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shinningstar882 12-17-2013 03:15 AM

My tretenoin (retin a) journey
Hi y'all. So i'm a normal girl living in a normal town in UAE which everyone might know is a very hot and humid country. So when i was in my early teens, i never got pimples, my skin was crystal clear until i started threading my eyebrows. After that i got a pimple here or there but no cause for alarm. I also started threading my forehead and after a while i noticed i was getting tiny skin colored bumps all over my forehead which my derm referred to as microcomedones. When i went to my dermatologist my forehead was pretty much full of it but they were only visible in sunlight and he said it was a mild case. He prescribed tretenoin 0.025% , a gentle cleanser called isoderm and a medicine clindamycin 1%. I started using this in may when i was 16 years old and for the first 4-5 weeks i barely noticed any difference in my forehead skin but i was patient. The side effects werent visible at all, very very mild flakiness for the most part. I probably stopped using clindamycin in mid of july and only used tretenoin. My skin started to sting a little more and was very very flaky.By September my forehead was completely clear, no spots or anything. After that i used it on and off until i completely stopped in October months after i stopped i had a breakout on my forehead and the pimples went away but left spots. Now whenever i get a pimple its leaving a spot behind, is this because i stopped using tretenoin. My derm said it's my wish if i wanna keep using the cream because eventually i will outgrow the acne, i'm turning 18 in 4 months and skin care doesn't come under insurance and my derm said that tretenoin is gonna be out of stock for at least 6 months. Someone please help me if they have gone through something similar, why are the pimples leaving dark spots behind? Is it because of tretenoin? Should i resume its use?

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