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Citadel 04-01-2021 03:36 PM

Idiopathic insomnia
Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask the question on wether this sounds like idiopathic insomnia or not.

Ever since I can remember I've struggled with sleep, struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep etc. It never seems to go away, I'll maybe sometimes have a few days or even a week where I can sleep but it shortly goes away. I've tried every sleep help possible, there have literally been times where I've gone days without being able to sleep. It gets so bad sometimes that I barely sleep in the same bed as my fiance.

I've tried different pills to actually put me down and am currently taking Zopiclone, which really helps... Except it becomes the only way I can sleep and I end up relying on them and then have to go through withdrawal but stay up all night feeling sick until I get more.

After doing research to me, it sounds like I have indiopathic insomnia as I can't figure out a cause as to why I struggle so much to sleep.

What are people's opinions on what I should do next? Many thanks :)

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