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fyarosered 03-30-2016 03:10 PM

New form of sleep paralysis ... Vision paralysis???
I've never posted on a forum or anything, but simply google searching for what I'm experiencing doesn't seem to be working. A lot of the time when I'm waking up from sleep, I open my eyes and I can see everything completely clearly. I try to look around and move my body and this is where it gets weird. It's hard for me to explain this so I'll try my best. I can feel my self moving and my eye muscles working to look around the room, but my vision doesn't change and I can't see movement in my body whatsoever. I can even wave my hand in front of my face and I don't see my hand but I can distinctly FEEL it moving right in front of my face. I can feel my body turn over but my vision from where I had just woken up doesn't change. It's like somebody took a 1st person picture of where my eyes were looking when I first woke up and the picture is being held up in front of my face. Almost like... vision paralysis?? Is that a thing?? I've even got up and literally felt myself walking around but I still can only see from the point of view of laying in my bed when I first opened my eyes from waking up. But then when I eventually do wake up I'm laying in my bed just like the first time I opened my eyes, except this time I can operate normally. I always feel extremely tingly all over my body as well when I fully wake up from this and it takes me a minute to recover before I can get out of bed. This happens at least twice a week, most of the time 3 or 4 times. It's really uncomfortable when this happens as I feel helpless. I've tried yelling out for someone to hear me but I don't know if I actually made sound in reality or not... If anyone knows anything about what this could be PLEASE comment. Anything helps

Anneli 04-22-2016 05:17 AM

Re: New form of sleep paralysis... Vision paralysis???
You can expierience things called: OOBE; sleep paralysis or hypnagogic hallucination. I would say it sounds very similar to OOBE or hypnagogia.

Try to calm before sleep; stress might strengthen those visions.

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