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linkin01 06-09-2006 08:24 AM

Vitamin E or Grape Seed Extract?
I have depression and anxiety and usually have insomnia, except for the medications I take usually help me sleep. I just started Vitamin B12 to help with my FM/CFS and it works wonders! However, I got real bad insomnia.

Recently I started taking antioxidants. I took grape seed extract and vitamin E at night. All of a sudden I was able to sleep all night (and didn't want to wake up eigher). It was great to sleep, but I also started having some depression.

I thought, huh? Can vitamin E or grape seed extract actually have this effect on my sleep? So I stopped them last night. Sure thing, insomnia back!

Has anyone ever heard of this? vit E or grape seed extract causing fatigue and/or helping sleep?


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