agree with the above poster, relax and stop obsessing

"When I finally went to the doctor, I don't think it was as red. Before that, I rubbed some kind of lotion on it, and that was probably why it wasn't as red."

what was the "some kind of lotion" you used?

Old 07-13-2013, 10:25 AM   #4
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Severen HB User
Re: Red burning skin that comes and goes

I'm not sure what kind of lotion I used on it. It wasn't anything prescribed.

So, you don't think red burning skin that comes and goes and is hot to the touch is anything too bad? I hope it's nothing. I might look into getting some neem leaves.

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eat right
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eat right HB User
Re: Red burning skin that comes and goes

I agree with thk2 - relax - think about what you are putting into your body - try cutting out wheat - gluten - see how you feel and maybe next dairy - there are lots of other milks you can drink besides dairy like Rice milk. What ever you do, cut one thing out at a time so you will know what has helped and what has not. Eat good and try and get your gut in better shape, if it needs it, like eating Sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt, organic if possible. Hope you are finding answers.

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