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remybur12 10-27-2006 10:04 AM

What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I have not went to sleep for 6 days. I have tried ambien, lunesta, restoril, prosom, halcion, and oxazepam. I have chornic insomnia due to my rds please help me

Lduby 10-27-2006 11:22 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I'm on xanax .5. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't...just like you I have chronic insominia it sucks, it's stressful and I'm sick of it...but hang in there your not alone.

remybur12 10-27-2006 11:43 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I e-mailed my doctor and he told me that he's going to put me on dalmane
30mg I asked him about xanax and he told me that the dalmane would help me better. thank you lduby for the positive feedback i really need it at this point in time

ThaiBoxa 10-27-2006 04:19 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
Benzodiazepines are dose dependent, in other words at certain doses they are equally as strong, the only difference between some is duration of action. In my experience I have noticed Xanax to be the best choice, but at 2mg. which is a high dose. Regardless, I would strongly recommend staying away from them when needed for chronic sleep problems. They are just as addictive as opiates and the withdrawal is more severe than one from heroin, seriously. You can actually die from a benzo withdrawal. I suffer from the same problem, and have tried as many products as you. Now, I am on a combination of Seroquil and Trazadone (400mg/200mg) and have had great success. They are non-addictive and are safe for long term use.

anytimetennis 10-27-2006 10:11 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
Help me out here, I'm a beginner on this site. What is rds? I have chronic insomnia (inherited from my dad). I can go to sleep but I'll wake after 3 hrs and then it'll take hours for me to sleep again but it's never restfull or long (2nd sleep is approx. 1 hr long). I've been on lunesta and terazosin for almost 2 years now. It helps but it's no miracle drug. Anybody try Rozerem?

ThaiBoxa 10-28-2006 10:16 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I have tried Rozerem, and was not impressed with it at all. But thats only because my insomnia is severe. Rozerem would probably work well for those with minor insomnia issues, but not for those who have chronic sleep problems and have not responded well with other drugs.

mabent 10-28-2006 10:53 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
Hi - From my experience with sleep medications, I would advise you, as the others have, to stay away from the benzodiazapines. I once took them for sleeping at night, but I had to keep upping the dose in order for it to work.
I believe that your system gets used to it. I was taking Valium, which I think is the strongest. When I finally decided to stop taking it, I had terrible withdrawal symptoms. I have been taking Trazadone, which used to be used as an antidepressant years ago; then they found that it made people too sleepy, so the doctors began prescribing it as a sleep medication. I agree with the other poster who said that it is non-addictive; however, perhaps it could be for some people. I really like the results!
Good luck! :)

remybur12 11-02-2006 12:39 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I cannot take trazodone because of the adverse effects it has on me. I get a bad headache and I then throw up and then it acts like a stimulant. I tried every thing but dalmane works the best. I suggest the benzo-phobics to check out this site [url][/url]
54/7/1006 read their research its very true.

Lduby 11-06-2006 10:47 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I agree with remybur12. Xanax is very helpful to me and many of my family members who take them for anxiety disorder. i just take 1 a day and I'm not addicted...also i sometime miss a dose and never feel like I am going through withdrawl. Trazadone didn't work for me either....I couldn't fall asleep on it. It gave me a huge headache. I threw up and then shook all day long. xanax (a benzo) was the only thing that helped.

curt g 11-07-2006 12:01 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I found that xanax tops the charts 6mgs xanax=120mgs of valium.


curt g 11-07-2006 12:48 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
This is curt g's girlfriend... I've been dealing with chronic insomnia all my life (36 years) I just went to Swedish Sleep Institute and I was given a 10 day trial of Rozerem. I've been using it for 7 days now. It works for me. I have deeper and more restful sleep. I finally feel well rested when I wake up. The doc said you could tell by taking it one night if it will help, and she was right. The first 4 nights it really helped me get to sleep with 30 minutes or less. And it's suppose to be non-addictive and once the body clock is reset, should be able to go off it with no problem. I'll keep anyone updated that wants to know.

curt g. via girlfriend

Lduby 11-08-2006 08:51 AM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
That's great for you. I think more of my problem is anxiety disorder causing the insomnia. So xanax is good for me for now. I however do not have an addicting personality. I feel that if taking one pill of xanax at night is not going to help my heart stop pounding or my brain "snapping" awake then I just won't sleep that night. I won't up the prescription just to sleep. Let me know how everything goes for you with the Roserm(sp0 I may try it eventually.

bulletinboard25 11-08-2006 03:45 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
Yes, Curt G has it a little bit off.

.5mg Xanax=1mg Ativan
.5mg Xanax=5mg Valium
1mg Ativan=5mg Valium

So, 2mg of Ativan=10mg of Valium.

6mg of Xanax=60mg of Valium.

rhondala 03-27-2007 10:39 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
I have done research on this out of curiosity, and the one that is the strongest is Klonopin. Klonopin is normally given to people with bipolar disorder and people with epilepsy. I think there is some controversy about Klonopin and Xanax. I have taken most all benzodiazepines, and Xanax makes me the sleepiest and it is addictive, because the affects of it are short acting. It makes people feel the need to want more, and I got into trouble with them. Withdrawl is horrific, and it takes a Doctor to really help you get off of them. I really caution people about this medication over a long period of time. Just talk to your doctor about it. As for Klonopin, I prefer it for my bipolar disorder because it lasts a long time in your system. Though it does not have the quick affect of Xanax, it helps me with anxiety more because it seems to stay in your system longer. It too is addictive. It just seemed when being weened off of Klonopin to a lower dose was easier than being weened off Xanax. I do believe people really need to always stay in contact with your doctor and make sure you are taking the right dosage. Withdrawl is very scary, but if you need a medication..make sure you are taking it correctly.

As for sleeping disorders, I really have no clue why they would prescribe a benzo. With all the sleeping medications out there, I really do not understand a benzo for a sleeping disorder.

To anyone reading this, just always keep in touch with your doctor. Take the right dosage, and if you feel you are chemically dependent...get a doctor's help. Never stop cold turkey.

shane24 03-31-2007 06:42 PM

Re: What is the strongest benzodiazepine
Actually the most strongest Benzo is a drug called Versed (Midazolam). But they only use it at the hospital for conscious sedation along with Fentanyl. Although they actually do make a Versed Syrup base solution for people that have really bad seizures. The pharmacist told me that the most powerful benzo presribed is Triazolam. I have trouble sleeping as well. I take 40mg's of Valium at once, and it does nothing at all, it has no effect on me. But Triazolam is supposed to be great for insomnia, it's all about the dosing.

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