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glorydazed 07-11-2015 12:45 AM

Narcolepsy and lighting?
Hi there, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy almost a year ago now and have been taking Modafinil as well as effexor (i was already on it after being misdiagnosed with depression due to my lethargy and other symptoms of narcolepsy). I frequently experience episodes of confusion, being unable to think, occasionally stuttering or having leg buckle, disorientation and the feeling of watching the world through a glass box/through a window. The sleep specialist I see doesn't think the episodes are cataplexy as they are triggered by light (flourescent lights at shops, uneven lights in cafes etc) rather than emotion. I have had and ambulatory eeg (had many episodes during) but no signs of epilepsy the only thing that showed was that I clenched my jaw on one side around the times I identified as having attacks. The neurologist said that this suggests anxiety. I have certainly become anxious since my symptoms worsened and began affecting my job but I do not believe this is the cause (more likely a symptom or side effect of the modafinil)I have has MRIs, been given epilim, topomax, peractin no relief. Has anyone else had similar experiences or is anyone aware of any info/studies on non-emotional triggers of cataplexy especially lighting?

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